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2015 Valentine event badge bug

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I know there have been a couple threads about badges not working properly in the past but can't find one for this specific badge.


The one I just noticed is the Valentine 2015 badge, for the 'Dragon Matchmaking' event. When I go to my own page for that (/valentines15) the heading says "Dragon Matchmaking: Your Hoard".  But when I go to any other user's page for it (/valentines15/username) it shows the other user's cave/hoard but it *says* "Dragon Matchmaking: Marie19’s Hoard". As in, it's showing my own username even though it's someone else's page. 

Examples, notice the urls:






(There is also the issue of the Holiday 2017 badge leading to a 'page not found', I believe that's been reported before though?)

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