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Hi, I'm new to the forums and Dragon Cave in general. (If you couldn't tell,) I'm Shirakuro, although it would be preferred if you call me Shira. I'm a digital artist, and a weeb. (If you don't know what that is, its fine.) I also love writing fanfictions and making fanart. I'm very shy about my art and writing in general so please don't ask about it. I absolutely love Mystical Creatures and Myths of all sorts. By the way, my Username is a name of one of my OC's from a fanfiction. I'm so excited to meet everyone!~ 


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Hi @Shirakuro!


Welcome to DC! ^_^ If you find you need any assistance (I had loads of questions when I was new), feel free to reach out to The Mentoring Project. My mentor when I was new greatly helped me learn the game. Mentors are great for lurkers, as you work with one mentor and can ask your questions privately.


You can find a mentor here:



Enjoy your time on DC! :nyan:

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