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Project: Prides and packs (open)

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When scientists discovered that shifters existed they decided to test their capability to be cooperative with another Apex species within the same living area, or see if it lead would to their destruction and war.


Two species was chosen amongst the main species subspecies were allowed to be included in this experiment. The biome they chose and created was that of an African plain and jungle. 


The plains belong to the Panthera species, mostly known as large cats that roar. This consists of mostly Lions, leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars with a few tigers and smaller cats with the Felidae marking. (Lynx, cougar, serval etc)


The jungles belong to the Canis species. Mostly wolves of different types from artic to European, African wild dogs, jackals, coyote, and mained wolf. 


Will the two drastically different species come together and live in harmony and peace, or fight over resources and for dominance?




Rules: (occ)

1. Romance and fights/hunts is pg 13 please!.


3. Dominance fights would be roleplayed out however the winner is determined by a random number generator (from 1-10) and the closest guess I will pm both the results and the closest guess is the winner of the fight for dominance.

4. Once a month a new dominance fight can occur for both pride and pack. 

5. Please list physical strengths and weaknesses, along with personality strengths and weaknesses in character sheet.

6. Please PM me the sheets with the title Test 1 if you want to join! I  will NOT accept sheets without that title! (Not applied to sky, she a part owner of rp.)



1. Dominance can be established through fights. Right now it's whoever got introduced to the land first is the leader. 

2. Shifters where captured by humans and are treated like animals, despite being able to turn human themselves. This made some shifters not trust humans for their experiments on them.

3. Food and water are supplied sporadically, to keep it as real as possible.

4. Because they are human, inter-species relationships can happen but are highly uncommon (panthera and Canis crosses) 

5. Subspecies and cross-breeds can occur (liger, cheetah/lion etc)

6. Shifter fur do not have to be realistic looking.

7. Species who usually do not live in the African plains can still survive there (artic wolf/tiger) for they are human as well. 

8. Dominance can be determined by challenging a current leader once a month.





Name: (full name)



Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: (if any)

Species/class: (example: Canis; spotted African dog)

Looks:( pic or description)

Physical strengths/weaknesses: (list at least two each. More would be better)

Animal: ^

History: (optional)

Personality: (few words about how they act socially)

Good traits:

Bad traits:

Dominance rank:

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)

Victorys/losses: (will determine the #of challenges against them. Many wins=fewer challenges and vicea versa)

Other: tattoos or markings, triggers of shifts or something. 







Samuel (Sam) Zembabe: 0/0 King African lion

Chetalla (Ella) Zembabe: 0/0 Queen African lion

Iona Detri : 0/0 Mystic bangle tiger

Diego Noriaki: 0/0 n/a Southeast African lion

Kikyo Noriaki: 0/0 n/a wild serval

Tenebris Cyon: 0/0 n/a Cross Cheetah/ wolf 

Aleiss Tanzer: 0/0 N/a snow leopard



Canis ((pack closed to new members))


Valiant Xanders: 0/0 rogue Tundra/mained hybrid

Jason (Ye Shao) Liu : 0/0 healer Common grey wolf

Deric kinovich: 0/0 n/a. ArticTundra wolf

Eliora Danin: 0/0 n/a Irish wolfhound/wolf mix

Kubo Mbwa Mwitu: 0/0 Hunter African spotted dog

Terra O'Connor: 0/0 N/A black wolf

Veronica Clemmons : 0/0 N/a red fox

Anthony Clemmons: 0/0 N/A  coyote

Leif Madsen: 0/0 N/A artic fox

Swift Menerva: 0/0 N/A Alaskan timber wolf

Mark Menerva: 0/0 N/A Alaskan timber wolf

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Test 1


Name: Valiant Xanders

Age: 23

Gender: male

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: none

Species/class: Canis Tundra wolf/Maine's wolf cross

Looks: he's 6'3.25" short half buzz cut red hair and long on the other side covering one of his spring green eyes. He has tanned skin, slight anorexic gangly look.  He always looks some half starved dog. He has scars on his shoulder and across his cheek in human form only. 


Physical strengths/weaknesses:


+very quiet as human and animal.

+ Experienced fighter (street and in dog fights)

-Snappish/ jumpy/skittish

-always hungry but only eats if it's made my him or fresh killed in front of him.

-shys away from groups/gets visibility nervous around large groups

Animal: a large lanky wolf skinny and deep red with sharp teeth, a wide mouth, longer then average claws, and a shorter tail then most wolves. 


History: only thing is known; he was taken off the streets/forest

Personality: ........ He doesn't talk much. Just a few grunted words here and there. Sticks to the back and dose NOT like being told what to do.

Good traits: his canine blood makes him loyal however it seems like his trust and spirit was broken so many times he's very very hesitant when it comes to the thought of being in a pack.  He has a soft spot for pups, more trusting of them especially when they are very young. 

Bad traits: not the best "team player" he chooses what orders to comply with however it seems to be on the malicious side, snarky and sarcastic when speaking to others older or around his age. Will bite/scratch if touched or startled from the back. 

Dominance rank: rogueish

Dominance challenge: 0

Victorys/losses: 0

Other:  he has a cresent moon with a six pointed star branded onto his neck at the base near his left shoulder. A scar on his right cheek from his nose to jaw, a few peircings in his ears and a crude tattoo in his ear of the numbers 1313-666 done when he was in wolf form. Triggers are- seeking up behind him, loud noises, snarling or snapping at him, any kind of fighting visible.



Username: Aroara angelwolf

Name: Samuel (Sam) Zembabe

Age: 22

Gender: male

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: twin sister

Species/class: Panthera African lion

Looks: thin lanky 5'11" frame muscular in a gymnast kind or way. Has a darker patch of skin around one eye and on the right leg to his knee


Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

+Has huge claws larger than normal

+Better at climbing trees and rocks

+More agile then muscular

-if he doesn't have high ground in fight he is easily overpowered

-Claws get stuck/pulled out if they get too long

- partially def in one ear.



History: he and his sister where the first to be placed in the Savannah being lab bred to see if the scientists can artificially create a shifter after they descovered DNA from a dead lion specimen that was partially human. They were successful (called number 128 and 129) and where raised here on the Savannah.

Personality: He knows the Savannah and jungle well  given he grew up around here. He's very protective of his sister, the two are inseparable given how they were the only friends and family they have. He's reluctant to learn about the outside world, or get away from the place since it's all he's ever known.  He speaks like he knows secrets about the facility and is not willing to share, not even with his sister.

Good traits:

A great guide

Keeps secrets

Family oriented/Pride comes first

Bad traits:



A little bossy when people don't need his warnings

Dominance rank: 1 pride king

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)

Victorys/losses: 0-0

Other: has spotted patches on face and leg and a small tattoo with the number 128 on his wrist. 



Username: Aroara angelwolf

Name: Chetalla (Chet or Ella) zembabe


Gender: female

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: twin brother

Species/class:  Panthera African lioness

Looks: 6'3" and muscular like a female body builder


Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

+Can see very well in low light

+Powerful limbs and jaws, she's known to snap a goat in half pulling it between cage bars.

+Excellent memory (photographic)

- sunlight too bright hurts her eyes 

- mussle mass makes fitting in tight spots very difficult

- can't control her own strength at times



History: same as her brother's

Personality:  she's strong willed and free spirited. She looks for challenges and loves play fights. 

Good traits:

Jokester and fun one, 

A bit of a diplomat wise for her age

Very open about feelings and things needed to be done

Bad traits:

Lab rat so social ques are a little lost on her

Mostly childlike, very excitable over little things

Dominance rank: 1- pride queen

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged) none

Victorys/losses: 0-0

Other: has the numbers 129 tattooed on her wrist. 


Username: Aroara angelwolf

Name: Iona Detri

Age: 24

Gender: female

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: she was orphaned at the age of 14, her mother being the only shifter she'd known and her father she has no idea who he is, just that he's human and a foreigner.

Species/class: Panthera bangle tiger

Looks: 5'2 " black to white ombre hair usually in heels. 16932862_ty14UE8Omn2i8Jl.png

Physical strengths/weaknesses:

+She's one of the largest cats in the world

+Muscular and strong

+climbs rocks and trees well.

+Very powerful swimmer

-not built for speed or continuous heat

-runs warm so she is always at risk for heat stroke

-sometimes can't climb down rock cliffs

Animal: tiger_by_wolf5winer_dc0io20_by_arkinange

History: she was her village medicine woman, taking over the role when her mom died when she was fourteen. She is intelligent, has a photographic memory and can speak Hindi, English, Sentali (native to her region) and some Mandarin.

Personality: she's intelligent and very bright. She loves puzzles and challenges, both physical and mental. She can cook all sorts of things and loves making meals for people, even complete strangers. Unlike her species that are typically loners, she is very social, kind and generous. 

Good traits:

Observent and patient.



Bad traits:

A little OCD when it comes to cleanliness of anyone or anywhere.

Talks way too much when nervous/scared

Can be a bit naggy at times like a overbearing mother.

Dominance rank: healer

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)

Victorys/losses: 0-0 within the area however in her wild terf she ranked 3-2 against wild tigers

Other: she needs glasses to read so they sit on the tip of her nose mostly. She shifts to tiger when she faints or get way too hot or sleeping. Tends to clean the fur of others as a tiger just to get them cleaned up.

+In certain lighting one can see stripes on her skin only a slightly lighter shade



Username: Aroara angelwolf

Name: Kubo  Mbwa Mwitu (Wild dog in Swahili)



Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: (if any)

Species/class: canis African wild dog

Looks:6'11" a tall boy. His hair is naturally blue, although his shift form has more of a tawny coat with some blue spots his birthmark is blue on his skin, small and just under his eyes. Thick eyelashes long hair he bleached the tips of to achieve that ombre look


Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

+Best tracker

-not the strongest or fastest

+Used to the plains and jungle already

-blue spots can sometimes mess up camouflage

+Shoot long bows and atlatles accurately

Animal: deep midnight blue and white, light blue spots specked around his body against a fawn, sand, and ebony colored hide. A Heart mark in white rimmed with blue on his right eye bright silver eyes with a slightly feminine look to it, in colbalt. Slender and lanky it's hard to tell if he's male or female in the form. 

History: Kubo grew up in a nomadic tribe around the real Savannah. He's half white, abandoned by his mother for the lack of the chocolate African skin and the fact she was taken advantage of in the fields. He doesn't blame her, a pack of shifters found him crying before the buzzerds got to him and raised him in their clan. In the tribe, there is no one leader, simply Elders and they act like one huge family although some are not even related one bit. Once he got his twenties he was considered an Elder and they followed him on hunts. He did have a potential mate, things where getting serious between them when poachers happened, shooting him then selling him to the scientists once they found out he was a shifter. He'd do anything to get back however it's been a few months and she had other men sniffling around her. They probably think he's dead by now and moved on.

Personality: Kubo is a free soul. He likes open spaces, sweltering heat and running with his pack. He's claustrophobic peferring the wide open spaces and the sky at night. Although he's anxious and on edge all the time here, he used to be quite calm, good with pups and wise in his pack. He was once a leader in his pack, an experience strategist and hunter. Now he's jumpy, rough, snappy and often depressed

Good traits:




Bad traits:

Sucks the joy from a room

Gloomy, he lost his chance at love

A pathetically hopeless romantic

Dominance rank: will take Hunter rank 3 no matter how many times he gets challenged as long as he is kept a hunter he is happy.

