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The Yellow Dragon Appreciation Project

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Why Yellow?

Yellow is a beautiful color, and it deserves to be appreciated. It’s my favorite, and I’m sure the favorite of others too. This breeding project is all about loving the color yellow! I don’t see these breeds nearly as often as some of the others. I’d like to rectify that!



If you have 3 or more  yellow breeds, you can have half that number of “accent breeds” (rounded down). This means if you have three yellow breeds, you can have one accent breed, four or five yellow breeds get two accent breeds, etc.

All dragons must be named. Can’t find a unique name you like? Try giving the dragon a title! I have two examples here.

I would request that no inbreeding be donated or gifted, but you are welcome to inbreed your own projects.

I have two examples of valid lineages:


Three yellow breeds, one accent breed (Black Capped Teimarr)





Three breed lineage





There are several ways to get involved.

Donating - As long as they’re one of the pairings mentioned, they’re golden! Let people know what you’re willing to donate to others in need.

Gifting - Get the wrong breed for your plans? You can post a link to the egg using the form and anyone is welcome to pick it up. Or if you have a CB of one of the breeds you can feel free to drop it in here.

Requesting - 2g+ eggs may be requested. CBs cannot be requested, but again I will note that they can be dropped in the forum as gifts.

Discuss the plans you have - Is there a specific dragon breed you want to take over your line, overcoming the others? Do you want to breed them and make a large, long stairstep alternating between breeds? Or maybe a messy lineage? All discussions related to the plans you have and progress you’ve made are welcome.


“Yellow” Breeds

Pyrovar, Yellow-Crowned Dragon - These breeds are up to a vote! Should they be included in the breeds we’re allowing to be bred?

These are the acceptable breeds for this project.

Astaarus (male only)


Yellow Iris Floret Wyvern

Freckled Dragons

Citrine Gemshards

Golden Wyverns

Harvest Dragons

Imperial Fleshcrowne



Golden Lunar Heralds


Yellow Sapphire






I would like to join!

Scroll name:

Forum name:

Breeding plans:

If you are willing to donate, include what you’re offering here


Another dragon joins the line!

What generation is it?:

LINK to the egg’s lineage

Are you willing to breed siblings for others?:


A gift just for you!


Teleport Link

Any requests for the person picking the egg up?


A little help please!

Generation you’re looking for:

What parents/breed are you looking for?:

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