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Blackchimera's Art Thread [Commissions OPEN]

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Hello there! If you would like any sort of artwork commissioned, then this is the order thread for you! I do full size, signature, and icon works. I do any subject, including OC's.


Art Examples: Blackchimera on Sheezyart / Ollychimera on DeviantArt / Blackchimera on FurAffinity


Look at the bottom of this post to see commissions requested and completed here!



Just $15 for a full colored picture! This is a discount for Dragon Cave users who order through this forum.

Icon avatars cost only $5.

Full, signature, and OC commissions start at a base price of $15, but may be raised to $20 depending on the time and difficulty required to finish. You will be notified ahead of time in such cases. This is a discounted price for dragcave users, as you can see my normal prices on my journals on each art page, or here in this meme: http://ollychimera.deviantart.com/#/d3k3qey


I accept payment through Paypal:

Paypal email: f14wildcat2@yahoo.com


How to Order:

Just state/describe the animal you would like and the kind of pose you would like it in, as well as the style and media (listed below) in your post. List spots run on a first come, first serve basis.


Rules for Orders:

1. Please DO NOT alter the picture once you receive it. This includes removing my signature. (You MAY resize for personal usage, but that is all.)

2. Do not claim the picture as your own work


Style Open for Commissions:

- Realistic

- Cartoon/Manga

- Traditional Asian (Chinese/Japanese-style brush painting)

- Spritework


Media Open for Commissions:


- Photoshop


- Black and White (Pencil or pen)

- Marker

- Colored pencil

- Acrylic paint

- Watercolor

- Crochet


Order List (Spots Open: 2)

1. dark_kitsune


3. afa (animated cat) (waiting on reconfirmation)

4. Siryuki (waiting on reconfirmation)



Previously Ordered Commissions:




user posted image




user posted image

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Cleaned at the OP's request.

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Very nice.

I shall continue to observe until I may allocate a creature awesome enough to be depicted by you.


And pardon my English.

I don't normally speak so.

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I'd really like a realistic-style goldfish but with a black body, red top fin, and green back fins, while other fins are black. Can the medium be Photoshop, and it be exploring a seafloor? Thanks a TON in advance!

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Beautiful artwork! Do you, by any chance, do any requests? *hopeful expression*

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Your work is fantastic and your prices are very reasonable. Thank you for making your original works of art available to us. biggrin.gif

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Bump. Your a very talented artist, I appreciate what your doing! biggrin.gif


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Finished adding the sparkles to afa's gold dragon. Here it is!


user posted image




Also, I am now open for new commissions from anyone interested.

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Very very beautiful work there, i especially love that gold dragon!

But alas, im one of those people who dont have a paypal account yet, let alone be allowed to use one. Otherwise id soo pay!

Keep it up, i shall be stalking this thread wink.gif


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So how much would you charge for a picture of a kitsune wearing a kimono and walking a Pink (old/retired one) dragon on a leash? I guess manga/cartoon style unless a more traditional Asian style can be done with that.

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