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  1. Signups still say open? Put me down for diamond... or whatever! I'll try to keep up with this one but can't promise I'll remember to stay involved... Round 1 R1. A Soulstone Dragon - Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/y1XCd R2. A 2nd gen or higher Khusa Dragon - Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/nWkAW R3. White Dragon - Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/SYKR3 R4. A 3rd gen or higher Black dragon. - Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/9gkFq R5. A water elemental breed. - Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/llVa7 Round 2 Regular Bing
  2. I got my second shot today! The nurse who helped me was so enthusiastic and excited that I was in for my second dose. It was a really pleasant experience. The shot itself was much less painful, too (maybe this nurse was more skilled?), and my arm has been slightly sore, but it's nothing at all compared to the first dose. I've had worse flu shots. It's been a little over 8 hours so I know there's still a chance for side effects, but right now I feel good. I'm so glad to finally be fully vaccinated!
  3. These are both such cool new breeds. I love the long gharial snouts of the Sawtooths (crocodilians are always awesome), and there's something about the head shape of the Magnesiums that I really like. I rarely breed anything that isn't a standard dragon or a pygmy but it's still nice to have new two-headed options. I can't wait to see the pretty lineages everyone comes up with for these two.
  4. I was mostly joking, but this is reassuring! I'm not dreading it or anything, just preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Stickers are cool, too! I imagine I won't get a second button, but I guess we'll see. My clinic even had a selfie wall. I skipped it the first time (no one else there used it, so it felt too awkward) but maybe I'll go for it next time, lol.
  5. I meant to post this before, but I got my first dose (Pfizer) two weeks ago, and they gave me a cute little button! My arm hurt a good bit for a day or two, but I didn't have any other side effects. So I expect my second dose will be awful. My husband got his the day after mine and ended up super nauseous, so hopefully he'll be fine for his second. It seems unfair to get side effects twice! I'm also incredibly relieved that my parents and grandparents have all had their second doses. I've been so worried for my grandparents through all of this. Button:
  6. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 1074 Book Title: Under the Dome Author: Stephen King Summary: An invisible barrier, nicknamed "the Dome," appears suddenly around the small Maine town of Chester's Mill one October afternoon. Review: The sudden feeling of isolation at the beginning of this book hit really close to home with the whole pandemic situation. Particularly the start of everything and not knowing when an end would be in sight. That made it a little tough to read at first but I also really enjoyed it.
  7. My husband paints minis so I asked what he would do in your case. He said if you want to re-prime the whole thing (like with a spray primer), you want to strip all the old primer first or else you'll start to lose some of the details of the model. There's this stuff you can get at Dollar Tree (or online) called "LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner" that you can soak minis in to strip paint and primer. Patching up the open spots is also an option. He uses Army Painter primers and they even recommend spot patching if you miss a few bits with the spray primer. If you have a big enough brush and eno
  8. Support, this would be nice. I'd also love if it showed on the egg/hatchling's page, too. I can't imagine ever using Precog on an Influenced egg? I have more than enough Pinks, but so few Aeons. Ctrl+f (or "find in page" on mobile) in the Action Log if I've forgotten, but I usually Influence everything at once and can remember, or I take a note. A spreadsheet in Google Docs can be accessed anywhere. I do Precog super low time eggs, depending on lineage, to see if I want to keep them, but this usually only comes up at the end of the holiday walls (for Halloween and Christmas).
  9. We have a winner! Congrats @Confused Cat! 🥳
  10. Agreed! I assumed it was until I realized the comment didn't say. But it's been a few hours and I don't want to delay the voting any longer, so we're going with it! And with that, the poll is officially open!
  11. @Fly-by-Night I just realized while I was rounding up entries, I'm not sure if your photo is meant to be an entry or just part of the conversation? I want to be sure before I create the poll and can't edit it!
  12. Just bumping this to remind anyone who still wants to enter that tomorrow is the last day for submissions!
  13. I think the moving static really makes it. It also gives it slight Poltergeist vibes.
  14. I don't ever use Celestials for anything and I never release dragons, but I support all the suggestions so far. It just makes sense to be able to release an incorporeal Celestial, to have it stay corporeal for the full week like it says, regardless of when it's bred, and being able to find Celestials that only need to be corporealized to be breed-able on the breeding list. Whenever you get a multiclutch (your dragons breed more than one egg), you can only keep one egg from that clutch no matter what your scroll limits are. If you don't choose an egg to keep within the time li
  15. I got the last egg I needed last night. It feels so good to finally have a complete collection! I only had 1 egg from 2012, nothing from the years before, and of course this year's new eggs to collect. I love this one from 2011: It occurred to me way after I caught this one that it might be a pun on rabbit ears: These are a few of my other favorites from this year's collection:
  16. Wow, I thought your egg was so cute but I had no idea it was a Pokemon! I've never heard of him. That's such a shame he got cut.
  17. I just got the balloon-releasing egg, and while I hate outdoor balloon releases because they are so terrible for wildlife, I've decided to imagine that this egg is indoors and the balloons will just float up to the ceiling until they deflate. Edit: Forgot to add, I'm very excited about being able to collect previous years' eggs! Hopefully I can get everything this year. I'm also very glad to have a full week for collecting.
  18. I support showing it on the precog page and on the egg/hatchling's page. Both would be really helpful.
  19. I forgot to reply earlier but this was very helpful, thank you! I definitely thought a Cheese was worth a bit more. I managed to get a CB Xeno hatchie for it so I'm happy.
  20. While I'm impatiently waiting for an egg to hatch so I can try my April Fool's luck... I really like these new adults! The Blazebacks look familiar to me so I'm sure I saw them in DR. I go there so rarely that this is the first time I've recognized one on release! I just wish their flames showed more in lineage view. The Hydros look great in lineage view so I'm excited to see what will look good with them. I think the neutral colors of both breeds will work with a lot of things.
  21. It looks like the whole word would fit on the "KT" line... which would leave nice, even blank spaces at the top and bottom of the circle. Who would choose to do it that way?? (And of all the produce to wrap in plastic...)
  22. A new photography contest is starting!
  23. Welcome to the Photography Contest! Welcome back for another round of the DC Photography contest, come and show us what you've got! This time, the theme is: Plastic Submission deadline: April 18 Voting deadline: April 26 Rules: - One entry per person. -A photograph is defined as an image made using a camera or phone camera -Screenshots are not allowed - Picture has to be made by yourself and can't be just a reproduction of someone's work. If someone else's work is in the picture, there needs to be something extra. -
  24. Thank you! (I love the raccoon! ) I'll have a new contest up soon.