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DUPLICATE:Snow Wars: Cannot control mouse pointer on battlefield during "Battle"

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I have been playing this fun event without incident except for a brief glitch at the beginning.


But tonight when I select "Battle," when I am then asked to choose a weapon, I am not able to control the mouse pointer over the battlefield. I can see my regular mouse pointer when I go beyond the edges of the battlefield.  On the battlefield itself, I can see the gold mouse pointer but it doesn't activate. 


Here is a screenshot showing my mouse cursor in black (which won't hover over the playing area, but it is the cursor I have control over) and the gold cursor in the game (which I don't have control over). 


This issue just started; before that, the mouse cursors were fine. Thanks!


P.S. -- I can control the mouse cursor fine in "Edit" mode. But I cannot control it in "Battle" mode. 






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