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    glued to my pc XD
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    PST time

    Things I'm looking for:
    M Alt Black (2nd gen PB)
    PB Alt Vine
    UG, M Neglected

    Trading Policy:
    -Simple eggs like 2nd gen commons from my holly, if not picked up in 2 days, the trade will go to the end of my trade list and become "inactive." To be reactivated you should PM me and tell me you'd like to go forward with the trade.
    -More difficult eggs like metallics or things I need to actually catch, if not accepted in 2 days, I can do what I want with the egg and the trade is considered complete.

    Please pick up the eggs I give you.

    I'm almost always open to anything but metallic breeding. Metallic breeding, I'll only ever have one or two on my list at a time. Feel free to ask, but know that it's likely I'll say no when it comes to metallics.

    If you can provide me with the code to a CB holly I don't know about, I shall breed you an out of season offspring from my holly with a mate of your choice (no metallics though). Just PM me with a code or codes you think I might not have and I'll tell you whether or not I already have them logged ^^