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 Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed), Gold, Silver, Copper, Golden Wyvern Only
Posted: May 19 2017, 04:08 PM

Level 8

Group: Members
Posts: 1,244
Member No.: 39,815
Joined: 4-May 09

Have: user posted image 2nd G Gold from Pyro female (Offer here or PM)


one of the following

- 2nd G Gold from Astrapi, Chrono, Mageia, or Thalassa
- different 2nd G metal (gold or silver)
- 3rd G Gold x Rosebud checker, unrelated to Her and Her
- 3rd G Sunsong x Sweetling checker with one or more Alt Sweetlings in lineage, as a mate for Soulsung
~2 CB Gemshard hatchies -- no green females, no red males
~2 CB Plated Colossus hatchies
~2 CB Two-Headed Green Lindwurm hatchies
~2 CB Lunar Herald hatchies, any color

(or any combination of 2-3 of the CB hatchies on my list above)

** If you have something to trade that's on my list, but aren't interested in my gold, please PM me and I'd be happy to work something out.

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Posted: May 19 2017, 06:47 PM

Level 10

Group: Members
Posts: 3,156
Member No.: 201,001
Joined: 16-March 13


user posted image CB RED Copper precog. female


user posted image 2~3 Dinos, hatchies preferred but not necessary

The purple line in the sig applies if you have 1 on hand.

CB RED Copper
Posted: May 19 2017, 09:17 PM

Level 4

Group: Members
Posts: 362
Member No.: 12,460
Joined: 1-September 08

4th gen gold from Yulebuck checker this

A gold checker swap. Any mate, any gen. smile.gif

Posted: May 19 2017, 09:56 PM

Level 8

Group: Members
Posts: 1,354
Member No.: 218,656
Joined: 4-May 15

3g gold X passive aegis checker
user posted image

Also have:
CB brown copper
user posted image

Best offer of CB nexus

CB hatchies
(I really like CB hatchlings such as: kingcrownes, celestials, nexus, fells, kyanites, magelights, almeralds, blacks, whites, spirit wards, falciforms, royal blues, frosts, bolts, honey drakes, glaucus drakes, Plated Colossus, spitefires, brutes, sunsongs, fire gems, Scimitars, and Sinii Krai)

or nice offers

gold tradelink

copper tradelink
Posted: May 20 2017, 05:34 PM

Level 4

Group: Members
Posts: 369
Member No.: 206,884
Joined: 6-October 13

2nd gen Silver from Mutamore
3rd EG Gold from male Magi perfect checker hatchie infl. F

Want: (pm me to combine or breed more metals)
***CB Gold(AUTO)
mate for red line in sig
2nd gen Gold/Solstice/Mistletoe/P. Aegis/Rosebud/Grave(F)/Calligene
2nd gen Silver/(Most Wanted)Tangar(M)***/Bolt/Carmine/Monarch/Greenwing(M)/Teimarr(M)
other 2nd gen Silver or Gold not from overly common pairings

metal checker combos i don't have

mates i need =

2nd gen Black from female Gold not related to this (if hatchie must be Alt)
2nd gen Vine from female Gold (if hatchie must be Alt)
***3rd EG Gold from female Holly checker unrelated to her or him (Auto)
***3rd EG Purple Neb from Silver checker
mine keep refusing to give an egg

Holiday mates needed will decline mates related

2nd gen Shimmer from Arsani not from Bubba willing to add/combine wub.gif

3rd EG Red Neb from RA checker (can breed blood swap)
3rd EG Red from male Marrow checker
3rd EG Red Dorsal from female Marrow checker
2nd gen Lumina from male SW
3rd EG Horse from female SW checker
3rd EG Thunder from female SW checker
3rd EG Tea from female SW checker
2nd gen Spirit ward from female CL
2nd gen Green Gem from male CL
3rd EG Carmine from male CL checker
3rd EG Cassare from female Grave checker
3rd EG Red from WM checker
2nd gen Carmine from WW
3rd EG Sunsong from Solstice checker (Blue Wings)
3rd EG Pillow from Solstice checker (for my Thuwed Solstice checker Blue Wings)
3rd EG Pink from Yule
4th EG Pink from Male Holly checker (1st gen Old Pink)
4th EG Winter from male Holly checker
4th EG White from male Holly checker
2nd gen Swallowtail from P. Aegis

CB Hatchies:

***New Release
***CB Tangar(M)
***CB Monarch
***CB Candelabra


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Posted: May 20 2017, 05:45 PM

Level 8

Group: Members
Posts: 1,350
Member No.: 208,660
Joined: 19-December 13


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Posted: May 21 2017, 01:28 AM

"Freedom is life's great lie."

Group: Help Moderators
Posts: 9,467
Member No.: 61,691
Joined: 13-June 10


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Rally Vincent
Posted: May 21 2017, 06:16 AM

Gunsmith Cat

Group: Members
Posts: 2,427
Member No.: 14,753
Joined: 18-September 08


user posted image 2nd gen PB Silver egg


user posted image Honeydrake s1 hatchling

user posted image user posted image user posted image Firegem s1 hatchling

user posted image user posted image user posted image Firegem s2 female

user posted image user posted image user posted image firegem s2 male

Any lineage, for freezing

Offer here, please.

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Posted: May 21 2017, 07:10 AM

Level 6

Group: Members
Posts: 600
Member No.: 13,887
Joined: 12-September 08

3rd gen gold egg, trading for new eggs smile.gif

Best offer goes smile.gif
Posted: May 21 2017, 11:16 PM

Science Machine

Group: Members
Posts: 2,027
Member No.: 32,968
Joined: 19-February 09

HAVE: CB silver x2 user posted imageuser posted image

WANT: 2nd gen prize user posted image user posted image or CB gold user posted image or ND user posted image for both silvers

Silvers trade:
Posted: May 22 2017, 09:05 AM

Level 3

Group: Members
Posts: 128
Member No.: 221,844
Joined: 29-October 15


user posted image CB female Brown Copper

Looking for:

PM to combine.

- last line in signature.

- holiday mates (unrelated to):
2G Undine from any alt Mutamore (jVQM0)
2G Bronze Shimmer from male Cavern Lurker (FctnE)

Always interested in certain spriter's alt offspring. Please send a PM before breeding

- CB metals (no Golden Wyvern)
- CB Gaia (not for Copper)

Nicely named parents/ancestors for bred offers please = rather short (one or two word) names without numbers, abbreviations like "CB" and no dog breeder names ("X's Y"). Feel free to send a PM with your offer before breeding or to combine/add/discuss. smile.gif
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