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  2. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/Link (please use lineage link): Bowenna Lienna Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Leopold Vermillion Targaryen and Bowin Xued Targaryen Generation: 6th gen Scroll name/Link: TerraAnne +3 for registering a gifted Targaryen
  3. Have: CB Ungendered, Male and Female Neglecteds Want: CB common hatchies or bred eggs being hatched for me. See signature/profile for more info.
  4. Have: two random caveborns. Would like: a reply for each. 007 https://dragcave.net/teleport/4e6b52d0b902e52e86266f1fff2140fd Ivory https://dragcave.net/teleport/b9e75e6c2c9a05a6f86c76ba5239a5d9
  5. Have: two random caveborns. Would like: a reply for each. 007 https://dragcave.net/teleport/4e6b52d0b902e52e86266f1fff2140fd Ivory https://dragcave.net/teleport/b9e75e6c2c9a05a6f86c76ba5239a5d9
  6. Actress, singer, and writer, all of which are slowly but definitely happening.
  7. I served concessions to 250+ people, and I'm about to do it again today.
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  9. Nimrodel

    Z Project

    CB z-code turpentine free to a good home, if anyone's interested
  10. Got'em both, thanks! @Kovia and @Herk I grabbed yours, too--thanks so much!
  11. From now on you can scout once per update. @TerraAnne Oops, your scouts weere attacked but they survived. @Tigerkralle It's 1 report for both scouts, they go out together. It doesn't have an effect on the chances, it just allows you to get more e2 points for battling. You can only send out 1 scout group per update. If I missed you last update lmk. You've been low on points since you left with only 10 and there's a lot of ways to spend them. Pretty much every action has some form of point cost, but I see you've registered some dragons so it should even out pretty soon.
  12. I absolutely hate the heat and humidity too. I much prefer the cold of winter over these crazy overly hot summers we've had recently. I can't wait for summer to end already. When it's cold you can just put on more clothes to protect yourself from the cold, but the heat gets in everywhere and there's no escape from it.
  13. https://dragcave.net/teleport/773be80c5ce7642a5bdd819c4393bec0 This lihnseyre hatchling has a very high opinion of itself.
  14. Location: Base Dining Hall People: Evonna, Chikako, Sorey, Towa, Mikleo, Edna, Lailah "Oh," Mikleo says, "He's just doing the thing where he lets people hear seraphs." Ah. So Evonna was just startled by Lailah’s voice. She wasn’t screaming because of a threat. Tien isn’t going to be attacked by something else. He doesn’t have to run. He’s fine. He’s safe. It’s fine. Tien sits back down carefully, panicked heartbeat slowing back to normal. Lailah is wrapping her hands around Evonna’s. She’s not covering her safehand either. Tien looks away quickly, feeling his cheeks heat up with embarrassment. The smallest seraph--Tien didn’t pick up her name--cracks a joke that makes Mikleo stifle a laugh. The corners of his eyes crinkle, and Tien’s mind involunatarily pulls up the image of Mikleo putting his fingers to his lips a few moments ago, and now the flush in Tien’s face is for an entirely different reason. Oh, that is the absolute last storming thing he needs right now. Fortunately, Mikleo’s display of powers is enough to distract Tien from his appearance and focus more on his abilities. Temperature control? That’s not a Surge I know of...wait, right, different world. So that’s part of the water distinction...I wonder if it applies the other way, to heating things up? And if we were in a humid spot, could he-- "OoooooOOOoooOOoooo…" ...And that’s Fractal, who’s slid into the center of the table and has apparently decided to get in on the whole messing-with-people thing. Tien hides his grin behind a hand at the reaction Fractal provokes when she mimics the seraph’s drawl. Now there’s something they could use…
  15. purplehaze

    Z Project

    CB Flamingo hatchling, precogs female https://dragcave.net/teleport/9d225255920e2bfe46dff9e75a5f3974 Self-bred 2G Z'Razorcrest from Z parents -- I have Z offspring from both of these already. https://dragcave.net/teleport/bda227aeabc58f867d54c4646c891906 You're welcome, ramdom!
  16. oh i don't doubt this. hubby says i melt when it gets to like 85F, so there is that. i am so not a fan of the heat and humidity at all. so i'm probably doomed too
  17. I want to train: User: TerraAnne Dragon Name + Link: Mereoreona Vamirion Targaryen Do you have enough points?: yes How many hours since your last post?: Last training post was 23 hours ago I no longer need a Targaryen! Scroll name/link: TerraAnne Targaryen link (please use lineage link): fCrmf Generation: 4 gen
  18. Well no air conditioning in private houses here so the heat waves from last years really hit us hard here in Germany and the rest of Europe. There is air conditioning but for hotels and shops and so on. Too expensive for private houses and they are build to trap heat! Have fun trying to get rid of the heat at night... As paradox as it may sounds all year aroudn to have the a/c running is one of the reasons for our extreme climate! So to have it running is a spiral down to doom.
  19. Requester's Form Forum name: Laura-Lana PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd gen Razorcrest from female Desipis. Mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/HTwi1 Secret field: No holiday requests!
  20. A lot of Don't Starve lately, we are determined to get past the aporkalypse in Hamlet as Webber -Max
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