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Hi, is there any way to alter breed or color Order sorting?

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Hi, sorry to bother but I was wondering if there is any way to sort the dragons by color or breed and then after saving, alter it so we can save it as custom with just a few changes?


Is just that I have been having a lot, and I do mean a lot of issues with time online 'cause of things in RL and my dragons are a mess!! I keep adding the new dragons at the bottom 'cause I like to have my Christmas, Golds and Silvers in the first pages but I just don't have the time to really sort them correctly anymore, and is been happening a lot for me in the past 2 years.


I hope there is a way for me to sort them in an automated way and then altering that so I can put the ones I like in the top. Thank you for your help.


Be well, Monica

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Sorry, there is no way to combine automatic and manual sort :(


I myself stick to "manual custom sort", using numbers to specify positions. Stuff I want to be always at the top gets negative numbers (like -17) because everything new on the scroll automatically gets a zero (0) value for its position - so new stuff sorts *below* everything with negative numbers.

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Will it possibly work in the grid sort option to "sort by breed" and save that AS A CUSTOM SORT (if you go to grid and click "sort by breed") and then move things ? I've never tried,. as I have my own weird manual custom sort using the grid, but...when you start in in grid sort you get this....




I suspect that if you hit breed, and save that as a custom sort, and then move things.... But I am NOT hitting that button. If yours are enough of a mess maybe you dare....

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