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)

Victorys/losses: 0-0

Other: a heart shaped birthmark over his silver eye, slightly pointed human ears and a few peircings and tribal tattoos in undisclosed locations, although four can be seen in his ears (lobe and cartledge) a African tribal jaguar on his arm, a pattern on his ankle and some sort of symbol indicating his tribe on his hand he covers with a glove now. There's more but he rarely changed in front of others. 


Username: Aroara angelwolf

Name: Deric kinovich

Age: 19-23 hard to tell

Gender: male

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: the wild wolves he was raised amongst, his adopted parents in Russia where very abusive and he ran away young

Species/class: canis artic tundra wolf

Looks: 6'8 " has a habit of walking on his toes so he looks 6'10.5"dd3viey-2f24586b-eed6-45c0-94ab-2bb5bc4f

Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

+Larger then most wolves being from the tundra

+Really strong both human and wolf

+Can shift quickly

-White fur made for snow not sand

-cant even growl, or howl just snorts

-trips over vines and thick roots in the jungle, not used to it.

Animal: db209xn-d526767f-efa1-4b07-8c1c-86d8aaa6

History:  when he was five he ran away from his family after recovering from some heavy hits his mother gave him and his father locked him outside in the cold. Still a pup, and shifting to keep warm a mother wolf found him and took him in to be her own after two of the five pups died of cold. He was raised like a wolf, rarely ever human unless it was needed for opposable thumbs or carrying things. At ten he had a tussle with a bear and a old mountain man took him in and healed his chest. The man was a bear shifter and taught him the Russian alphabet so he can 'talk' with him even if it was mostly 'eat', 'water' 'woods' ,'deer' ,'bear' ,'wolf' ,and his name along a few other simple words. 

Personality: feral. Unlike Valiant who just refuses to speak,  Deric can not speak at all. His voice box was damaged when he got his neck scar. He is mostly a wolf, and can write in Russian thanks to a old mountain man but still sloppy and is basic first or second grade level of vocabulary. 

Good traits:

-fantastic listener

- perspective

-Good at sensing lies

Bad traits:

- Too quite

- can't tell tones of voices so sarcasm and jokes are lost on him

- absolutely no table manners or rather any at all. 

Dominance rank: preferred alpha. It is undetermined at the moment though

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)

Victorys/losses: 0-0

Other: has several scars on body from the wild. Most noticeable ones are on his neck and chest. Bear claws on his chest and a thin line around his neck when he got caught in a rabbit snare when he was a pup and it cut into his skin nearly killing him if he hadn't turned human and kicked the pin out of the ground. 



Username: Aroara angelwolf

Name: Eliora Danin


Gender: female

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: seven brothers and her mom whom she was stolen from

Species/class: canis, wolfdog hybrid (Irish wolfhound and European wolf cross)

Looks: ((not mine) 6'2" the tallest of her family, long flaming red hair that if down would reach her feet. Muscular from wrestling her brothers and working the fields. Cares a stick with her as a habit of a Shepherd.


Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

+Very high endurance, living in mountains she can run far with thin air.

+Packs one helluva punch as a human

+Amazing hearing, with both common dog and Wolf's hearing and scent ability

+Agile, she avoids sheep hooves constantly so she's gotten quick

- physical  strength as a animal isn't good, she's more of a distinent runner then a fighter

- often thought as a common dog. Not exactly threatening when a gangly scruffy mutt is charging at you that looks like it weights at most 140lbs soaking wet.

Animal: (stalk photo) more dog like then wolf but has the endurance, jaw strength and fur of a wolf with the lanky body, floppy ears and coloring of the wolfhound with large wolf paws. Emerald green eyes.


History: She comes from the rolling hills of Ireland, thick accent, quick temper and all. Her dad died when she was a wee Lassie and is the youngest of seven boys, a set of triplets, twins and two other boys born separately. They help their mum tend to the farm and sheep, Eliora was the sheepdog that rounded up the flock and guarded them.  One day when tracking a lost lamb she fell down a cliff into a archaeological dig sight and was knocked out cold. Taken as a stray dog to a vet, her blood was tested and came back human so the scientists where contacted. She was in a 3 day coma and woke up at a lab then realised into the Savannah. She's absolutely terrified but hides it very well.

Personality: a hotheaded irishwoman who's potty mouth could make a sailor blush if you could understand a single word she was saying. 

Good traits:


Speaks her mind 

Gets to the point

Bad traits:

Speaks fast and hard to understand at times.

Hot tempered

Holds a grudge

Dominance rank: she has some herbal knowledge but is too young to be a healer. 

Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)

Victorys/losses: 0/0

Other: Howl's when depressed, and sings herself to sleep. She's got a Irish Celtic knot shield of protection tattooed on her right shoulder and a cresent moon on her wrist. 


Username: skysong278

Name: Terra O’Connor

Age: 23

Gender: female

Mate: N/A for now

Family: none; parents died when she was young and was an only child.

Species/class: Canis - black wolf

Looks: 24b6b0d1c44051e5e4d29fd07a16c153.jpg.cf. 

- her eyes are Nile green and no nose ring

Physical strengths (•)/weaknesses (°):


human/wolf -

• strong in self defense and can fight really well in wolf form

• she can see exceptionally well in the dark as a human on a moonless night and it’s even better as a wolf due to her heightened senses

• knows how to throw daggers but mostly fights as a wolf; she’s quicker in that form


human/wolf -

° not that great with long range (crossbow/bow and arrow) but practices every day; practices also with fighting as a wolf because she thinks she needs to get better and also as a human

° her strength isn’t great as a human but it’s a bit better as a wolf

° too shy to approach people she wants to meet but is trying to work on that


Animal: xandro_by_blue_black_wolf-d5jtqb8.png.cf - her eyes are still green as a wolf

History: doesn’t like to talk about it. it’s too hard for her to talk about and her mood goes immediately downhill and depressed.

Personality: mostly quiet but does talk when spoken to.

Good traits:

- very good hunter

- fast runner

- can shift quickly after years of practice

Bad traits:

- shy

- loner

- not very trusting of others yet

Dominance rank: hunter

Dominance challenge: 0

Victorys/losses: 0/0

Other: has a birth mark that looks like a wolf pup with a moon on her right shoulder and a Phoenix tattoo on her left.




Username: Doctortear

Name: Diego Noriaki

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Mate: (nobody should have this yet)

Family: Kikyo Noiraki (Younger sister)

Species/class: Panthera; Southeast African Lion


In human form, Diego adorns a dark navy coat that ends at his chest and has a wide, popped collar. It juts around his shoulders, covering them completely. The cape itself ends a little above his legs and the inside of it is maroon. There are golden accents running down the middle of the cape and around the collar. large, decorative feathers emerge from the two buttons at the front, and go all around to the mid-back of the cape. Diego wears a long, smooth, shirt that has been long-sleeves and is the same color as the cape. The middle accent on the cape continues down the shirt. Diego’s pants are made of a similar material as his shirt, but is slightly darker in color. His boots reach up to just below his knees and are plain and black. Underneath his shirt is a loose, white blouse that is kept closed with thin, yellow string instead of buttons. On the back of his left shoulder, Diego has a simple star birthmark about half the size of his index finger. The star is five-pointed, and tinted magenta, making it distinct against his pale skin. This birthmark is also visible when he shifts into a lion.



Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

+ Incredibly physically strong (is 6'5" / 193cm with heavily defined muscles)

+ Great at quick decision making

 + Experienced fighter

- Often underestimates enemies

- Cares more about looking good than fighting to his utmost ability

 - Not particularly fast




Diego was born in London, United Kingdom as the firstborn child to a shifter mother and a human father. His family lived in poverty and struggled to make ends meet. Even from a young age, Diego recalled days where there wasn’t enough food on the table so his mother would give him her share. When Diego was five, his father had an affair with a tourist from Japan and had a “secret family” with her for a month. His mother discovered her husband’s infidelity which led to a violent confrontation. Diego’s mother wanted nothing to do with the mistress’s child, but once she saw how attached Diego became to the baby she reluctantly brought her into the family.  Diego adored his new sister Kikyo the moment he met her. He doted on her at every possible moment, and did everything he could to make her life a happy one. Unfortunately, a few years after Kikyo was born, Diego’s mother passed away from an illness, leaving Diego’s father to be the primary caretaker. Diego’s father was an indolent deadbeat who spent more time staring at the back of a bottle than taking care of his family. Diego resented his father for failing to take care of his children. So Diego, knowing how much his father enjoyed sneaking prescriptions and drinking, made a decision.


At age 15, Diego and Kikyo were on the streets. With no one else to turn to, Diego had to provide for the both of them completely. There were days where Diego wished they had a roof over their head still, but he persisted and learned whatever skills he had to in order to ensure their survival. Some years later, Diego and Kikyo found themselves being adopted by a wealthy family in Kyoto, Japan. The family was less than kind to the siblings; they’d often brag about how saintly they were for adopting poor orphans while to guests while also snarkily contesting the siblings’ intellect and capabilities because they were both poor and shifters. Diego was more than willing to withstand the abuse if it meant having food on the table every day, but he was devastated to see how much Kikyo struggled with it. 


Years after their adoption, the siblings’ adoptive family was visited by affluent scientists who wanted to use Diego and Kikyo for their experiments. The family wasn’t reluctant to hand the siblings over after bargaining a price. Diego had little choice but to comply. Now facing an uncertain future, Diego hides his insecurities and doubt under an egotistical mask that he hopes convinces both him and Kikyo that he has everything under control.

Personality: Diego is an ambitious individual who will do anything to pursue his goals. He has a high level of self-importance, after referring to himself in the third person or demanding people give him the respect he believes he deserves. When meeting new people, he is often kind and charismatic so he doesn’t scare them off.

Good traits:

Treats those close to him with  care

 Willing to work hard to accomplish his goals

- Self-sufficient. Diego knows how to live off basically nothing and how to find the necessary food, water, and shelter to survive.

Bad traits:


Can easily turn rude of he no longer finds someone worthy of treating nice

- Has a hard time relying on others.

Dominance rank: N/A

Dominance challenge: 0

Victorys/losses: 0

Other: Normally he only transforms when he’s trying to show off, but he’ll make an exception for Kikyo who he transforms for so she doesn’t feel too lonely.




Username: Eto


Name: Kikyo Noiraki


Age: 18


Gender: Female


Mate: (nobody should have this yet)



- Diego Noiraki - older brother 


Species/class: Panthera ; wild serval 


Looks: 4'11"



 Physical strengths/weaknesses:

+ Agile, quick on her feet

+ Fast

+ Moves silently, knows her way around the area 

- Not an experienced fighter

- Low endurance 


Animal: although her form looks like a serval she has larger, bright green eyes and well-groomed fur -- so from far away she sometimes would get mistaken for a housecat in the city




Kikyo was born to an English father and Japanese mother, being half-siblings with Diego. Her birth was unintended and a little unwelcome, and her mother was soon chased out of the house by their father's original wife. The newborn Kikyo was left behind, and never knew much about her mother. As a result, she grew up very attached to Diego, her older brother, who mostly raised her. 


