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Hello! I created my DC account somewhere in 2015, forgot about it for 7 years and came back in spring 2022, when my friend reminded me that this site exists... Now I kinda regret about all these years that I've lost ;_;

Anyway, I'm Remy (Reazek is a nickname). I love dragons very much, and Dragcave has lots and lots of dragons, which means I love Dragcave very much, ehe

One day I'm dreaming of collecting a Pipio army. I'm also a very very huge fan of Staterae wyrms and Aeon wyverns (why do most of my favorites have to be so rare? q-q)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I'm a dragon artist. There is one more reason why I love Dragcave - inspiration!

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Hello and welcome back! I love dragons too and this site fueled that passion for me when I first discovered it too! My largest dragon armies are Guardians and Tideweavers, but I also have enough Glaucus Drakes to serve as a reserve unit. :) 

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Welcome back! I am a huge fan of Black Tea dragons (male and female) and Elux Lucis. The full list of my favorite breeds is linked in my signature. 


Definitely check out the Dragon Request section! Some people have new dragon ideas written out but need concept art to go with them. 

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