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Hello fellow dragon lovers!

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Hi there! I have been trying to figure out how the forums work for some time now. So I've been on the cave a few years now but only recently made an account for the forum... With that said I have a lot of Antarean, Nebula, Nocturne, and at least 1 of almost each other kind dragon. Antarean, Nebula, Nocturne are just some of the dragons I can't seem to get enough of and there are so many different kinds to get. I love the dragons here in Dragon Cave and would like to talk with others that in the cave! I'm rather new to this so don't be surprised if I am clueless about something. ... I do not know if missing anything in this...

If your wondering why I attached the Aeria Gloris pik it's because I did not have anything else, they remind me of my own life style, and it looks nice so I like it.


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Welcome. When you get the chance, please remember to put a link to your scroll in your signature.

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