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Everdream (Deity Roleplay)

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This is a RP based on the following premise. 


Eons ago, the two deities Valkrath, the god of Good, and Volkath, the god of Evil fought. With strange eons passing, eventually the two gods slew each other. The multiverse of ages past was destroyed, but out of the ashes of destruction, nothing was left save the energy and ichor of the gods. From out of the energy and ichor of the gods, you came forth. First came Selaniel, the goddess of belief and hope. Good, evil, or something other, or in between, you came forth. Eventually you will create the universe. The stars, the sun, and the moon, the planet, etcetera. This will be an interactive story where there is no way to "Win", but conflict with other players can still occur. When that happens, there are various things to consider. The god's skill, power and focus. The game play takes place in Ages and eons. Eons are basically "Cosmic Cycles', in other words, the circular passing of an entire universe. Ages are certain eras throughout time and space that mark certain events that take place in the universe.


Player Name:

Character Name:

Divine Rank: (All start at 11 for now).

Domain: (What are you the God of? Zeus has thunder/maybe the sky as a domain, Ares would be the god of war, Odin would be the god of wisdom and magic, Ra would be the god of the Sun, etcetera. ).


A word on combat. . . 


Combat can take place between gods, in such cases, there are multiple things to consider. Here is a comparison between a good fight and a bad fight. . . 


George, God of War is Divine Rank 11: He is the god of war, strength, and combat. Lisa is the Goddess of Magic, she is Divine Rank 16. 

Jake, George's player posts the following on the message board, "George furrows his brow in an angry scowl. . . He pulls out his sword and shield to fight Lisa" At this moment,  Lisa's player, Danielle types the following in quotes at the bottom of the post. 

::"Lisa turns George into a puppy and shoots him like Old Yeller"::

BAD!!! No, don't do this.


Now here is how a proper duel between gods work.


Jake, George's player posts:
::George furrows his brow in an angry scowl, he pulls out his sword and shield to fight Lisa before attempting to decapitate her.:: 

Lisa responds with::
::"Lisa moves quickly to the side, since as the Goddess of Magic she is the goddess of Illusion, Knowledge and Magic it's easy for her to dodge."::

::Lisa splits into sixteen images of her wizardly form, which all shoot lightning bolts at the god of war.::

I, the GM respond to this battle. 

::"George finds himself in deep trouble. Lisa is five levels higher than him, which is a very significant advantage above him. He is unable to dodge so many powerful attacks, and finds himself struck down to one knee. Round one goes to Lisa. . .::


Now, other rules should be common sense. 

Respect me as the GM, and respect others as fellow players. No disrespecting other players, and please, follow the TOS. Follow the rules for combat and listen to what I, The GM post. 

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Hi there :) I'll help you get through the approval process.


First things first, you're going to need a fair bit more information. Right now, excepting the rules, you only have a paragraph of information related to the RP. I recommend taking a look at this thread/post; it runs through some rules/expectations/requirements for unapproved threads. 


You also have some grammar mishaps that will need to be addressed, sooner or later; biggest one is the inconsistency in your verb tense(s). I can help point them out to you, but I'd prefer to wait until you've added more to the content so I can shift through it all together. 

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Do I meet the approval for having a history? I mean, so far I have a history, and a plot. 

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To an extent. Ask yourself questions from the mindset of a new member:
-> Have you listed out the key/most important/influential points of the world's history?

-> Have you listed out the key players of that history?

-> In your plot, have you clarified what it is players should expect to do/accomplish?

-> Leading a little into setting, have you explained what the members are going to be or how they will come to interact?

-> What about the current, present moment that members will find themselves in?


Don't be afraid to develop and elaborate on details. You don't need to repeat and rephrase the same thing in 10 different ways. But be free to explore any element of events that have happened. It's your thread to design :)


EDIT to add: If you're more interested in a less-structured style of writing, we do have the Freeforms Section. There, you can immediately start roleplaying with your thread as is. You might still encounter some questions from potential members, though, if they have any.

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Thank you for answering my questions. I will be very busy for the next five days. . . So if this gets taken down, can I post it again?

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It won't get taken down. ^^ You're welcome to edit and develop your RP whenever you choose/have the time. :) 

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