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Snow Wars- damage bars don't show for everything, bug or intentional?

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Let me start by saying I realize this might be intentional because of the limited space in the game, and even if it's a bug it's not game-breaking and may not be fixed this season. But if it *is* a bug, maybe it might be fixed for the 2022 holiday? 


I noticed this early in the event, when repairing damage in your fort not everything that's been damaged actually shows the damage-bars. This is especially noticeable for things like the gumdrops and icing, it doesn't look like they ever generate the damage-bars (my gumdrops get damaged constantly but no bars are shown for them).  It's also noticeable when you use the white-dragon statue to repair an area, like in this screenshot where the area clearly shows 2 damage bars and yet it shows *6* things to repair. 



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I have only ever noticed this for the gumdrops and icing, since snow wars 2 began. I assumed it was a glitch, but it didn't bother me enough to mention it. Does this happen with any other items?

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it happens with the black and white squares for the chess pieces as well as the cabin roof. I assume it's something to do with the fact they can be layered under/over other items



the roof is especially weird because it seemingly doesn't take damage (can't be repaired by hand) but can be repaired infinitely with the white dragon?

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