Their childhood was an unhappy one, and at the age of 10 she found herself on the streets of London with nothing. Diego, to his credit, tried his best to make their circumstances bearable, and she doesn't remember much of the experience beyond what Diego has offered to tell her sometimes. Sometimes she wonders if everything he's said was fabricated for dramatics, as is common of him to do, but she knows her brother ultimately has her best interest at heart.


After a while of living on the streets, they were soon adopted by a foster family in Kyoto, Japan. Kikyo went to Japan hoping to find her mother, but ultimately didn't like her experience there; she found it hard to adapt and their new family was often rude to them on account of their shifter status. Diego, however, considered discrimination better than poverty. Kikyo's hard teenage years caused her to grow into a silent, anxious person. 


With the advent of the experiment, their foster family decided the easiest way to make a quick dollar would be to sell the siblings as test subjects for the scientists. Without much of a choice, Kikyo soon found herself forced to adapt to yet another changing world. Only this time, she has no idea of the people and personalities she'll meet. 



Kikyo is a quiet, shy girl that prefers to be alone over having company. A lifetime of discrimination has made her wary to trust strangers and slow to open up, but she still values what few connections she has. As a result of her personality, she feels most at comfort with herself. 

She has a habit of wandering alone to explore the territory or to enjoy nature through activities such as flower-picking, and will often leave early and come back late. 


Good traits:

- Delicate and careful in everything she does 

- Polite regardless of who she's talking to 


Bad traits:

- Bad at working in a team

- Her escape strategy when nervous/afraid/anxious is just to run away 


Dominance rank:


Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)


Victorys/losses: (will determine the #of challenges against them. Many wins=fewer challenges and vicea versa)


Other: She transforms very frequently, as it is easy for her to quickly run away. A trigger can be something as small as looking in the direction she happens to be standing in.




Username: Kiran
Name: Tenebris Cyon
Age: 23
Gender: They absolutely refuse to say anything about their gender, and actively try to confuse people. 
Family: None that they’ll acknowledge. 
Species/class: Hybrid; maned wolf/cheetah
Looks: They’re very tall, standing at 6’7”, but they have a relatively short torso and their limbs are too long for their body. Their frame is thin and bony.

Physical strengths/weaknesses:
-Though not quite as optimized for sprinting as a cheetah, they can still run extremely fast for short bursts. They can also run at low speeds for longer distances. 
-They have very good hearing 
-Their claws and strong legs let them climb trees decently, but they’ve gotten stuck a few times because their legs were too long
-They’re relatively fragile and not great in a fight, nor is their bite strength very high
Animal: Tenebris’ general body shape and sizes takes more after a maned wolf than a cheetah, but they have a few traits that reflect their feline heritage, such as a deep chest. Their legs are the most noticeable part of them, bringing them to nearly a meter in height at the shoulder. Their ears are large and batlike. Their head is oddly shaped, being similar to a maned wolf’s but with a shorter, thicker muzzle, stronger jaws, and large nostrils. Their fur is dark black, with slightly darker black markings around their eyes, feet, and spots on their body that can only be seen in certain lighting. Their large eyes are a glowing red, and their tail is long and fluffy. 
History: Tenebris’ parents lived together in São Paulo and married each other barely a year after meeting each other. They fought often, and Tenebris’ father threatened to leave multiple times. Their mother, desperate to make him stay, suggested that they have a baby to restore their marriage. Predictably, this didn’t help. By the time the child, then Ezequiel Nakajima, was six years old, their father left for America “for work”. A month later, their mother uprooted Ezequiel’s life to follow him, believing him to be lying about his intentions of returning. She had turned out to be right about her husband’s intentions of leaving permanently, and struggled to find him. It took her a year of effort, but she eventually managed. He, spooked by her persistence, immediately fled the country. 

Unable to find him again due to a lack of funds and knowledge about which country her ex-husband have even flown to, Ezequiel’s mother was forced to settle down in America, where she ended up in a long series of toxic relationships. Meanwhile, Ezequiel grew up independent, wary, and resentful of their mother, who never gave them the attention they needed. They rebelled in typical teenage fashion, wearing dark clothes and listening to metal music, but never grew out of that phase. As soon as they were able to they moved out, changed their name to Tenebris Cyon, and made a life for themself learning linguistics and computer science at university. 
-Keeps secrets and tries to seem mysterious. They like to tell their friends about themself as a sign of trust. 
-They generally like to stick to themself, but have a few people that they care deeply about. 
-They like “edgy” things, such as the color black, sharp objects, and scars. 
Good traits:
-Fiercely loyal towards those they care about. 
Bad traits:
-They’ll pick fights that they can’t win if they think that they or a friend have been insulted, even minorly. 
-They’re rather withdrawn from most of the pride, distrustful, and prone to hoarding food. 
Dominance rank:
Dominance challenge: 0
Victorys/losses: N/A

  • They love fruit and have a mostly vegetarian diet.  
  • They have way too many belts and knives tied to their human body at all times. 
  • They’ve tried to build knife boots to fit over their animal form paws. It hasn’t worked out. 
  • They’re extremely protective of their glasses. 
  • They wear a silver chain around their neck in both forms. 
  • They speak Portuguese, English, and a bit of Latin. 
  • They have five tattoos. 
    • One on the back of their left hand is a pentagram inscribed in a circle, decorated with astrological symbols. They’ve failed to get at least three jobs because of this one. 
    • On their forearm above it is the phrase “One’s body is inviolable, and subject to one’s own will alone.”. 
    • Coiling around their right arm is a serpent. Its head is at their shoulder, and next to it is a hand and the phrase “DOORS WERE MEANT TO BE OPENED” in red. 
    • A large raven covers most of their upper left chest. It’s done in black and deep purple, with a few flourishes suggesting a watercolor style. 
    • Broken chains encircle both ankles.




Username: Tehultimatemage
Name:  Jason (Ye Shao) Liu [ 刘叶烧 - nickname: blazing leaf] 
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Mate: N/A
Family: Unknown
Species/class: canis Lupus - Common Grey Wolf
Looks: 6'0, a little bit chubby with a round face and short, spiked hair. With eyes always closed or squinted, he appears to have a jolly, if not mischievous look. 


Physical strengths/weaknesses: 
+ stealthy and clever
+ accurate with his attacks 
+ agile
- smaller in size 
- not too much fighting experience, chooses weak prey/uses other methods 
- little survival skill
Animal: Standard grey wolf coloration except much darker but not quite black. Smaller than average and low to the ground with stout legs, but quick to move. Unlike stock photo, has red eyes.

History: A city wolf who has lived most of his years as a human seeking a quiet life, but who has the uncontrollable compulsion to supplement his diet with meat from unsuspecting people.
Personality: Laid back and friendly. Doesn't care about much. Doesn't get involved in other people's business even if he keeps an ear open for information. Avoids direct confrontations, always seems to be happy about something. 
Good traits: Friendly, generous, non-judgmental, hard to upset, social, sympathetic, unassuming. 
Bad traits: Actual cannibal, a little boring and doesn't really have an opinion. Never says what he actually thinks. Compulsive serial killer. 
Dominance rank: Rank 4- Healer (herbal knowledge)
Dominance challenge: 0
Victorys/losses: 0/0
- Not a doctor, but has an incredible knowledge of botany, their medicinal effects, as well as a decent amount about human anatomy.
- Loves plants, had things growing in his apartment, and would like to start a bigger garden. Talks to his plants. Sometimes sells the thing he grows. 
- A good cook with a great nose for spices and herbs. 
- Has a series of seven or so poke and stick X's tattooed to his right ankle. 





Username: ValidEmotions

Name: Veronica “Rica” Clemmons

Age: 32 years

Gender: Female

Mate: ---


-> Anthony “T” Clemmons | Adopted Son

Species/class: Canis | Red Fox


-> Human XT7OGHU.jpg

Standing no taller than 5'4", Veronica is an athletically fit woman with an ability in acrobatics/gymnastics more than anything. She keeps her hair relatively short and loose, sporting streaks of red in front of the black. Her skin is tanned and grows a shade or three darker during summer months, all thanks to her Hispanic heritage. With green eyes, Veronica's face is slightly more angular in the jaw and cheeks, sometimes giving her a sharp appearance at some angles. Perched on her nose are red, thin-framed glasses to correct her near-sightedness. Bangles and rings, of monochromatic colors, adorn both wrists and several fingers, respectively. From her neck hangs a small, almost frail looking, chain necklace and pendant. The pendant itself is circular, stainless steel, and decorated with a leafless tree. Mostly, she wears loose tees, either cargo pants or denim shorts that only reach mid-thigh, and dark hiking boots.

-> Fox RedFox.jpg

Like many Red Foxes, Veronica's fur is a vibrant deep shade, almost auburn, along most of her body. On the lower half of her face is a mask of white that continues down her throat and to her belly. Black fur highlights the tips of her ears, the underside of her tail (which mingles with white at the end), and faint streaks down her muzzle. Black fur also covers all four legs from elbow or knee, downward. By size, she falls a bit under the largest of her species-- closer to 22 pounds, measuring 25 inches in length (not including her foot and a half long tail) and 16 inches high at her shoulder.

Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

-> Animal Spirit:

clear+ Several of Veronica's natural abilities as a fox transfer over to her human shape: agility/dexterity, most of the sensitive hearing and sense of smell, and fair night vision.

clear- Just as the strengths transfer, so do the shortcomings: outmatched strength and speed.

-> Defensive Fighter:

clear+ She's had to make up for her lack of strength by honing her defensive combative abilities. She can deflect hand-to-hand and hold her own as necessary.

clear- She has little to no offensive techniques and won't win any drawn-out fights.

clear- Veronica as very little talent with weapons of any other kind.


-> Unique Hunting: 

clear+ Silently stalking prey much more like cats do, Red Foxes can see (and use) the Earth’s magnetic field to hunt and pinpoint prey.

clear- This method of hunting is most successful when facing North.

-> Small Stature:

clear+ Despite being the largest type of fox, she is still relatively small as compared to other canids. This allows for more precise/”slippery” agility and access to smaller spaces.

clear- She is most often outmatched in physical strength and several types of predators can outpace her.

-> Acute Hearing:

clear+ Her large, pointed ears give her a very prominent range of hearing; she can detect the faintest sounds of prey beneath several feet of snow or earth.

clear- To hear such sounds, she needs intense concentration and near-absolute quiet.

History: Raised by her grandfather when her mother didn’t survive childbirth, Veronica grew up with a loose “pack” structure. Foxes are very typically loners when they have no family to care for--even mated couples commonly didn’t adhere to a strict monogamy (though some do), splitting apart to find different partners at various times. Veronica’s family wasn’t different and the foxes she did meet were regarded as family simply because they were good company. She and her grandfather lived at the edges of a large city, where their claimed “territory” wouldn’t overlap with any others. For the most part, she lived as an ordinary human, knowing what she was but finding no true need to be anything different. 

When she was of legal adult age by human standards, she got her own home, a comfortable distance away from her grandfather while still close enough to care for him in his ailing age. He died of heart failure when she was 20. It never crossed her mind to go hunt down her father and, if she had siblings, her grandfather would have told her long ago.

