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So... Hello, I'm Selever, i hope we will be friends! 

I am russian - speaking player of dragon cave, but i am trying to learn english to communate with english humans!  I came from catwar, because one of my friends tell me about this game and i am try to play this game! 

My favourites dragons is Witchlight dragon, cheese dragon and Arcana dragon. And from morphology i love wyrms.

I have a goals, one is a do a neglected dragon, second is get alt Black dragon and Dark Green dragon (i really want alt dark green dragon, because he is so nice) and third is a get any holiday/halloween dragon (Vampires don't count).

And lastly, i often use a translator 


it's all, tysm for attention! Bye!




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Привет ! It's always nice to see the community grow. :) Best of luck with your eggs and English!

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33 minutes ago, Dragonlvr90 said:

Hello selever welcome to the forum!


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