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  2. Ah thanks for that, I don't really know anything about Metroid Prime.
  3. Since others are doing it, let me do it too This is my egg. (As it was pointed out before, haha.) Transistor is one of my favorite videogames of all time, so I wanted to do something for it when I saw there was nothing already done for the other years. I was actually torn between doing Red or the Transistor, so I just made both and threw them in a little loop! The little fade from Red to the Transistor is based on the Limiters menu =D My favorites after seeing everything are the Sexy Legg, Super Smash Bros, Think Emoji, Salmonid and Totoro eggs, but I think all of them are neat in their own little ways ❤️
  4. I loooove this one! The egg looks delicate and beautiful, and I really really like the dragon (plus, yunno, purple is the best!).
  5. Hiya there friend. I finally finished my character sheet :'> If I need to draw some art references I will do that too ^^ Controller: EpickFaylia/Jace Name: Paris Lovell Zarek. Goes by “Lucky”. Origins: OC [MtG/FE/JJBA] Age: 23 Gender: Biologically Female, Male Presenting/Passing Physical Appearance: Standing upright, Lucky is approximately 6’2. He has lightly tanned caucasian skin and dark blue hair with white streaks running through it, though it isn’t from age, its from exposure to a hair whitening metal used by the mages in the Izzet League, a guild from his home plane of Ravnica. He has light blue eyes and a constant charismatic smirk, however you wouldn’t see his eyes under most circumstances, he usually wears brass goggles over them. His outfit consists of the typical fare of a proud Izzet League member; black heavy, long sleeved undershirt (usually pushed up to the elbows), black pants with blue and gold stripes down the sides and knee high boots. Over top of this is a decorative blue tunic and a gold cape. Strengths: Magnesis Like his father before him, Lucky excels in electrical powered magic, however, unlike Ral who was proficient in lightning and thunder magic, Lucky’s magic manifests in waves of magnetism. He can use this to pull/push large/heavy objects, add a deadly spin onto his axe, Hector, or even simply use it as a means of moving about when his lightning greaves fail him. Izzet Ingenuity The Izzet League is a guild of eccentric civil engineering mages who are known to be creative, spontaneous, and intelligent--but don’t let that fool you, they’re all these things with wild, reckless abandon, and are known to experiment to their hearts’ content, much to the dismay (or enthrallment?) of the people around them. Things may explode; and things may get a little weird. Like the guild he came from, Lucky also has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and pursues this almost dangerously; however, when it comes to the endangerment or well-being of the people around him, he tends to put this desire second. Weird Engineering An important skill that most, if not all, Izzet mages know is the ability to create synthetic elementals known as weirds. A notable weird in Ravnican history is Melek, Izzet Paragon, however most weirds aren’t usually named, and only used as tools to help further research magic. It’s widely unknown what weirds are made of… some like Melek or the less notable Frostburn weird seem to be made of ice, whereas other weirds such as the Blistercoil weird seem to be made from molten metal. It’s rumored that not even the Izzet themselves know how it’s done, and that weirds only hold themselves together by sheer force of contradiction. With enough parts and resources, Lucky can make his own weirds using the magnetic energy he’s adept at and uses this to help his companion, the Nivix Drobot. Equipment: Lightning Greaves/Lightning Gauntlets Due to Lucky’s natural inability to walk, his legs are protected by gold plated greaves with blue pulsating mana surging through that cover the boots his legs are in. They’re connected to a large gaudy generator he wears on his back like a backpack that siphons red/blue aligned mana from the land around him and into his body. The electricity generated allows him to cycle the mana through his body in such cohesion that he’s able to walk--however, in planes where he cannot siphon mana, or is unfamiliar with the density of mana, he loses this ability. For an added bonus, he also wears matching gauntlets on his arms which channel magnetic energy. Nivix Drobot: A gift of sorts from Elzaphan, though not one offered without mutual agreement between gift and giftee. Drobot is a small terrestrial drake housed in secret in the Nivix guildhall by Elzaphan after finding him weak and on the brink of death wandering the shadows of Ravnica’s undercity. Seeing as he is a dragon, by all technicalities, it was of the utmost importance that he use what influence he had through the guild’s highest ranking mage, Guildmage Ral Zarek, to conceal his existence lest their unruly parun Niv-Mizzet root him out and dispose of him as he did the rest of Ravnica’s dragon population. After devising a means of communication between the two using a voice modulator that provided the drake speech, Elzaphan soon formed a strong bond of fondness with the drake, and for saving his life, the drake lent himself to El’s experimentation with metallurgy. And while Elzaphan could have been cruel, as such reckless disregard is part and parcel amongst the Izzets, this instead led to the crafting of a mechanical flight suit that enabled flight via wings and boosters, bracers that strengthened and fortified his body, and a mana-powered headset that allowed for