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Breeding refusal?

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If a pair successfully breeds, does it still have a chance of refusal in the future? Also, were the rates of refusal released? Thanks in advance.

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Rates of refusal are never released.


But if they have bred once they will not refuse - UNLESS you bred them to holiday dragons during a holiday season. Pairs who breed successfully in holiday seasons may still refuse outside those seasons.


You can reduce the risk of refusal if you use fertility on one dragon before the pair breed for the first time.

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Only the message


The dragons refuse to go near each other.

 is a real refusal.

If you ever got a message which says anything else then above this specific pair is willing and able to give you eggs.


And rejected dragons will show up at the very bottom and are greyed out so you don't have to remember them.


And to lessen the chance of a refusal use the BSA of a Purple Dragon on one(1) dragon of that pair before you try the first breeding ever! Before!

Using Fertility (the BSA of a Purple Dragon) on both dragons of that pair is a waste of one usage with a cooldown of two(2) weeks down to the exact second you used it the first time!

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