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Keep "Place Eggs and Unfrozen Hatchlings on top" checked

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This is a very tiny 'quality of life' suggestion regarding dragon sorting that I haven't seen suggested.


When editing dragons manually via grid/table/manual sort, the "Place Eggs and Unfrozen Hatchlings on top" square always gets unchecked upon save. After editing, you need to return back to sort settings, check it, and save again to have all the eggs and hatchies auto-stack at the top regardless of sort order.

If you're someone like me and like to manually sort your dragons by color or other arbitrary system, this means you're checking that box every few minutes to view the dragons on your scroll before commiting to a custom sort. And if you decide to move one dragon, you have to re-check the box again. Over and over.


My tiny suggestion is to leave that box auto-checked until it's manually unchecked. So, after saving through manual sort, eggs and hatchlings continue to stay at the top of the scroll, until the box is unchecked, instead of auto-turning off after every save and needing to be re-checked. This would be a small improvement to make sorting less... clunky. And involve less clicking. I don't recall what the default is when creating an account, but the "Place Eggs and Unfrozen Hatchlings on top" could be an opt-in feature that's disabled until enabled, like Hide Scroll or Hide Adults on Scroll.


(Alternate/harder implementation: make "Place Eggs and Unfrozen Hatchlings on top" work like "Reverse Sort" and physically move all the growing things to the top of the scroll in manual sort. If Reverse Sort already works like that, I don't see why same system can't just permanently move all growing things as well.)

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I'd love this!  I don't see why it couldn't be the default option; people could still change it if they wanted to, but it does seem like it's the most popular choice by far, so why not make it the standard and the others opt-in?


(I'd also love it if it automatically placed eggs above hatchlings, but maybe that's for a separate suggestion thread.)

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