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  2. I believe "The Cave" refers to the starting location presented on the site's homepage, which is where the abandoned pile is located.
  3. And thank you for the Glowback!!
  4. Possible suggestion for a wording here: "Usage Limitations: Can be performed x times per 2 weeks at your current trophy level. A higher trophy level will let you freeze more dragons (2 per trophy level)." e.g. "Usage Limitations: Can be performed 14 times per 2 weeks at your current trophy level. A higher trophy level will let you freeze more dragons (2 per trophy level)." And when maxed out: "Usage Limitations: Can be performed 18 times per 2 weeks at your current trophy level." (I'd explicitly add the "at your current trophy level" so people don't unwittingly paste information to their friends that ends up being wrong for them.)
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  6. I keep seeing lots of almost perfect palindromes in the cave. So many. I grabbed two for proof, that are just missing one capitalization. One two If somebody wants them anyway, let me know. I'll be on for another hour, and then not till tomorrow.
  7. we have a cat that likes to use the "outdoor litter box," and if we don't let him out, he might pee on the table. silly kitty.
  8. UC = Unicreatures, a site that no longer exists UD University of Delaware
  9. That's a good cat. I remember i watched Digimon and it was better then Pokemon. Not sure if i saw every season, but the plot did made sense and there was nobody who can do training that is meant to take years in a few hours and then win a match. (Looking at you Pokemon!) I was excited for Digimon not that much for Pokemon. Team Rocket was fun to watch. I never played any games for Pokemon or Digimon and looling at my list of still have to finish games i will not touch them. Oh and for sure have not watched the full series of Pokemon, was not that good. Fight me! Edit: Not a good cat when she does her business indoor.
  10. University of the Bahamas! UC
  11. *waves at Tigerkralle* Hello down there! I did neither Pokemon nor Digimon, hence my not recognizing Fortune's critter. I do know some of the Pokemon from a brief foray into GPX (I think that was the site?). Still not 100%. The cat was not happy with me when I made her go back outside while it was still raining (into a dry sheltered area, but she'll do her business in the shop if I don't put her out after she eats).
  12. A pair of PB glowbacks seek new accommodation! https://dragcave.net/teleport/0ec61a5852ae4541d6357ad4c5f7e474
  13. you're welcome. LOL TZ.....
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