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I'm sort of new to Dragon Cave. I played a little on another account in 2009 but never really delved too deep into the site back then. I've already sent the admin an email about this account, since its name is so outdated and I'd rather use this new one - to clarify, I did not even remember I had that old account while creating this new one. Regardless, I'm not planning to log on with my old account ever again and would simply delete it if I could.


Anyway, I got reminded about Dragon Cave as I ran into some dragons on Flight Rising recently and decided to give this game a proper try. I'm happy to see all the new dragon breeds that are now available and look forward to collecting most of them. I feel like I've gotten off to a pretty good start these past couple days too, having snatched a good few CBs mostly from the abandoned pile but also from the caves now that I've started to get closer to my scroll's current limit of growing dragons. I can already tell that obsessing over lineages is going to be a thing for me.


Oh yeah and I'm from Finland.


That about sums it up I think. Thanks for reading.





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