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  1. Oops, missed the release... At least the game now works (not as neatly as on people's screenshots, the colours' division lines are changing wonkily, but it works!) 🤠
  2. Firefox 60.0 on Debian here. No handlebars and, I'm told, no textures. I've run into problems on a different site where the admins said that my browser's too old and the problem is they use a new way of JSON lists parsing v.60 doesn't know about - but that page tossed me a JS alert of "Error fetching parent results: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data". Dragcave's game doesn't, but I got this in JS console log: If that's any help? Chromium Version 78.0.3904.108 says something a bit different and shows draggable handle
  3. The beak colour is a bit wrong... but I'll say somebody got their beak on a custard tart and flew off in loud squawks and custardy crumbs!
  4. It's sorta this beast: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulphur-crested_cockatoo - they live it the wild perfectly well
  5. Cookies, yes, timer cooldown, not quite - it disappeared mid-flight!
  6. @water-spirit That's one regal-looking slug!
  7. @water-spirit Sea slug? May I have a sea slug, too?
  8. It's hard enough to choose among the many ideas you've baked already! May I get the King of the Pumpkin Patch (Jack-O-Lantern) snowman?
  9. Not a "dang", a "pike"! Thanks! Edit: "Salmon" is good, too. Will it become a dragon after jumping the rapids?
  10. @Crowsfold_1400105 Except me... Fish, please? I like your fish, they look Magic Pikes from fairytales
  11. @Crowsfold_1400105 May I get one of the red-n-green sea fish?
  12. If anybody needs to get rid of cookies, I'll take 'em! I'm mostly sending mine to random people. Have the ability to make a Trilby hat for any "Art of Theft" fans, or a clumsy rendition of... anything you like, I guess?
  13. @banban007 Tried to match your style, without much success. I like the Ribbon Dancer, if you're up for swaps @Stacy3601 Show off yours?
  14. Well, @Nine, if you want to find out, click on the received cookie - it'll say "Cookie from X" on top of page
  15. OK, a log cabin for 'em woods, then: Scroll: Snowwall
  16. K-k-k-k-klayman. Anybody else who had heard of the Neverhood?
  17. I've forgotten half the dragons from past event stories, much less the Christmas townpeople, so the only shout-out I see so far is the "Person in a parka who got coal for Christmas". Since I know at least one player who knew and remembered the Zombie in the sewers as the same/similar chap to one in flower quest from long ago, I'm sure there are far more I'm missing than I'll ever notice I wonder if the whole set of Tales of Valkemare (and the mini-quests, like that school club, chocolate- and flower-searching Valentine ones, etc) are hosted anywhere to play out of season?
  18. Sandy intro (first time with name choice, now with "continue"), then black screen with menu hamburger and blue loading bar, then black screen with the menu hamburger and music. After what sounds like 1.5 rounds of the music, the music abruptly stops.
  19. Well, mostly because: I'd guess both school and university students would know at least one major reason for such clusters ;D Hint: assignments! I support all points 👍
  20. Pinched it. I got a Gemshard on April 1st (and munched this year), so might make a leap/April-born checker of sorts with another year's Upsie... As a stand-in, here comes UyGAk the Brave, one of a more sought-after lineage. If you're stuck for a name, call him/her Gak the Magnificent. Or Gak the Sly. Or even Gak the Brave, as stated above. Seems to be a proud (and modest!) little minty (One of my breedings refused, but most of my kin-breedings went straight to AP due to some abandon mis-management, so can't offer much here).