At the age of 18, Veronica stumbled upon an ill coyote pup. When she couldn’t find his mother, father, or anyone else remotely like family, she took him home and nursed him back to health. For several weeks after, she attempted to find someone, anyone, who might be related to or at least know the pup. When he was strong enough to revert to human shape, and all of her attempts continued to come up empty, Veronica made the decision to adopt the child--sort of. The boy was six, old enough to know his name and that he was lost. But his memory failed him when it came to remembering what happened to separate him from his family. Veronica figured it had been the illness that caused the problem. Anthony spent much of the following year sad and wondering about his missing family, to which Veronica didn’t have the answers for. As more years passed, however, Anthony eventually stopped asking and became more cheerful with his new life. In turn, Veronica stopped worrying and focused her energy on raising him as her own. 

When Veronica was 27, she and Anthony were attacked by Lupine Shifters fit on expanding their territory. Wolves never liked coyotes, nor foxes. Forced to flee, she took Anthony to another city where they laid low for some time before moving yet again a year later. Her memories of the trauma are spotty at best, but vestiges still crop up from time to time.

After that and until she turned 30, Veronica jumped from one job to another, unable to settle on a career because her shifting started to become sporadic. After she turned 30, she managed to establish a work-from-home job as a freelance writer and journalist. At home, she didn’t need to worry about shifting at the wrong moment.

She was happy then and her relative peace, along with Anthony’s, was disrupted barely a few months ago--all under the guise of a toxic gas being released in her apartment complex. After they were removed from their home, she and her son were taken to some facility, discovered as Shifters, and under the “tender care” of unknown humans. When they were done with them, Veronica and Anthony were released into a dense jungle. 

Personality: Veronica tends towards a more laid-back or relaxed atmosphere. She prefers to assume that everyone is just doing what they want and like without intention of harming others. Her trust, on the other hand, often goes back and forth. She wants to easily trust everyone and, for the most part, does so. A few times, she withholds that trust and keeps a wary approach. Realistically, however, she winds up trusting without meaning to, resulting in a deeper hurt than realized when betrayed--which she tends to stuff down for as long as possible to ignore it. 

Characteristic for many foxes, she can be rather playful in nature and enjoys fun pranks or games. She especially loves racing, even though she loses most of the time. Part of that is driven by a competitive edge that she keeps in check. 

She enjoys learning, always seeking out new and further knowledge about one thing or another. She loves books of many subjects, sometimes cataloging new information she finds particularly interesting. As a tick of sorts, Veronica has taken to mumbling or sharing random bits of factoids when she becomes anxious. Sometimes, this disrupts whatever focus or concentration she might have needed to maintain. 

Fighting isn’t one of her strengths, so she tries her best to avoid physical conflict through quick and critical thinking. She also almost always has an escape route plotted. Her ears are always alert, even with her commonly relaxed nature. Whenever asked, Veronica attributes the constant watchfulness as part of being a smaller predator with a lot of competition.

Good traits:

-> Clever Insight:

clear+ Veronica is quick witted and brilliant at thinking on her feet. Part of this is due to adaptation and survival.

-> Empathic:

clear+ She can be rather in tune with the emotions and states of other beings when she wants to be.

-> Merciful:

clear+ Veronica believes most in the ability to live, learn, and grow. This drives her to yield second, third, and even fourth chances to anyone--even if others think such opportunities are not deserved.

clear+ She does have one boundary she won't tolerate being crossed--her son's well-being.

Bad traits:

-> Too Much Mercy:

clear- Her outlook about fellow beings can equally come back to bite her. It wouldn't be the first, nor the last, time for someone to take advantage of her graces. 

-> Bottled Up:

clear- While she may be keen about picking up others' emotions, Veronica isn't brilliant about fully expressing her own. Especially when her buttons are pushed or her boundaries are ignored. This has lead to a fair share of discomfort for her.

-> Unravel:

clear- Veronica used to have her shifting in perfect control and spent most of her time in human shape. After a key event in her life, however, that control seems to have drastically slipped.

Dominance rank: ---

Dominance challenge: ---

Victories/losses: ---


-> Veronica is infertile but unaware of this fact.

-> She’s had a few lovers and random hookups in her lifetime.

-> She’s fiercely protective of her son but constantly strives to do her best at allowing him to be his own person who makes his own mistakes, especially now that he’s an adult.


Username: ValidEmotions

Name: Anthony “T” Clemmons

Age: 20 years

Gender: Male

Mate: ---


-> Veronica “Rica” Clemmons | Adoptive Mother

Species/class: Canis | Mexican [Durango] Coyote


-> Human | Qon3lpM.jpg

Easily 5’10”, Anthony has rust-brown and gentle eyes. His tousled hair, kept short not too unlike his mother’s, possesses highlights of cream or white within the dominating strands of black. Two cuffs pierce the cartilage of his left ear and sometimes alternate colors depending on his mood. (However, he presently only possesses a black and green pair, the combination he was wearing when taken by humans.) Occasionally, he paints his nails. His skin is slightly paler than his mother’s, but still within a medium or tanned tone range. Anthony has a relatively average build--more slender but he carries himself gracefully. Around his neck is a rectangular pendant attached to a leather cord. The pendant is simple with “Survive Another Day” etched into the surface. He wears loose clothing for the most part, consisting of plain t-shirts (long or short sleeved) and jeans with sneakers to finish the outfit.

-> Coyote | bmF2Xcq.png

Anthony’s coyote shape is at the larger end for his species. Weighing in close to 45 pounds, roughly two feet tall at the withers and four feet in length (sans a 13 inch tail), Anthony has a dark rust-brown pelt. Streaks of black, cream, and grey mingle and highlight his fur along his back, face, and tail. A patch of white covers the lower part of his face and down his throat. 

Physical strengths/weaknesses: 

-> As in One, So the Other:

clear+ Anthony doesn’t lose an ounce of his speed or agility between his human or coyote shape. And he likes to believe he can seamlessly transition between the two forms.

clear- His eyes and nose, on the other hand, are basically no better than an ordinary human, putting him at a disadvantage for detecting trouble except through sound alone.

-> Combat Ready:

clear+ While Anthony doesn’t have a refined or distinct style, and has a tendency to fight dirty, he does know how to fight. He can easily hold his own against most for a fair amount of time.

clear-  He doesn’t have much knowledge of wielding knives or other weapons beyond bare basics. Additionally, if someone catches him during the night, he doesn’t stand much of a chance with hearing alone.


-> Outrun Them:

clear+ Coyotes are faster than most Canids, even faster than wolves. They can also maintain their superior speed for a longer length of time.

clear-  On the other hand, Coyotes are not the strongest around. They are easily outmatched in strength by larger predators.

-> Reach Higher:

clear+ Coyotes are adaptable, pulling off feats (and surviving in adverse situations) that most other canids cannot--such as climbing trees. 

clear-  Anthony’s individual abilities are often at a disadvantage. Whatever lingered from his childhood illness negatively impacted his sense of smell and sight; they aren’t as heightened as others, being only a fraction better than a human’s.

History: Anthony doesn’t recall much of his childhood beyond the fact that Veronica found him when he was ill and lost at the age of six. He knows that a lot of time and effort was spent in trying to find his family and that he was upset at first when that failed. At some point, he realized the amount of stress Veronica was under because of the search so, for awhile, he pretended to not be upset so much. Eventually, he even stopped pretending and his happiness for his new life with a new mother became genuine. He grew up happy and nearly like a normal human; he enjoyed spending time with Veronica’s grandfather up until the old Shifter passed away. 

When he was 14, he picked up a small part-time job to help his adoptive mother pay bills and to earn a bit of spending cash for himself. By that age, he had a handful of close friends and a strong interest in art. He had a mild curiosity for sports but never felt he was good enough to actually make any teams. So he was content with playing sports through video games with his friends. 

At 15, he and his mother were attacked and forced out of their home. Veronica took them to a city several hundred miles away where they stayed for hardly a year then moved again. Anthony struggled to adapt at first, but gradually, he found a way to handle and process what had happened. He sought out counseling at his new school but it didn’t escape his attention that Veronica wasn’t handling things well. For the next three years, he clamped down on his carefree habits. As his mother couldn’t hold a steady job, he made sure to keep a consistent part-time position in retail. He strove to take care of her, himself, and the apartment they’d settled in so she didn’t have to stress as much. In a way, he sort of felt he owed her that much for all she’d done to raise him. But more, simply because she mattered a lot to him. 

He was around 18 when his mom was successful in her endeavor to become a freelance writer and work from home. He was happy for her and, following that triumph, their struggles lessened just enough. It only lasted a couple years, however. Strangers came to their door one day, exclaiming about some toxic gas, and quickly swept him and his mom up. They were taken to a facility where a group of humans kept constant watch over the pair. Eventually, the weirdness seemed to come to an end until Anthony suddenly found himself, and his mom, in a jungle.

Personality: Previously a rather carefree child, Anthony’s had to learn how to adapt and grow up quickly. He’s always been dependable, always doing his best to keep his word or to care for the ones he loves. However, in recent years, he had to double-down on that more serious part of himself. Even set aside his ambitions to pursue art or another creative field. While he hasn’t been the happiest with that sacrifice, he wouldn’t make any other decision if he were given the opportunity to try again. Sometimes, he tends to think he obtained his willingness to put others first from Veronica. She, on the other hand, insists that it’s always been a part of his nature, even as a small child.

When he truly relaxes, more of his former carefree tendencies start to return. When he becomes too anxious, on the other hand, Anthony becomes significantly quieter and often searches for something to clean or fix. Anything that allows him to busy his hands or to control the situation. 

Unlike his mother, he reserves his trust until someone shows they can be trusted. He’s more wary because of what he’s been through, but he doesn’t allow that to prevent him from making connections or forming relationships. He enjoys conversations, be they small talk or something deeper, and he won’t let fear ruin that. Anthony only hesitates when it focuses on his mother. He loves her, but often times doesn’t know how to approach her to address the things that poorly impact her. Rather, he’ll avoid bringing it to her attention and do what he can to manage or mitigate any problem in his own ways.

Good traits:

-> Listen, These Words:

clear+ Anthony is usually soft-spoken, but he won’t hesitate to be harsher to protect someone or himself.

-> Watchful Guard:

clear+ Almost always attentive, Anthony often times catches or notices things that might otherwise be missed. This applies to other beings and his surroundings.

-> Determined:

clear+ Anthony strives to keep his word, to do his best at whatever he sets his mind to. Very rarely will he give up unless he knows he has absolutely no other choice.

Bad traits:

-> Self-Negligent:

clear- Very often, Anthony worries first and foremost about other people. Even possibly at the risk of his own well-being. Usually, his mother has to watch out for him. (It’s almost rather cyclic.)

-> Unforgiving Judgment:
clear- Anthony, because he often doesn’t immediately trust others, sometimes passes harsh judgments upon them when they commit a trespass. If the trespass is severe enough, he won’t even consider giving the person a “first chance”.

Dominance rank: ---

Dominance challenge: ---

Victories/losses: ---


-> He earned the nickname “T” because he used to have a friend who couldn’t properly pronounce “Anthony”.

