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Hello everyone!

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Hi! I've been on Dragon Cave since September 2020, but neglected to join this forum until now, because I was a bit intimidated by all the complexities of this game. But now that I know more (and am about to get my Gold Trophy!) I'm ready to introduce myself!


My name is Chill (not really but i'm not giving out my name on the internet)


I like Pokemon, video games, and reading, especially manga. I have learned most of how forums work due to Warrior Cats Online.


I like rping! I've practiced a lot due to WCO, but I might embarrass myself while I'm figuring out the differences between that site and here.


My favorite dragon is hard to pick, but some of my favorites are Geodes, Lunar Heralds, (Indigo and Silver especially) Cantomaris, Nebulas, and Zyumorphs. Basically, if it has multiple forms that are fun to collect, it's my jam.


I finally joined so I can share my thoughts on the new dragons for the 15th anniversary. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!


One small question, I could view all the pages when I didn't have an account, but now that I have one it says 'Sorry, you do not have permission to view this page." or just an Error. Is this because my account isn't approved? I suppose I'll figure it out once it is.


I hope I'll have fun! I probably will.




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Hello, welcome! You should be good to go, now - all new accounts need to be approved by a mod before they can see all the topics.

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Welcome to the forums! And wow, almost at Gold trophy already, good for you. 

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