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Group sorting bug: youngs

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So, I noticed this before but I just made a new group and bumped into this problem again. 

I created a group for my Zyu&Sino, added them all with the following settings- color sort (automatic) and the 'younglings on top' box is NOT ticked

I wanted hatchies and eggs to go to their colors. But nope. All (eggs+hatchies) but the red zyu Egg are stuck at the top of the group. 

Eggs and hatchies are not asigned propper color? Why only red sorts right lol ?

Group in question https://dragcave.net/group/194226

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dont trust color sort

they have obidar sorted with the reds. dont trust.



ok lemme be serious. This is actually strange - growing things apparently sort in a different way from frozen hatchlings with the same sprite apparently. I went investigating and this could potentially be a bug



as example, I just went to put my entire scroll in color sort - 




see that obidar? my frozen ones are sorted with the grownups though, literally they have the same sprite (I've got both s1 and s2 frozens)





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Oh, yes! True! I have some frozen zyus and they sort properly! Is SO weird!

Also the red zyu egg hatched. Hatchie still sorts right.... what have the other colors done lol?

(I'll just change it to breed sort, not putting up with this)

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