-> Anthony still has dreams of going to college and getting an Art Degree. He refuses to tell Veronica, though, because he doesn’t want her to blame herself for the things that happened to prevent it.

-> “Survive Another Day” so he doesn’t lose sight of what’s most important.



Username: Kiran
Name: Aleiss Tanzer
Age: 26
Gender: Genderfluid (any pronouns)
Family: They haven't talked to them in a long time
Species/class: Panthera; snow leopard
Looks: Their eyes are a bright gold. Their hair is a bit different from the image; it’s cut short on one side and is long on the other side. They like to wear a black jacket designed to look like a stylized lab coat.

Physical strengths/weaknesses:  
+They’re extremely good at jumping and climbing rocky areas, and enjoy climbing things even in human form.
+They have excellent senses of hearing and smell
-They have low stamina and overheat very easily
-They’re inexperienced in physical fights  
Animal: Their eyes, like in their human form, are golden. 

History: Aleiss always did well in high school, managing to skate through on natural talent. Once they reached university, they realized that they didn’t really know what they wanted to do. Their grades depended greatly on what the subject was- some classes they went above and beyond, and some they had to repeat. Over the last seven years they’ve switched areas of interest several times, from toxicology to sensory systems (particularly the senses of bats and echolocation) to their current interest, shifter biology. 
Personality: Aleiss is motivated primarily by their interest in things. They have an insatiable curiosity and wish to learn everything they can about their interests. On good days they’re excitable, happy to meet new people and talk to their friends, and prone to rambling about things they’ve learned. On bad days they're melancholic, struggle to motivate themself, and prefer to be alone with a book. They’re usually prone to looking on the bright side of things. They tend to think in an analytical manner, priding themself on remaining logical when possible. 
Good traits:
-When they find something that they’re interested in they’re strongly passionate and eager to do well. 
-They’ve accumulated knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, particularly things that are related to biology but including other areas such as history and psychology
Bad traits:
-Their motivation waxes and wanes unpredictably. Some days they can work for hours without pause, and some days they can’t motivate themself to accomplish anything. 
-They have a poor memory 
-They struggle with commitment 
-They’re prone to black and white thinking 
-They oscillate between thinking that they’re great and can finish huge projects and thinking that they’ll never accomplish anything
-When focused on something it’s extremely difficult for them to pull themself away from it. Additionally, they when focused on a goal they tend to ignore the consequences of their actions. 
Dominance rank:
Dominance challenge:
-They need meds to function properly
-They have a scar on their knee from falling from a roof once 
-They like to draw

-They speak German and English




Username: Eto


Name: Leif Madsen  [ “Lee Maben” on his fake ID, and what some people refer to him as ] 


Age: 27 [ fake ID ] 24 [ actual age ] 


Mate: (nobody should have this yet)



His father is a businessman and his mother a model, while his sister is Instagram-famous. (Leif doesn’t think that’s a real job.) 


Species/class: Canis ; arctic fox 


Looks: 5’9”, lanky and skinny, very fashionable no matter the occasional

His hair is naturally white, and he dyes it red 

Has a few small scrapes and scars from previous scruffles, and two large bullet scars on his chest, right side 

Wears a single silver ring on his thumb. He has a small piercing with a silver cross earring on his right ear, and a Norse proverb tattooed on his left forearm. 

All his clothing is name-brand and expensive due to his parents fretting over his appearance; he wears a Versace sweater, Gucci sneakers, and Hugo Boss pants






 Physical strengths/weaknesses:

  • rounded body shape seals warmth 

  • speedy boy 

  • super sharp hearing + eyesight 

  • not very physically strong

  • skittish, although he tries his best to overcome that 

  • his coat is white all year around


Animal: ^


History: Leif was born to an upper middle class family in a modernistic neighbourhood mixing higher education and urban life, something he attributes to his interest in politics and academia from a young age. Throughout his childhood, he was quite nerdy; he studied hard every day and managed to skip a couple grades, enrolling himself in university two years earlier than most. His family were delighted at his successes and supported him throughout most of his educational career, providing money and resources whenever he needed.


Upon reaching university, Leif did almost a complete change; he began to fall in with groups talking about shifter equality and the different work / life conditions shifters around the world were subject to, and this became Leif’s primary field of interest very quickly. His family did not support the shift; they believed their shifter side to be just a curse on their family and never fostered much interest in shifting at any given time. 


The final straw came when Leif was arrested for printing fake IDs for him and his fellow activists, so that they could get into restricted places and poke around for further information. His family, disappointed and horrified at his actions, immediately cut him from any connections and decided that he could contact them only when he outgrew this “phase”.


Leif was unbothered by this change. He had a solid goal in mind, one that to him was quite noble, and so he entered graduate school at the age of 20 and took a 3 year grant to conduct research in Kyrgyzstan, on shifter living conditions in second world countries post the Cold War. His animal form provided to be very helpful during this period, allowing him to shift easily in and out for information collection, and to endear him to the natives. However, during his work, he was shot in a confrontation and almost died. After this event, Leif decided to return back to his hometown and finish his studies there. 


After his research was completed, and his degree obtained, Leif decided to take a brief pause and spent the next few years working for charities, vaping, and generally enjoying life. He enrolled in therapy to get past the trauma of his incident, and reconnected with his family, reaching a compromise between his passion and their concerns. 


One of his associates told him about the scientists’ experiments between the pride and the pack, and, interested in this potential data, Leif began to dig towards the corporations information, wondering about both the outcomes and potential rights violations of the experiment. Finally, he found himself entwined with the scientists a bit too much, and ended up participating. 


Personality: Leif, very interested in the district experiences of shifters around the world, is a people person first and foremost. He loves to talk to others in order to pick at their brains and get them to reveal their internal thoughts, and is genuinely interested in any struggles or hardships they have overcome. As a result, he can be overly excited at the premise of meeting a new person, and very passionate whenever he talks about his research. Not many things get him down; he simply enjoys being alive. A very flirty person by name, he has little disregard for gender or customs when he is playing around, and loves to compliment others sincerely as well. 


Good traits:

  • good at defusing stressful situations

  • can easily get along with others 

  • reads people very well 


Bad traits:

  • will sometimes accidentally brush over people he’s interacting with; he’s much more interested in his research 

  • a bit of a perfectionist 

  • singleminded when he has a goal in mind


Dominance rank:


Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged)


Victorys/losses: (will determine the #of challenges against them. Many wins=fewer challenges and vicea versa)



  • vapes all the time, cotton candy flavour ; his vape is his most prized, expensive possession, with mods and the highest technology

  • loves to dance, will do so at any occasion 

  • quite an avid reader 

  • he keeps his fake ID on his person, although nowadays it is moreso for a funny story than anything serious

  • Leif is wary of lion shifters, as during a family outing to London once, he smelled a lion shifter and vaped at him to say hello, and the teenager beat him up

  • has programming skills that he picked up in his line of work, and a habit of digging through the files of corporations to look for discrepancies 





Username: Swiftphoenix


Name: Chinera Manervina (called Swift by whoever wants to live after talking to her; sometimes Mark calls her Chi but she only accepts this from him)


Age: 18


Gender: Female


Mate: (nobody should have this yet) none but has a boyfriend who will probably come in later on. :)


Family: twin brother Mark


Species/class: Canis Lupus - Alaskan timber wolf/Northwestern wolf


Looks: Long brown hair, green eyes, approx. 1.8 m/5’ 10” Sometimes wears a dyed streak in her brown hair. Slim but well-muscled for running; usually wears a brown leather jacket with boots and jeans.




Physical strengths/weaknesses: 


+ Lithe, agile


+ Really fast 


+ Pretty - sometimes attempts to win enemies over with this, though she doesn’t like doing it; uses it only as a very last resort


- Not very strong


- Long hair sometimes gets into eyes but she refuses to cut it


- Long limbs sometimes make it hard to untangle herself after falling over or getting stuck






Except her eyes are green. :)


+ Improved stealth


+ Even better agility and speed


+ Great hunting skills; sees hunting as a way to burn energy or cool off after getting angry sometimes. 


- Stronger than when in human form, but still not too strong


- Sometimes still trips over her own tail like a puppy when excited or going too fast


- Terrible at running through mud


History: She escaped with her brother from a lab where they were imprisoned but they were lured here by scientists.




Good traits: Kind, loving, extremely loyal. Sometimes cheeky, likes playing light tricks and jokes. Likes playing and frolicking overall. 


Bad traits: Reckless, hot-tempered, easily provoked by insults to her or those close to her. Stressed when in a position of leadership and can snap at friends when too challenged or trying to make a tough decision. Doesn’t deal well with grief; mostly withdraws and doesn’t talk for a while. Can be awkward when on the subject of romance and may swear occasionally(when really frustrated; don’t worry she won’t do it offensively here). Quick to spring into a fight to protect someone she loves and has been injured as a result of this. Sees the worst in people and is slow to trust. 


Dominance rank: Beta/Hunter (when in a pack; mostly a rogue with her twin brother)


Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged) 0


Victorys/losses: 0/0


Other: Tattooed headshot of a wolf on the back of her right shoulder(when human) and a dark gray stripe on her back(when wolf).






Username: Swiftphoenix


Name: Mark Manervina


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Mate: (nobody should have this yet)


Family: twin sister


Species/class: Canis Lupus - Alaskan timber wolf/Northwestern wolf


Looks: Short brown hair, green eyes, approx. 1.8 m/5’ 10” Slim but well-muscled for running; usually wears a T-shirt and jeans.


Physical strengths/weaknesses: 


+ Lithe, agile


+ Really fast 


+ Stronger than Swift


- Not very good at gauging distance


- Doesn’t have as good eyesight as Swift, can’t see as far


- Really cannot tolerate itchiness or ticklishness 






Except eyes are green.


Physical strengths/weaknesses:


+ Improved stealth


+ Even better agility and speed


- Stronger, but still not too strong


- Sometimes still trips over his own tail like a puppy when excited or going too fast


- Still not very good at gauging distance



History: He escaped with his sister from a lab where they were imprisoned but they were lured here by scientists.




Good traits: Caring, loyal, never cheats in a fight or game. Always tries to be cheerful but sometimes lets difficulties get him down. Slightly quieter than his twin sister. 


Bad traits: Sometimes trusts too easily, always sees good in people where Chinera sees bad. Judges too quickly at times. 


Dominance rank: Beta/Hunter (when in a pack; mostly a rogue with Chi/Swift)


Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged) 0


Victorys/losses: 0/0


Other: Tattooed headshot of a wolf on the back of his left shoulder (when human) and a slightly lighter, barely noticeable gray streak down his muzzle(when wolf).

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Characters and rank fights per week go here.


Pack ranks:

Rank 1- Alpha (male and female typically mates or a pair of siblings or two that work well together)


Rank 2- Delta (strong fighters split from 1-3 fighters that help the alphas keep things orderly. These will be ranked 2A 2B etc)


Rank 3- Beta/hunter (both are the same just different names. These will be trakers and hunters that bring back prey for those who can't or are unable to provide for themselves. These are a group of four or five with a rank 3A being the lead hunter hunters can fight other hunters to gain ranks)


Rank 4 - Sigma/healer (helps with births, medicine and things. This isn't exactly available for a fight rank. These are assigned to one with medical or apothecary Knowledge to provide on site assistance if needed)


Rank 5 - Psi/spy (the quiet nonphysical ones are left to be spy's, they keep an eye on the scientists' movements and are used to peek into the Pride territory. )


Rank 6 or 0- Omega or rouge. (Ones that are distant. They either provide some  comical relief, organized games or play fights to boost moral or simply keep to themselves.


