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Maschinengeist V2 (Open)

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Credit and many thanks to Hydrothrax, Jim Pavlica, Mitya, VK, LightConcorde, and the sentient machine community at large.


This is a reboot, and no longer a 1x1!! The plotline and worldbuilding have been reset.


Humanity has fallen into fascism. It's the year 200X, and everything has changed for the worse since 9/11. Every speck of land is being contested by groups vying for more power, more riches. There are still some pockets of relative peace, where you can find food and work, but for every one of those pockets there are hundred of dying or barren cities, riot zones, decrepit wastelands, war factories. 


Unknown to humans, there's another intelligent species on Earth. Called the Lindor, they're incredible engineers, machinists, architects, etc. etc. They have indirectly created all of the machines of the human world. Generally, they live away from civilization, but they're being hunted by a increasingly wiser Dictatorship.


Still, freedom exists. Safety exists. The spread of tyranny seems to have slowed, even stopped.


How can this be?

One day, a siren's call went out. It rang throughout the world, as every Lindor settlement called for help.




Their machines came to life.




Only things with a basic wiring system and computer are capable of being sentient. I might allow this rule to be bent for good characters. In any case, anything from a small toy to a skyscraper is allowed (however, there's a soft ban on architecture). Machines, as in vehicular or industrial machines, are referred to as Maschinengeist(er) or Dire(s), while common household objects are called Tsukumogami. There are oddities, which will be added as the RP progresses.


The Character Sheet is meant just to be an outline or rough draft. I keep track of characters, what they've done and how they've changed, down in Current Information. There's no character limit at the moment.











Current Information





Catherine Veransa

--Human girl






--Sentient motorbike



--Sentient airplane





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character sheets go here:


Name: Catherine Veransa

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Shorter than average, but only slightly. Her build is surprisingly stocky with her more graceful movements. Her skin is fairly dark; her straight hair even more so. She tends to wear her hairstyle fairly simple, except that at her ears her hair curls forward (think 1920's, but more exaggerated.) She's usually dressed in semi-casual clothes: simple, straightforward, relaxed.

Personality: Fairly selfish, almost paranoid. She's more about living in the present, going to marches and riots to get her emotions stirred sky-high, even if she doesn't care about the subject matter. Stops short of being manipulative; while she tends to think only of herself, she doesn't analyze others, nor does she look for the most successful route. She's just... less empathetic than others. Catherine tends to make elaborate conspiracy theories of her life, even if she doesn't believe them; she just wants to find some sort of explanation for all of the mysteries she encounters.

History: Her parents were and still are fairly well off, though their main source of income vanished when Catherine was born. They never told her what they did. They've had to take odd jobs, always managing to find one that'll pay enoughbut they've had to move around. Due to this, Cat doesn't have many life-long friends, only her brother and a neighbor she sees occasionally. She was never enrolled in high school, as poor as education is currently, and her homeschooling didn't quite prepare her for adult life.




Name: Sunsill

Species: Dire/Maschinen. Motorcycle

Gender: Technically none, but does use male pronouns.

Age: Fairly old for a machine like him; seven years! 

Appearance: Base Machine. Anatomy Reference. If no pic exists, well, he's still fairly alien-looking even for an animate machine. Like most Lindor-made motorbikes, Sunsill's wheels are held by folded-up legs, which can extend at will into clawed feet. His kickstand also serves as legs, but they're tiny and dulled. He has many sets of eyes--a pair on his mirrors, on his head, and his lights (these tend to be useless when they're on). His strangeness comes from his mouth. Usually, it is hidden, but it runs, jaggedly, from half way across one side of his cylindricalish-shaped head to the other, and when it opens up, there's no hint of engine fire, no anything but a gaping, black maw. His mirror-eyes also seem to strangely burn in a thin flame at times.

Personality: Essentially a California dude in a metal body. Sunsill's a wanderer, looking for those fleeting experiences: the setting sun, the chaos of a storm, a meadow in the morning. He's being driven by some nostalgia for a place he doesn't remember, and he's not even sure that it really exists. Nevertheless, there's a hole in his metaphorical heart. Generally peaceful, he objects to fighting of any kind, though he's not die hard enough to die for his belief. Too idealistic for his own good.

History: Created by a rather eccentric, art-driven Lindor who lived in a human city. He's been with a single human his entire life post-animation: a high priest in some religious/political cult. Because of his status and because of his rarity, he hasn't seen the road much and eventually escaped during a hectic moment


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   Name: Lightning, or Light

   Species: Maschinengeist (Dire). An F-35B Lightning II

   Gender: Chose a female identity

   Age: A fresh manufacture, has undergone some quality testing while inanimate but not much else

   Appearance: Largely resembles this in her original form. In her "organic" form, her landing gear splits and extends out, resembling bug legs, and she has a skittering gait not unlike a spider's (but much slower considering how big and heavy she is). Her fuselage is also more flexible, and its section between the cockpit and the intake ramps can extend out - the armored skin breaking into rings - to give her a more flexible neck. Her wings, fins, and rudders can collapse almost fully thanks to their feather-like designs, which are also made flexible in organic form. Light's natural stealth features are dropped when she switches to organic form due to her skin breaking, stretching, or collapsing in so many places, revealing plain metal.

   Personality: Shy and doesn't want to be a bother to others. She prefers to hide from people, knowing she's built for stealth, but it only really works for other aircraft and only if they're not close enough to physically see her. She's self-conscious about her inorganic form because of how loud her engines are, but she's also painfully aware of how impractically big she is on the ground, so either way she's always quiet and a little bit nervous. She is more open and playful toward those she trusts, and dislikes being completely alone.

   History: Is one of many F-35s being exported to an allied country on an aircraft carrier. Despite containing Lindor technology, she is largely ignorant on how or why she was animated and what exactly is going on. She's used to her functions by default, but is simultaneously terrified of her greater capabilities.

   Other: F-35s are fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft. She has...
   -A 25 mm rotary cannon, mounted internally
   -Two internal weapon bays, one on either side, that can each house two weapons. At the moment she has none
   -The ability to aim weapons without turning her entire body
   -Six hardpoints underneath the wings (where weapons can be externally mounted): two on either side and one near each wing tip. At the moment she doesn't have anything mounted
   -A single-person cockpit
   -A shape (in inorganic form) that reduces detection
   -A skin that consists of radar-absorbent materials
   -Intake ramps designed to hide thermal emissions/reduce infrared detection
   -A vertical flight system that allows hovering and vertical takeoff/landing
   -The ability to hit a max speed of Mach ~1.6, but she can't maintain that speed without using afterburners, which reduces stealth by creating a detectable heat signature
   In her organic form, Light has greater mobility, but has trouble dropping payloads, loses her stealth abilities, and can't fly at maximum speed; landing is also harder due to uncontrolled flexibility. However, she also isn't running her primary engines and is instead using a much quieter, lower-output Lindor one that makes stealthing easier on the ground. When compressed into her inorganic form, she maintains all of the features of an F-35 at the cost of mobility and flexibility, and she's forced to switch to her primary engines which are obscenely loud. Her ability to aim/shoot remains unchanged.

   EDIT 9/9/18: Made a rough sketch of her organic form! Colors are unofficial because I derped out halfway through and didn't know what I was doing, so just use her inorganic form for color reference.
   EDIT 2/12/19: updated the image's urls.

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