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Hey! I'm Jodie!

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Hey! I'm Jodie! I love animals, especially cats and horses. I have two cats of my own, but dragons are pretty cool too. I've been on alot of sites like this before and they always end up rubbish, boring and repetitive, but this site is so much more than that! Anyways, I love playing PC games, but I'm not super patient which doesn't make waiting for views any more easy. I do art, never tried any sort of dragon before though.


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Hello and welcome! You should make a thread in Original Works to show your work (if you want to share).


That picture is adorable. Cats never cease to amaze me, cramming into spaces. XD 

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Daw look at the baby! I have a gray boy named Danny myself. So much love in such little packages ^_^


To hatch your eggs, I would check out a click site or two. Some popular ones that I use include The Allure of Neglected Dragons, Valley Sherwood, and Silvi's Lair, but there are others. Once an egg is one day old (has about 6 days left or close to 5 if you use incubate), you simply add it to a click site. If you have an egg that's over 4 days old (they can hatch at 4 days), you can add it to the ER. Having more than one site is good for if one site is down or if you catch an egg that's low time that you want to hatch quicker.


As a welcoming gift, I'll breed one prize for you from my list. Just message me with your choice and I'll try for it next time I have a free spot. I might also breed and influence a pair of pinks for you if you remind me. There's currently a new release going on that has me busy trying to grab stuff and leaving me scatterbrained XD

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