Pride ranks


Rank 1- king and queen (leaders of the pride. This is taken by the two siblings because they were the very first ones and grew up around the area. They can be fought to get the position. Don't have to be mates/siblings to rule with another)


Rank 2- Advisers (elders, more wise members  the young leaders will listen to them and they will keep the pride in check)


Rank 3- mystic (healers once again appointed by scientists one or two)


Rank 4- hunters (almost all females Males of other types of pantaras can be here too)


Rank 5- soldiers and all other members of the group including spies.


Rank 6- Cubs/younglings (too young to do anything else and mostly watched over by whole Pride)

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Welcome new members! I will get yours up and mine finished sometime today and then create a OCC chat for us! We will start sometime in October however people can join in at any time! 


The scientists are always capturing creatures. Once things get slow or too rambunctious, all subjects will be relocated and/or terminated depending on temperament and development. Keep that in mind! :) A second test could also open up to reptile and other animal shifters if this primary test does well! Looking forward to the adventure!

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I’ll get my character posted soon. Have to decide on the name and what kind of shifter she’ll have and be. I’ll also post it in the ooc thread once it’s been posted or in here.

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((I added strengths and weaknesses to Kubo, added Iona's history and made her older and the mystic of the pride. Tenebris has been edited as well. Time to begin! I'll split mine from pride and pack because I have a few in both. You don't have to if you have one belonging to just pride or pack. When my separations go away, it's because they are close to interacting with the other species within the test. ))




It was not quite dawn in the encampment, yet movement was there. Some lights were on in two huts, a third one had the lights off but soft sweet singing drifting from it as the inhabit couldn't sleep in the quiet room. 


Kubo was one with the lights on, carefully shaving his morning shadow with a straight edge razor, his window open to hear the singing from the cabin next to his. The tune was sad, about a Willow maid and a man who fell for her, cut down the fairy's tree when she refused to wed him, then died shortly after leaving her forest. 


Since the young girl's arrival a week prior, the evening and morning was filled with soft songs of Ireland in both Celtic and English, often songs or mourning the mountains and forest. This one however seemed to be her favorite, singing it over and over a total of three times in the evening and five in the morning before quiet takes her and he assumes she falls asleep. 


After the final verse sounded silence gripped the area once again. She must have fallen asleep again. He finished his shave, washed his face and slipped on a shirt, lacing up his boots for a early morning walk, flipped off the light and headed out the door slipping on a jacket as he left heading to the waterfall a couple miles away to climb up it and watch the sun rise. 



The second hut with the lights on belonged to Val who could never sleep well in the first place and was sharpening his hunting tools and readying the rope to make traps to catch a wild hog today. He need to gather fruit and sweet grass to lure the beast twords the trap and he can nap in the tree while he's waiting for his prey anyway. He looked up when the music stopped and a door shut softly seeing the blue haired boy leave, he didn't even have to glance at the clock to know it was three thirty. The guy has been here a month and he's only seen him in passing, but the dog is like clockwork. Every day the same. A different tune, same old song lyrics, the wild dog was like some old geezer who was a vet and spent half his life in the military.


With a snort he looked to the bed his supposed roomie was assigned the lab coats thinking that sticking the two silent ones in the same hut would make them communicate more however that blew back the first day. 



Both he and Deric arrived three months ago, a few people have been introduced since then but Val never cared about names Deric being the only name that stuck to his mind due to the fact that the dude was hella creepy. 


He never slept indoors, took baths in the lake, relived himself in wolf form outside and not once ever come inside. He was far too quiet. Val may be one to talk, but he chose to be quiet, but still understood basic human etiquette. Deric wasn't even human. He walked slumped over on his toes like he was still a wolf, completely expressionless and the look in his cold blue eyes made it hard to tell if he would attack you or walk way.  He was definitely one to avoid on the city streets.




Deric had made his home outside the area of the camp, in a tent of leaves and branches, scraps of fur and vine.  His bed was a nest of grass, leaves and woven vines, big enough for him to get in and out, with room barley large enough for him to crawl inside and curl up. He slept soundly hearing the singing clearly, although he was a mile away, but he didn't understand the words. It didn't bother him, he himself would howl every night because he missed his sprawling woodland and frozen earth too however his "howl" wasn't more then a long exhale being unable to produce sound. He adjusted himself and snored as he slept. 







"It's too damn early, go back to sleep." Groaned Samuel to his sister. 

"But Sam, Edna is giving birth right now we have to help her and that mystic is asleep still. I don't want to wake her up again, she gets very scary. Get up and get some water for me!" Ella ordered smacking her twin hard on the rump he stuck in the air when he slept. 


With a short yowl and a few more shoves, the older male slid off the bed like a toddler who refuses to do what was told and crawled over to his dresser pulling out random cloths from the floor when he was dragged out the door by his pajama waistband and across the ground still barefoot and groggy. "No time to change go get the water now!" Ella whispered furriosly to her brother dropping him at the pump used to being water up for the animals and rushed over to the goat pen vaulting over the gate and into the shed to help the mother goat. 


Sam did what he was told and brought a bucket to the shed yawning continuously every five minutes or so. 



((Sorry for starting it at such an early time, it felt right since both species are semi-nocternal and usually awake in mornings and evenings. The song mentioned is The Willow maid by Erutan))

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Diego had a few complaints. The savannah wasn’t the most hospitable environment to be dropped into. Diego, of course, wasn’t overly concerned. He had years on the street, surviving on nothing but scraps and his wits, to rely on to keep himself fed, hydrated, and with somewhere relatively safe to sleep; however, a map or some basic supplies would have made less concerned about survival. Diego had met a few of the other shifters part of the experiment. They all seemed friendly enough, but Diego could tell Kikyo was uncomfortable around the strangers. Diego had volunteered to go search for food while everyone else went to bed, and Kikyo happily went along with him. The others had seemed tired when Diego had made the suggestion, but that was to be expected. The scientists had mentioned other shifters being part of the experiment. It would be unfair to assume that anyone could match the same brilliance and tact that Diego possessed, cruel even. It was only natural for them to rely on Diego.


Ducking underneath a stray tree branch, Diego yawned aloud. He rolled his shoulders backward, feeling an ache begin to set within his muscles. Kikyo had complained that her feet had grown sore from walking. Diego, being the greatest and most magnificent big brother that every walked on Earth, graciously offered to carry Kikyo until her fatigue had passed. Several hours had passed since then. Diego, as a human, was still carrying a serval Kikyo who had settled comfortably in his cradled arms. She had been idly playing with the feathers on his cape, batting them with sheathed paws and occasionally nibbling on their barbs. Diego was convinced he was more than capable of carrying his baby sister to the ends of the world, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a little break to recoup. 


Turning his attention back where he was going, Diego spotted what appearance to be a small watering hole. There was scarce shrubbery aligned near the edge of the pool, but Diego could spot a few colorful berries hanging from the plants’ stalks. There didn’t appear to be anyone else at the watering hole currently, but that was to be expected.


Wading through the tall grass, Diego walked over towards the watering hole and sat down on a rock near the water near. Carefully, Diego reached for his belt and unbuckled it. On one of the straps laid a medium-sized bird with stark black feathers. Diego had managed to hunt it down earlier and was trying to preserve it as much as possible before they returned to the camp. He was unsure of the species of the bird, but he doubted it mattered. He had cleaned plenty of birds when he was on the streets and he doubted a single strange bird could confound someone as great as he.


“I believe you have spent enough time lazing about,” Diego said. He gently pulled Kikyo off of his shoulder and set her down on the ground next to him. Leaning down, Diego cupped his hands and dipped them into the water before bringing them up to his lips. The water tasted crisp, leaving a cool, refreshing taste in his mouth. “We can rest here for a little while, but I want you to start walking on your own when we’re done. After all, how do you expect to get muscles as grand as me, Diego, when you don’t even walk on your own?” To emphasize his point Diego rolled up his left sleeve and lifted his arm to show off his bicep. “You must be strong as both a human and a serval! Who knows what other kinds of people we’ll meet here. We must be prepared for anything, and if there's one thing you can do to prepare it's having enormous muscles that intimidate everyone who looks at you!”

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Their new home is ... interesting.


Kikyo was glad to be rid of the Noiraki household, but the days had spun into nights into days and they still had not interacted much with anyone else. Privately, the girl wondered if they were perhaps once more restrained to being entirely alone here -- and, after a moment's thought, considered that to be maybe not so bad, after all. It has been too long since she has recognised a stranger as a welcoming ally. 


Diego, for his effort, seemed to keep his spirits high as always through his insurmountable ego. It was a mixture of annoyance and endearment that kept Kikyo nested in his arms, distracting herself with the feathers of his cape as she listened to him speak out loud with half a ear. Sometimes, when he grew quiet to inspect the road ahead or because of a noise from nearby, she stole the chance to glance up and wonder what he could possibly be thinking of, internally. Her brother was braver than her -- or perhaps more foolhardy, as he'd near-immediately shifted back to his human form once they had been introduced to the pride. It had been a couple days, but she was still wary to shift, preferring to stay in serval form in case a quick getaway was required.


She is pulled from her comfortable lull by the opening of a clearing, watering hole with the faint sounds of a creek nearby and the wind rustling through the area. Diego shifted his positioning, lowering himself onto one of the rocks nearby and turning to her with an expression that only meant he had some sort of idea brewing in his head, and Kikyo gazed at him with a curious glance from big green eyes. The bird on his belt was prominent, the only result of their brief exploration earlier, although she had managed to snack on a few berries nearby while Diego had been searching for prey. 


He set her down, turning to take a drink instead; Kikyo watched, sitting down as she rested her paws before her, aligning them together. After drinking, Diego began to tell her of his plans for their immediate future -- which involved two things she very much did not want to do, such as walking and gaining muscles, and Kikyo stared back at him with an unreadable expression. After a heartbeat's pause, she opened her mouth --


And let out a loud meow, stretching across the clearing to show her disagreement. To emphasize, she rolled onto the grass nearby, spraying small droplets of water onto Diego's legs. 

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Tenebris blinked open one blood-red eye, lazily looking down from their perch at the chattering figures. They’d tried to sleep high in a tree, but a long, black-furred limb hung down, unable to fit on the branch. Irritating. At least they’d gotten some sleep before being so rudely interrupted. 


They didn’t recognize either of the people, presumably shifters, that had stopped to drink. That meant that they didn’t know how to get rid of the intruders, but on the other hand the shifters hadn’t had a chance to prove themselves useless yet. Perhaps one or both of them would, if the stars aligned, not be a curse set upon them like everything else in their life. 




