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Egg Incubating?

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Remember that they will not hatch/grow up before they hit the 4 days mark, no matter what you do (unless you earthquake them; something most of us don't even think about !)


Wait till you have had them for 24 hours before doing anything. Clearly incubating them using a red will cut a day off their time, but even then, don't put them in fan sites for 24 hours from birth.  Then put them in hatcheries - but not dozens at once; 2 should be fine for a while.  AS they get close to the 4 day mark, add hatcheries carefully - but keep a close eye on them - and once they get down to the 4 days mark, you can add them to ERs. But watch them carefully, and in the case of eggs - take them out of most places as soon as they hatch.  Good luck.

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