focused laser blasts. The drake then took on the imaginative name Drobot from Elzaphan, considering it a great honor to be named by “a fellow dragon”, and agreed to become an assistant to his dear companion Lucky Zarek. Due to his biomechanical nature, he is compatible with and compliant with further upgrades, making him a boon to any aspiring Izzet looking to hone their craft. Hector, Blade of the Radiant A large axe that Lucky found in the wreckage of the Nivix building in Ravnica’s dystopian future from which he hails. It was rumored to have come from Lucky’s other parent that he lost some time before he was born, and takes care of it knowing it was from the father he didn’t know. He lovingly named it Hector and refers to it as if it’s another human being entirely maybe as a means of feeling close to the fabled Radiant Hero that his lost parent was rumored to be. Shortly after Lucky’s planeswalker spark ignited, he became aware of a spiritual ego that resided within the axe that gave it it’s thunder aligned capabilities. He’s still very unfamiliar with the spirit. Other Information: Spells: Downsize Multiverse ID: 265374 Shrinks target incrementally until their size is ¼ of the size it was previously. Overload: If Lucky channels an extremely large amount of mana, it affects all targets of the same type in the area. Weapon Surge Multiverse ID: 369004 Target ally or weapon gains an electric charge Overload: If Lucky channels an extremely large amount of mana, it affects all allies or all weapons in the area. Lightning Bolt Multiverse ID: 442130 Does a small amount of damage to target opponent. Counterflux Multiverse ID: 405183 Dispels a spell or ability that targets Lucky Possibility Storm Multiverse ID: 369013 Summons a large electrical storm that warps and changes all other casted spells into something possibly better? Possibly worse? Epic Experiment Multiverse ID: 405215 Expands a large field of magnesis around Lucky, the more mana spent on this, the larger the area. For a small amount of time, other mages in the area can use the energy generated by the magnesis as mana for their spells; but they need to be quick. It doesn’t last forever. Cyclonic Rift Multiverse ID: 425860 A small controlled tornado is summoned and sends the target to gods-know-where. Overload: If Lucky channels an extremely large amount of mana, it becomes a large uncontrollable cyclone that ravages the area.
  6. It is actually a reference to the Chozo Artifact from Metroid Prime. I had a version that is a bit more complex in shape and closer to the actual artifact. But I have had eggs rejected in the past for going too far out of the egg shape, so that was the version that I chose to send forward.
  7. I feel so far behind and under such pressure - I can't get online tomorrow and I only have 40 eggs so far. No phone data so I'm tied to a computer to get them. I think I'll make it but barely. Must get all the beautiful/amazing eggs! I love the little goldfish bowl egg and the atom egg and the stealth bunny egg. And the cherry blossom egg is so simple but pretty. Great job, spriters!
  8. Just got my last egg! Great job everyone - all the eggs are fantastic!
  9. I'm done for this year and without panic! Such wonderful Easter eggs, my thanks to the creative and talented spriters as well as TJ09, of course.
  10. Yeah. Fell is not the answer, unless someone can link one with Cave as its location.
  11. Is this egg a Peggle reference?
  12. Kudos to whomever made the Totoro egg, it is gorgeous. Also that Dirge egg is looking sweet, and I already know who designed that one.
  13. Today
  14. Just got my last egg. Beautiful work, spriters.
  15. Immediately to the left of the hot air balloon. And... done. Thank you, TJ, and all of the spriters! We once again have some amazing eggwork.
  16. Got my last egg. Thanks to all the artists for making all those amazing eggs! :D
  17. ((we can continue bit have their mission be successful or something))
  18. Gustav screamed in pain barring his single fang at her eyes glowing as he touched the Browning burn on his cheek and the smoke from the effect of the flowers hitting his skin. "I will kill you you brat!" He hissed. However with Adonis still struggling with the chains and Sabrina in the light, he spun around and lunged to Parker. Something very large and deep grey whipped around the corner and sprang on the vampire biting into his shoulder and shoving him into the wall beside Parker. Shaking the dark creature he threw him in the corner and yanked the chains from his brother fixing his golden eyes on the vampire. He shifted back, fully clothed and bloody. "Kilman Tempis I no longer work for you. No longer will I provide my blood and magic for your necromancy." "Zachary! Wait.... Twins?! That can't be you said you were an only child!" The vampire hissed as Zach stalked closer a murderous look in his eyes. "I believed it, and I wasn't under protective oath so I can lie unlike my brother. " He snapped back and both lept at the other. Zach clearly pissed and unharmed got the upper hand and dragged the vampire around a even darker corner where a scream happened, then a strangled gurgling, wet snaps and clothing tares sounded. He came back around the corner, covered with black drops of the vampire's blood. "It's done.." he said softly.
  19. My heartfelt thanks for the Stargåte egg! And thank you who noticed the escaping replicator.... lots of cute and clever stuff but I might have to re-watch my SG1 AGAIN now! Thanks guys!
  20. Just got the Totorro egg(s). I'd been waiting for that one.
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