Still, it was unlikely that they’d get any more sleep with the incessant screaming going on below them, and it wouldn’t hurt to try. As a bonus, the human-form man was nice to look at. He was tall (and probably thought he was better than Tenebris, disgusting), but was well-muscled and beautiful, with piercing eyes and well-cared for hair. The serval, on the other hand, was adorable. Tenebris would have pet her if she were a housecat, and would do it anyway if they got the chance. 


They adjusted their position slightly, trying to pull themself into stance that made them look less asleep. They’d intended the gesture to be a graceful, dramatic thing, but their precarious stance on the branch left them almost falling. They gripped the branch with their claws, eyes widening, with the limb that had been hanging down curling around the branch to keep them from falling. For a moment, they thought that they’d flip upside down, but then they regained their balance and smoothed out their hair, resuming their relaxed, casual pose. 


All according to plan. 


“Who walks upon these paths? Friend or enemy?” they said. An excellent and normal greeting. “My name is Tenebris, and I wish you no harm should you extend the same goodwill towards me.” 

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“Are you mouthing off to me?” Diego said, eyes narrowing. He couldn’t believe it! His sweet little sister, the one he cherished most, had the gall to complain about working out! He had never felt such offense since the last time she complained about exercising. “You dare to sit there and denounce me, Diego Noriaki, with such a casual tone?” Diego’s entire body shook as though overcome with emotion. He dug his hands into the grass, his fingers burying themselves into the soil. “I will not be slighted in such a manner!” Diego hissed. “You think this is a game? That I am a toy for you play with at your leisure? No!” Diego unearthed his hands and gently grasped his sister’s paws. “I”ll have your head for this,” Diego said in a dark, hushed tone. With her arms securely clasped in his hands, Diego wiggled Kikyo’s arms ever so lightly as to not hurt her. “You won’t be forgiven for such a transgression.” He waved her arms to and fro. “You will never be—”


“Who walks upon these paths? Friend or enemy?”

What? Diego let go of KIkyo's arms and glanced over at the direction of the voice. “My name is Tenebris, and I wish you no harm should you extend the same goodwill towards me.” 


"I'm aware," Diego said, raising an eyebrow. With a cursory glance at Kikyo to make sure she wasn't startled, Diego stood up and turned towards Tenebris. "We spoke yesterday," Diego continued, suddenly frowning. "Are you saying you forgot about me, Diego Noriaki?" Genuine distraught flickered across Diego's face as he emotionally raised a hand to his chest. "I am hurt! Damaged! Incorrigible!" Diego raised his hand to his forehead and sharply looked away. "To think you could forget me so easily is a slight against my character. One that cannot be forgiven so easily." Diego blinked, a thought returning to him suddenly. "Actually," Diego said, his dramatic display crumbling as he turned to face Tenebris. "What are you doing out there? We went out hunting late last night, but I thought everyone else had gone to bed."

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Kikyo meows once more, feeling herself being lifted up slightly by Diego's careful hands. Her brother, while tall and strong, could still be gentle and delicate in all manners of things -- work, planning, and now, mock-insulting her with her paws. She is just beginning to enjoy the careful swaying lead on by his movements when suddenly someone speaks from nearby, and the noise sends her directly bolting behind her brother's legs, bright green eyes peeking out at the intruder.


The newcomer is someone she recognises -- although just barely. They are another shifter, someone among the faces she was introduced to a couple days ago, and someone Diego has taken to talking to on occasion, in the way that he does with everyone. 


Wary, but knowing Diego was both by her side and didn't seem to distrust Tenebris, Kikyo steps out and flicks her tail, staring up at the other shifter. 


"So tall," she says without much thought behind the sudden outburst, and then immediately stops talking and shifts slightly, too-aware of her brief lull in security.  

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Tenebris paused, unsure of what to do with this new information. Them? Forget? Impossible. And yet… squinting, looking more carefully at Diego, they realize that he does look familiar. The hurt, dramatic pose. The self-assured way he stood. The regal confidence that infused every aspect of his being. Yes, they had seen him before. He’d tried to talk to them the day before, holding the serval under his armpit like a pillow.


They try to tell themself that it’s not their fault that they were too busy thinking about their own mortality to consciously notice Diego, but the failure weighs heavy on their heart nonetheless. A weakness, a crack in their mentality. Thoughts about the vast and unknowable proceedings of the universe were important, but hot guys were important too. 

“Well, of course,” they said. Smooth as always. “I was merely... “ they tried to think of a possible reason for their previous words. “...ensuring that you remembered me.” Excellent. 


“What are you doing out there? We went out hunting late last night, but I thought everyone else had gone to bed."


Wouldn’t he like to know! Tenebris feels a flickering of amusement and pride. They’d have smiled, had they currently had the required anatomy. The foolish mortal, so desperate for knowledge about them. It was empowering, and they had no intention of giving that up. Even if they were actually just trying to sleep in the try because they thought it made them look cool. “I have not gotten so far in life by revealing my every secret. I have my reasons for being here.”


"So tall."


Tenebris’ eyes light up, and their tail, hanging below them, gives a few light wags. So discerning! “Thank you,” they said, the sincerest they’ve been for a long time. “May the shadows cloak your footsteps and the light guide your path, sharp-eyed one.” Perhaps these people weren’t the worst they’d ever encountered. 

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The kid was a breach. They needed more water and numbing medicine for Edna. So, while his sister helped the nannie through the birthing he took the bucket in his mouth after he shifted and booked it to the lake where he could find both.  He skidded to a halt knowing he was close and  ended up ankle deep in the water. Waisting no time dunking the bucket and getting out he set down the bucket to shift to gather the herbs needed. "Mornin' Diego, Kikyo, Tenebris. Can't talk now, I need herbs. Goat givin birth. Where is-" he mumbled something under his breath and walked around the bushes, still in his linen pajama bottoms, shirtless and barefoot. Locating it he rushed between them, yanked a plant from the ground. He pivoted, shifted and was once more a spotted dark mained lion grabbing the bucket as he rushed back to the camp. 

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“So,” Diego started, his hands flat against one another and pointed towards Tenebris. “You forgot why you were out here?” Now that Diego actually thought about it, Tenebris did mostly keep to themself. He often heard them muttering under their breath as they made elaborate, dramatic gestures to themself. Diego could appreciate the urge to perform theatratics on the spot because who wouldn’t? Diego wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret, “secrets”, but if he had to guess it seemed like Tenebris was kindly saying they didn’t know what they were doing. Diego smiled, pulling his hands apart just so he could clap them together. “Do not worry! I’ve gotten lost as well!” he boomed. “There is no shame in admitting that you got lose exploring or coming back to camp! No one will shame you for a lapse in judgement.”


The tall grass near the lake’s edge began to rustle. Diego abruptly turned towards the source of the noise, hands clenched into fists; however when he saw a familiar face wade into the water, Diego relaxed.


“Good morning, Samuel!” Diego said, waving enthusiastically. “Even in your pajamas you look as radiant as ever! How is—” Before Diego could finish his question, Samuel had grabbed whatever he was looking for and sprinting off, now a lion. Diego sputtered. Did Samuel not hear him? He seemed to be in a rush, but did he have to hurry so much he couldn’t talk for even a moment? Well, that wouldn’t do. Diego wasn’t going to let anyone slip away without a friendly morning greeting! 


“I’m sorry, but I have to head back now,” Diego said, dipping down to pick up the bird he had caught early and reattach it to his belt. He scooped Kikyo up in one of his arms and held her firmly in the crook of his arm like she was a football. Diego glanced over at Tenebris and gave a two-fingered wave, smiling. “Samuel!” Diego shouted as he began chasing after the shifter. “Wait up! How are your sister and Iona?”

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Kikyo blinks up at the other shifter, mystified by their response. Tenebris, while not dangerous -- at least, she didn't think so -- spoke in mysterious ways, and the words took her a second to process.


"You're welcome," she replies shyly, taking a step forwards towards the dark-furred shifter, eyes locked in on their fluffy tail that had waved just slightly in response to her words. She wants ... to bat at it. And she was an adult now -- she is not going to whisper her thoughts to Diego and hope that her brother can convey some sort of arrangement. Perhaps she can suggest it, somewhere along the course of their conversation?


Before she can put her half-hatched plan into action, rustling nearby interrupts their interaction; Diego instantly turns towards the source of the noise, hands tightening into fists, and Kikyo's heart beats rapidly at the sudden tension coming from the three shifters at this unknown disruption. 


However, before anything can happen -- or before she can think to take flight and run away, from this area, the leaves part and Samuel comes running from the growth, originally in lion form as his large paws splash up water from his entrance. Kikyo jumps nimbly away from the area of impact, small droplets of water catching the early-morning sun's light, and watching as Samuel calls out a fast greeting and sets about his work. He seemed to be talking to himself, though Kikyo does catch something about a goat.


As expected, Diego immediately greets the newcomer with a gusto only he could manage this early in the morning, inviting Samuel to their small gathering for a chat. Samuel, however, seems to have not heard the blond man's invitation, as he immediately shifts back and begins to run towards the direction of their camp at top speeds.


Kikyo relaxes, turning back to resume their conversation, but to her surprise she feels Diego's hand curl under her and lift her -- gently, practised, as always -- tucking her securely in the crook of his arm. Before she can think to say anything, Diego takes off running; leaping at top speeds a normal man would not be able to accomplish across the bushes, chasing the faint figure of the spotted lion in the fields of their vision.


As he runs, Diego calls out more questions asking after the pride leader's wellbeing, and Kikyo settles, somewhat contently, in his hold.


"Big brother," she points out, after a couple seconds have passed of them running and Diego shows no signs of giving up his chase until Samuel answers his questions. "I think Zembabe-san is busy." 

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In near record time (for a lion that is) he crossed the mile and a half back to the camp and straight to the shack where goat bleets sounded. Half of the water shloshed out of the bucket on his fur when he skited to a halt outside the goat shack. 


It got quite all of the sudden. Ella emerged from the shack, blood and birthing fluid on her tank top but a proud smile on her face. "It's a boy! We have a little Billy. I need the herbs and water..." She whispers and yanked them from her brother's mouth as he panted looking back at Diego making a big racket so early in the morning as Ella  went back into the shack. 


"Hush! Edna needs rest and you really don't want to bother Iona this early in the morning, she's terrifying without a pot of coffee. " He said turning around and shifting back to his human self waving for him to keep his voice down.  He looked at the bird the blond dragged behind him. "That's a saddlebill. Their down would make great pillows and blankets. I can make you some from it. Your kill, you could eat it. Iona would probably cook it though. Sorry I had to rush..." He said rubbing his neck embarrassed. "I can talk now the baby is born but it was a breach and we can't lose another goat after Tillie got sick. " He yawned widely and moved away from the shack waving for Diego to follow. "Your hut is here. There's fresh towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner, aloe for burns and sunscreen made from natural ingredients. Chet makes all the toiletries herself. " He said softly waving to a hut next to his and his sister's. 

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Tenebris bristled at the implication and huffed. “No, of course not! I-” 


They nearly made a terrible lapse and told Diego exactly why they were out there, but they were interrupted by Samuel entering the scene. The lion was hardly there for a moment before running off, yelling about something that Tenebris didn’t care to notice. “Okay,” they blinked, thoughts derailed. “So anyway-” 


They didn’t get anywhere before Diego took off as well, carrying his sister (?). How dare he! Did no one understand proper etiquette? Filthy mongrels. Huffing again, they awkwardly leapt from the tree, managing to land without falling over by some miracle. The loped after the trio, easily keeping up as they mumbled curses under their breath. 


