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Ungendered hatchlings don't have link for encyclopedia

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In my encyclopedia I have some breeds that have ungendered hatchling unlocked and gendered hatchling shadowed. When I view an ungendered hatchling of that breed (that is unlocked), it doesn't have a link for its entry in encyclopedia. The link appears only when both versions are unlocked.

Is this a bug or an intended behavior? It is really confusing.



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This is intended. The two are shared in the encyclopedia.


When viewing or raising hatchlings, the ungendered sprite will always be unlocked first, even if you only trade for or look at gendered hatchlings. Similarly, you can unlock the gendered hatchling sprite(s) by viewing only ungendered hatchlings. Until both are unlocked (which requires viewing 15? hatchlings total), none of the hatchlings from that breed will have their species labeled, regardless of their gender status.


It's probably set up that way so that users don't have to track down specific stages of hatchlings, which would be even more of a hassle than just "any hatchling". Same for eggs and adults that have different sprites for different genders. The only exception are alts, which count as a separate sent of sprites and needs to be unlocked on their own.

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Oh, I see. I thought them different entities) And link disappears because check for adding views was reused for showing the link?


It's still confusing that undengered is unlocked, but now I'll remember that)

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