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i collect terrae dragons, pink pyralspites, & mistras!

★ he is just a little creature 

>> always down to trade 2g shiny eggs for terrae hatchlings <<


i breed on request, just ask!

dearly beloved

[ IOUs accepted ]

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    a patch of moss
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    As of dec. 31st 2018, i own a CB silver Shimmer!
    he is my little creature.

    I'm always looking for Terrae trades!
    HUGE fan of 2g, 3g checkers, and holiday lineages. Not a fan of 4g+ tho.
    I collect Terrae, Mistra, Elux Lucis & Almandine dragons.
    Always on the hunt for 2g and 3g SAlts.
    Always on the hunt for Terrae.

    The dream:
    - 2g terrae from SAlt
    - 2g terrae Thuwed
    - 2g terrae from prize of all colors

    I also breed on request--just message me if you need something.

    Also looking for rat, mouse, rodent, rabbit, bunny, etc related codes. I love rodents.
    ALSO looking for any 'margo' codes.


    hey. i'm steeve.
    i like to write, draw, and repot plants.
    he/him or they/them.
    huge fan of praying mantises, moths, and rabbits.
    aspiring plant caretaker and shrimp tank maintainer.

    go watch all hail king julien and back at the barnyard if you want a laugh :)

    {icon by me, circa like 2014}


    if you're reading this, pm me for a free 2g shimmer egg ;)