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  1. I found a Canon Powershot on Amazon so I'm going off of those features, but things might be slightly different if you have a different model. If you have any control over ISO, set it high (higher number). This lets in more light but will also increase grain. It's not ideal but personally, I'll take a grainy shot that's in focus over a blurry shot with no grain. Otherwise, the Night Scene, Low Light, and Long Shutter settings are your best bet, as they are all designed for low light situations. Try them all out and see what gets you a result that you like. Like Aqub said, stabilizing it on a table or a tripod will be ideal because most of these will give you a longer shutter speed to let in more light, which also means any motion will cause blur. If you can use the Remote Shooting option and take the picture using your phone, that would be even better because you won't risk nudging the camera when you hit the button.
  2. @prpldrgnfr Those are great! Oops, I made a typo in mine, I was wondering how that was possible! I'll keep my "Coral Chihuaua" anyway, haha.
  3. Ahh, how did I not think of that?!
  4. Aaannd I've got "Coral Chihuahua" held as a name. Along with: Tercorn Harvest Tercorn Syrup Pop Tercorn Sweet Tercorn Tercorn Starch Tercorn Meal Street Tercorn Tercorn Maze Everyone's (ter)corny names are fantastic, thanks for the inspiration. All the adults are gorgeous. I'm particularly excited about the pygmies because I'm always excited about new pygmies and they're a color we didn't have.
  5. Maybe just, "There are hundreds of different kinds of dragon to collect" ? That would remain relevant even if/when we reach 300 breeds. Just a thought. I agree that all of these should be made more accurate. New players (or current ones looking for clarification!) should be able to count on the official information on the actual website. And I had no idea named hatchlings could be abandoned now! I wish that had been announced somewhere (unless it's a mistake?)
  6. I'm not certain what the point of limiting the summary is? If someone wants to share a paragraph, why stop them? I'd maybe go with, "A summary is optional, but if included should be more than 10 words." I'm a little torn because I personally don't enjoy trying to summarize what I've read, so I'd like it to be optional. On the other hand, if I'm curious about someone else's books, a summary is a nice way to get an idea of them. It also seems like "proof" you read the book. I guess I don't have strong feelings about it either way, so those are just some thoughts to consider... (And thanks for updating my final count!)
  7. I'm signing up again! I had a few more to submit for the last one, could you update my final count whenever you get around to it? Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 625 Book Title: Duma Key Author: Stephen King Summary: A terrible accident costs Edgar Freemantle his arm and ruins his life. He moves to the beautiful Duma Key to recover, where he discovers an incredible talent and a dark secret.
  8. I forgot this rolled over in August, here are my final books for this challenge! Book Number: 20 Number Of Pages: 635 Book Title: Doctor Sleep Author: Stephen King Summary: Danny Torrence is all grown up, but his memories of the Overlook aren't the only thing that haunts him. Book Number: 21 Number Of Pages: 374 Book Title: Heart-Shaped Box Author: Joe Hill Summary: Aging rockstar Judas Coyne has no idea what he's getting into when he decides to purchase a haunted suit. (I'm terrible with the summaries but I really loved this book. It's the first horror book to actually creep me out with a description.) Book Number: 22 Number Of Pages: 467 Book Title: The Dark Half Author: Stephen King Summary: Thad Beaumont is not a murderer... so why are the victims all people he knows, and why are his bloody fingerprints left at the scene?
  9. Seaside Gentian Eustoma exaltatum
  10. Voted! That was a hard choice, they're all good pictures.
  11. Heeey, sorry I've been missing (hope I didn't hurt anyone's cooperative bingos!). I think I've been jinxed by the title because I've been super distracted lately. I won't officially drop out but I'm not sure I'll be any less distracted so don't count on me for co-ops.
  12. Batch 1 Regular Bingo Pick a letter and stick with it. Hint: Don't pick J or Q I'm choosing B for Bingo (and also because I have exactly one described creature). R1.Something whose name starts with that letter. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/0qjk7 R2.Something whose code starts with that letter. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/BPZRf R3.Something whose breed name (encyclopedia) starts with that letter. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/miUiv R4.Something whose name ends with that letter. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/7gt3q R5.Something whose user description starts with that letter. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/aSkL3 R6.Something with at least one caveborn ancestor whose name starts with that letter. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3a0kb Tricky Bingo 3 points T1.Something that matches all of R1 though 6. - Nope!
  13. This is such a gorgeous release. Every time I think I've picked a favorite, I look at the dragon next to it and change my mind again. I'm really glad to see more body types and breeding groups represented. And as always, I love seeing the sketches and additional info the artists share in the thread.
  14. It was a good photo! Like Little-Star said, it could be that it didn't convey the idea of "motion" as much as others, or just that people really like cats.
  15. Congratulations to our winner, @Little-Star! 🎉📷🎊
  16. And I'll stay with my second
  17. P1c Bingo? https://dragcave.net/view/hXeiL
  18. F9 Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/AxS3C
  19. Whoops, I think I forgot about Liveship somehow. You're totally right. For some reason I was remembering it as 3 trilogies and a quartet, but of course it's 4 trilogies and a quartet. I don't know what I was thinking!
  20. My favorite series! ❤️ Or at least firmly in my top-however-many. I think you mean 13 books though? Even with The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince and The Inheritance there are only 15 books total that touch the Realm of the Elderlings. Unless they are divided differently in other countries (but if I'm missing a book somewhere I'd love to know about it!). To contribute to the thread... I just finished Frankenstein, which was a good bit different from what I expected, based on all the references I've seen to it over the years. I guess all the pop-culture Frankenstein things are based on one of the early movies, rather than the book. I enjoyed it though, I'd recommend it if you like sci-fi and horror. As a bonus, it's short so it makes for a quick read. Now I'm back to Stephen King, reading Doctor Sleep.
  21. P1b Bingo? https://dragcave.net/view/Tueea
  22. Round 3 Check(er) mate R15 A Valentine checker Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/KDX53 R16 A Christmas checker Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/itgqV R17 A Hallowe’en checker Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/f9dYV R18 A holiday x holiday checker Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/5u8fb R19 A red x green checker Bingo! https://dragcave.net/lineage/wsaM6 Ponderous P1a I am green Bingo? https://dragcave.net/view/stbqo