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4FCmzrp.gifWant a 2G RA checker mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/klEOS (x Xmas 2009)amb9di.gif


Hint: I might be out of sync with your timezone. By up to half a day. In such cases, adding more information to each transaction helps. Think "snail mail", not "chat" =)

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    @Messy Haven.@

    I breed BSA dragons (lineage not guaranteed) and pretty much anything else you find on my scroll. Hybrids work reasonably often, alts don't. Freezing is kinda OK (well, I do have a chick myself, but freezing a rare lineage seems a waste...), killing in various ways isn't. I'm half-glad the Zombie art has changed - now I have no reason to try for them whatsoever (the non-glad half comes from people rushing to make more of them :( ).

    As far as getting neat things from me, there is a problem. I have 3 CB Silver males and 3 2G PB Golden Wyverns... As well as a single 2G Copper, 2G Gold, 2G Thuwed, 3 assorted 2G from green Desipis... You get the idea yet? I have bits of everything, but few complete neat lineages to trade. This means that
    a) I can help with _some_ requests
    b) I'd like to build the trios and singles to checker material.


    IOPs: (I Owe People ;) )
    Shiny breeding list currently consists of... some... people being rotated in a Round Robin fashion (with Number One having a priority, because I didn't think about order at the time and changing rules retroactively /too much =D/ is not very nice):

    Reserved for personal use and making AP catchers happy *blueXeno *4 Desipises *royal blue *4 Caligenes *Valentines *Valentines 2019

    Lesh4537 - sibling to Tad-kin https://dragcave.net/lineage/WdyIv

    Shimmerkin breeding list consists of me being CPO Pertwee and flogging off some of eggs that are not shiny. Getting on that list is easier, but people in the Shimmer queue are calling the tune :)


    Possible pending
    Aie - 2G Bronze Shimmer from female Almerald
    snakehands - sibling to Tad-kin https://dragcave.net/lineage/WdyIv


    Tears in Rain - Gen 2 Whiptail from male Bronze Shimmer (DONE), Gen 2 Silver from female Silver Tinsel (DONE).
    angelicdragonpuppy - Shimmer from Red Crimson *no egg *crimson *crimson *crimson 03/10/2016 *crimson 11/01/2017 *crimson 11/01/2017 *crimson 07/03/2017 *crim 19/04/2017 *crim 02/06/2017 *crim 21/08/2017 Sep 15, 2017 DONE
    MinkishMinx - with http://dragcave.net/view/kmM6B *no interest *kin *refuse *no interest Thalass *no interest *no interest 02/06/2016 *thalass *thalass *thalass * 02/01/2017 *thalass 25/02/2017 *thalass 05/05/2017 *no interest 11/06/2017 Jul 16, 2017 - Done, unclaimed
    synditrix - Shimmer from Tsunami *Tsunami 18/01/2017 *Tsunami 14/03/2017 *tsu 12/05/2017 *no egg 24/06/2017 10/08/2017 DONE
    rrattts - Shimmer from a Gemshard *gem 01/12/2016 *gem 04/02/2017 *nada 01/04/2017 *Shiny 25/05/2017 DONE
    Nazgod - Shimmer from Aeon *Aeon 11/11/2016 *Aeon 26/01/2017 DONE 25/03/2017 [/i]

    djengis - Gaia-kin from Shimmer and Gaia :D *no egg *Gaia 01/07/2016 Shimm 21/10/2016 (done, blue lunar herald pending - Oct 05, 2017 DONE)

    sorenna - 4 grays, 4 spirit wards (hatchies) before November the 20th DONE, some unclaimed

    Areous 2G Silver from Winter Magi *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg *no egg 10/10/2016 *silver 10/11/2016

    IAOs (I Am Owed):

    OK, if anyone is wondering - http://postimage.org/image/bh2cclb8r was a screenshot of a mock-up, not a mocked-up screenshot. Yes, it _was_ April Fools' Day joke, but somebody was so eager to get a screenshot that I _had_ to oblige. Hopefully it was quite neat, with no extraneous brushstrokes :)

    - Screenshots aren't positive proof, just mementos
    - Encodings and fonts are different (although I do occasionally get problems with both)
    - I'm a mighty GIMP (alas, not Dinocave) user (and a beginner in CSS/HTML)
    - Can somebody tell me how to make the menu fonts look right, rather than pelt me with moldy cheese? Once I found that there _was_ a stuff-up, I tried to fix those fonts, but didn't manage to make my page show them dino-wacky <_<