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Hello, I am JuniperTooth! I was introduced to this game by a Flight Rising user’s biography. I am having a great time! I did some research, and found out undead dragons were a thing, so I am farming eggs to try and get one! Thx for reading :0000

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Hello and welcome! Good luck getting your Zombies and Vampires! I have so many Zombies to collect now that there's a different sprite for each dragon type.

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Welcome to DC,JuniperTooth! ^_^


There are some links to hatcheries in my signature to get clicks for your dragons, plus feel free to ask for a mentor from The Mentoring Project; they are super helpful at answering all sorts of questions!


My mentor was an absolute doll, and I have more questions than the average person. :lol: Enjoy raising Undead dragons (I have very little luck with it, but I don’t spend much time on it). :) There are a lot of  Undead dragon sprites to collect, which is fun!


Enjoy DC! 

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