As with before, they still didn’t care what Samuel had to say. Most of it was useless drivel, some about how Iona was “terrifying” without a cup of coffee. Pathetic, really, that she couldn’t manage to remain polite in the morning without drugs, and Samuel was more so for being afraid of her. Still, they kept quiet. Not because they were afraid, but because one should never bother another in their lair and because they prided themself in being able to stalk silently through the night. 


Then, unfortunately, they were met with a problem. They could never admit to Diego or Kikyo that they perhaps, on some level, wished to continue speaking to them. On the other hand, they looked ridiculous, running back to camp for no apparent reason. Hmph. Unsure of what else to do,  they sat down, back straight and towards the camp, a silent guardian watching the rising light of the horizon. 

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Upon reaching camp, Diego set Kikyo gently down onto the ground. Slightly more at ease in the space reserved for them, the serval looked around at the gathered group. It was still early in the morning, but it seemed that most people were up and about already -- with the exception of Iona, who Samuel explained needed her morning coffee before she could set her mind to anything. Perfectly understandable; Kikyo herself had half a mind to go take a nap, and the only reason she wasn't tired enough to do so was because Diego had carried her all this way. 


Ella emerged from the shack, covered in a series of mixtures that made Kikyo pale internally. Still in serval form, she watched as Ella spoke to the gathered crowd, announcing -- a billy?


A birth? Kikyo flicked her ears, curious at the idea; she had only ever grown up in the city and never been too-exposed to wild animals beyond the shifters that she had known throughout the years. How could it be that Ella knew how to help an animal give birth? 


Her attention is drawn by her brother; Diego himself gave her a few parting words as he set her down, a firm hand petting her head to reassure her from any worries. To explore more ... ? It seemed that Diego wanted to appreciate their new home, as he did with every new place that they went to. Her brother -- he could always see the best in everything. Kikyo purred to show her appreciate of her brother's words, confident and grandiose as always, and batted playfully at his hand as he pulled away. Content in knowing that he would be there no matter what -- even if they happened to be interacting in separate places, Kikyo watched as her brother turned his attention to Samuel. 


Aware that Samuel and Diego were currently locked in conversation, and seeing the earlier shifter nowhere, Kikyo made up her mind to explore the settlement a little bit. She began by slipping into the shack where Ella had taken the herbs, watching with careful eyes as the lionness made her way through the process with a skilled fevour, knowing exactly how to help the newborn goat and his mother. Folding herself so that she took up as little space as possible -- and still slightly intimidated by the two leaders of their pride -- Kikyo watched for a second longer before she spoke, voice small. 


"Can I help with anything?" If needed, she would transform, but for the moment she was content remaining in her animal form as she held her breath and waited for a response. 

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“He can’t be that busy,” Diego replied as he continued to follow Samuel. “We just spoke!” Upon entering the encampment, Diego skidded to a halt shortly behind Samuel. The man lifted a finger to his lips and hushed him, eliciting Diego to mouth “sorry” before clamping a hand over his mouth. Diego had been so focused on letting Kikyo relax her nerves away from the strangers in the camp that he had nearly forgotten that it was early enough for most folk to still be sleeping. Diego felt a tinge of guilt; he hadn’t meant to wake the entire camp up when they were still trying to sleep after a day of hard work. 


Diego lowered his hand as Samuel beckoned for him to follow. Diego took a step forward but then, realizing that Kikyo was still in his arm, he bent down and gently deposited her on the ground. 


“You need to walk on your own now,” Diego said, waggling a finger at Kikyo. “How about you go explore for a bit or see if Edna needs some help, hm? If you ever need any assurance from your great, wondrous big brother, I, Diego, shall be waiting for you!” Diego patted Kikyo’s head as he knew she liked him to do, and then stood up and began trailing after Samuel.


“You don’t have to make pillows or a blanket for me,” Diego reassured Samuel. He walked up towards his companion up until they were walking next to each other shoulders nearly brushing. “I brought this bird for everyone. I’m sure we can split everything up evenly. If it’s not enough, I can always go get more!” Diego pointed towards himself with his thumb. “I’ve had to hunt my fair share of food plenty times over! Getting more food for everyone or cleaning what I already caught is the least I can do.” Diego flashed Samuel a big grin as they approached the huts.


As Samuel went down the list of toiletries inside of the huts, Diego placed a hand on his hip and whistled. 

“She makes all of that herself?” Diego mused. “Impressive! I haven’t had to make such things for years now, but I recall how hard it was to keep a good supply of soaps and shampoos and towels when you didn’t have a store you could simply pop into. I’ll be sure to let Kikyo know about our hut.” Remember that Tenebris had followed them, Diego glanced over his shoulder cupped his hand over his mouth. “Oi, Tenebris! Don’t you have a hut around here too?”

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Sam gave the black cat a glance. "Don't you act so tough. When you have a two hundred pound tiger furious at you. Plus she's our healer, I'd rather have a wide awake and well rested mystic then a sleepy  and cranky one. " He chided catching the turned up look the black cat gave him. 


"I agree it is impressive but when you are stuck in a lab all your life you learn to do a lot. Most of us have been self sufficient too for a while, and I know the best hunting spots I've been here for two years. Just.... Avoid ostriches. Those things can kick you and kill you. I've seen them kill a full grown shifter before unless you can hit them with a distinent weapon.  My sister makes things all natural, and I made our clothes and bedding. I don't mind making you and your sister pillows and blankets, consider it as a welcome gift to the pride. Everyone has a hut, they choose to sleep outside. I don't mind it, it's the dry season but rain is coming soon and with that a good drop in temperature so you'll have to have some blankets even with the heat on. " Samuel said softly. 



Chetalla glanced over to the serval curled up in a ball near the ramp to the outside with a smile. "Yes, I do.... Kikyo right?  No wait, your Japanese so first name is of strong relationship right so... Noriaki-kun would be the best term?" She scratched her head. "No, kun for guys that'll be for your brother, Noiraki-chan is the correct way to address you. I read about the culture when I was younger. Now, I need some clean rags that are beside you and the water there, get them wet and help me clean the kid and the area around them so they don't get sick please?" She asked kindly moving so the serval could see the mother goat resting while a baby goat lay nursing. 

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Tenebris stiffened, angered by Samuel’s assumptions. How dare he? They had never spoken, never broadcast any intent for their thoughts to be revealed. Samuel had pried, looked upon them and presumed to know what they thought. He’d reached into their mind, the most sacred of places, and violated it, laying them bare for all to see. He might as well have cracked open their ribcage and displayed their heart to the world. It mattered not that he had been correct in his impudence, for at another time he could have made the wrong assumption and painted a distorted picture of Tenebris. 


This alone, Tenebris could have looked past, but Samuel continued to interject himself into their affairs. Diego asked Tenebris a simple question, one which they had been prepared to answer, but before they could Samuel told him about Tenebris’ choice to sleep outside. 


They stood, legs stiff, reeling around to face Samuel with bared teeth and raised fur. “Do not presume to speak for me!” they hissed, anger evident. They tried to calm themself- people are fallible. It was only natural for Samuel to make mistakes, and angered though they were it was Tenebris’ duty to think before acting in rage. One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason. 


Diego had asked a question, and though Samuel had already dared to speak for them Tenebris thought it polite to set the record straight. “I do,” they said, relaxed their stance some and letting their fur settle as much as it were able. They gestured towards their hut with their muzzle. “I lack a roommate.”


Given that they had only arrived about a week ago, Tenebris’ hut was plain and unadorned for the time being. They’d made tiny changes where they were able to, scratching protective runes and the like into the wood, but it was still bland and ugly. There were so many things they couldn’t do without the resources of the outside world. 

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"Ah…” Diego rubbed the back of his neck restlessly. Apprehension tugged at the back of his mind. It only made sense that everyone in the community would help one another to various degrees. Diego himself was more than happy to go hunting for everyone and then clean and cook whatever he caught or gathered, and yet he found himself hesitant to accept Samuel’s offer to make blankets and pillows for him and Kikyo. Part of him wanted to decline the offer and make whatever necessities he needed himself, but logically it made no sense for Diego to refuse the help in the first place. As amazing and great as Diego, he knew that if he tried to do everything on his own he’d probably be wasting resources and, more importantly, he’d be putting his pride ahead of his sister’s safety and comfort and that was completely unacceptable.


“I do not wish to impose,” Diego said. “...but!” Diego’s face light up, and he pumped his fists ecstatically in front of his chest. “If you’re going to offer helping us out of the goodness of your heart, then I have no choice but to accept!” Diego was about to say more, but an angry hiss from a few feet away caught his attention. Tenebris was glaring at Samuel, their fur puffed out and their lashing dangerously. 


“Now, now, Tenebris,” Diego began, turning his head towards them. “I’m sure Samuel meant no harm. There is no need to get feisty with each other.” Diego waved his hand nonchalantly. “Although I am surprised to hear you don’t have a roommate. I wonder how many other shifters will appear...”

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Terra was another one in the encampment that had her lights off in her own hut. She was sleeping peacefully for the most part, curled up under her blankets in order to stay warm. She knew that she could’ve easily shifted to her wolf form and slept in a ball to stay warm but she decided to stay in her human form instead. She heard singing come from a few tents away and continued sleeping to it before it stopped a little while later. She would wake up in another couple of hours or so in order to help hunt for both her and the others in the camp if they wanted food, but would otherwise leave it up to them for what they wanted to do.


At about 5 or so she woke up, stretched some and then dressed into a black shirt, blue jeans, and flat boots before shifting into her wolf form and then emerging from her tent afterward. She looked around and didn’t see anyone else, figuring that they were all still asleep before heading towards the woods to see if she could find anything for them all to eat later for breakfast.

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Kikyo stayed silent, large eyes watching Chetalla as she spoke. The elder lionness was amazing -- able to continue working with her hands even as she internally debated the structure of Japanese formality. Before Kikyo could tell her that it was okay, nevermind, she was used to not being called by her name at all -- Chetalla figured her way through the rules and addressed her, her voice not unkind.


The name puts Kikyo at ease in the shack reserved between the two of them, and she uncurls from her tight position, hesitating as she steps forwards. 


She waits a second, mentally debating her actions, and even in her pause Chetalla does not rush her -- something that she appreciates from the pride's queen. It was strange -- to interact with someone so normally without Diego by her side. Maybe, through this experience, she will build up enough confidence to ask Tenebris one day if she can play with their tail.


Her mind made up, Kikyo takes a deep breath, shifting back to her human form. She curls her hands in her hair, anxiously playing with the long blonde strands to assuage some of her worries.


"Just Kikyo is fine," she says shyly, staring at Edna and her billy. The mother goat rested while the newborn began to stir slightly, welcoming himself into the world as he nursed. "Thank you, Zembabe-san." 


Gratitude expressed, she began to do so as instructed, properly pulling the water over to her so she could dip the rags into the water, wetting them to clean the animals and their housing.


"Zembabe-san, you take good care of the animals," she says, after a moment's silence, still working. 

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