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X-DREAMERS [mission 02: the otherworldly bazaar]

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Reshiram hadn't been expecting Xander to be so... permissive of their touch. They tried to curl their fingers, squeezing tighter thsn they had intended. As swiftly as they could, they loosened their grip again. The cold still had them on high alert.


Xander guided them toward a stall where more unfamiliar creatures were talking. All looked at least somewhat humanoid. They avoided the creatures' eyes, loki g down at the food they occasionally nibbled bits off of.


A sword was pointed out... and moments later it started shuddering. Reshiram tensed. Seconds later, it rose up. Reshiram yelped and scrambled back, unsettled by the sight - and stepping on a cloth from a nearby stall. The cloth came loose from what it was covering as Reshiram scuttled back. The cloth unwrapped, an axe clattered to the ground - and promptly rose up. Reshiram ran now, fingers fumbling the skewer before inadvertently shifting and stumbling.


They soon regained their balance as the axe began to fly around, narrowly missing a dragon-turtle who only avoided decollation by withdrawing into his shell, a green dino with a red saddle, a small, blonde moustachioed man weith a winged helmet, and several others. The draconic merchant who'd been selling the axe chanted something before lunging at the living weapon, casting a burst of light magic. 


Reshiram bolted, while the icy grey dragon who'd been following them stared at the axe, featureless yellow eyes so focused they didn't blink. The grey dragon slowly cocked their head.

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Halt and the Mysterious Offer.


Halt was doing various stuff today, for first and foremost important seemed to be cleaning stall, and comparing the offers for various villains. A lot of them weren't promising, though. Yet another offer not revolving about gains... what can I do with like five coins? Nothing. The stall was ruined from age and clearly recycled, the wood under the clean plate of iron rotting, and various attempts to hide that - crimson-red paint, paper and feather to sign the offer as acquired.


So why was he in the otherworldly bazaar? He had just enough working as private paid assassin. Too much of hassle, not enough pay-off. Especially with my powers being useful elsewhere. Some trophies included skulls of fallen from his crossbow, a beak of a big bird, hunted illegally, a diamond stolen from a rich citizen. The alley Halt was in wasn't bright - two or three lamps lighting the road with some stalls completely hidden. The stalls were long-empty, too, as nobody was running them. Some even were just pile of wood.


As he looked again, some offers were entirely different from what he wanted. Some wanted him to fight in open, which he denied absolutely, as they only offered like single coin for being most valuable alone. Others were just bland boring, with low payout. He denied most, but two. But he waited. Waited for more offers. There could be more offers standing off the others than two "prevent saving the world" jobs, paying just slightly more than his last job, which paid fifteen coins per kill, for high ranked nobles only.

He waited, for more visitors to go near him and send him an offer, slightly sighing by the time he was getting bored. I swear there is always prey hunting to do. Why there's nothing with a surplus for me to do!? He sat, bored, on a chair. It was in better state than the stall, and somewhat safe, but still ugly due to age nonetheless. Time hasn’t treated the chair well - it was bleak, with some wood coming off, rotten.

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Natsuki [ Goblin’s Shop ] 


Natsuki gazed briefly at the items for sale before directing their attention back to watching the crowds. It wasn’t that the items for sale weren’t interesting; far from it. There were mechanical contraptions made of gears and springs, strange glowing rings, shimmering fabrics, and more. They would have loved to run their hands over the quilled pauldrons and ask about the strange white whistle shaped like two clasped hands, but they weren’t the right person to try to understand such things. They felt like they’d adapted well enough, but magic still made their head spin when they thought about it too hard. It went against everything that had been drilled into their head -- conservation of matter, conservation of energy, the need for efficiency, every feature having a price. Had more biology been involved they could have perhaps made themself useful in scanning the shop for anything useful, but it seemed as though most worlds had technology based upon machines or magic. Understandable, really, given how many drawbacks biotech had. All in all, they were much better suited to guarding Xander and Illidan while they found the sword they were looking for. 


They took a moment to take another bite of their (delicious) burger, but nearly choked on it when Illidan mentioned the sword choosing Xander. They shouldn’t have been surprised; of course the least convenient thing possible had happened. It was par for the course for X-DRE, almost as though the organization attracted unfortunate coincidences. 


How was one even supposed to fight a sword? They didn’t have any vital organs (or organs at all) to attack. “No. You can’t.” They faltered, realizing that they’d just tried to tell Xander what to do. “I mean… it’s dangerous.” They felt like smacking themself. Of course it was dangerous, and Xander was strong, but they were worried about him, damn it. The sword had risen up into the air on its own -- would it even give a warning before trying to stab him?


They had to help if it looked like he was going to lose, whether it was supposed to be a one-on-one battle or not. Preparing for a fight, they placed their half-eaten burger on a bare patch of the goblin’s table and took inventory of their weapons. They didn’t have anything that could be used in the market or that could reliably hit the sword, and it wasn’t like a sword could be cuffed anyway, but --


There was a clattering behind them, and for a brief moment they turned around. Reshiram, apparently the cause of the noise, bolted, and Natsuki nearly ran after them. A lost and nervous rookie was just as important as a fight with a sword, and at least they could almost trust Xander to take care of himself. 


Unfortunately, Reshiram wasn’t the only problem, nor was Quel’delar the only floating weapon. An axe with a large blue eye rose into the air and started swinging itself around wildly, and continued to do so after being attacked by a large dragon. Without thinking through their actions too much they lunged towards the axe, hoping to grab its handle or at least distract it.


Anders [ cats! ]


The small, black kitten Anders held was adorable. Its limbs were long for its size, and it stared up at him with bright, mismatched eyes. A blue breakaway collar on its neck was embroidered with Leonardo da Kittinci, the name almost too long to fit. Perhaps it was a pun of some sort? Precious. 

“Oh, of course!” he said, giving Leonardo da Kittinci one last pet before leaning down and returning him to the box. The kitten began to crawl towards the edges of the box for another escape attempt, but a brown bob-tailed kitten clumsily tackled him with a triumphant “mew!”. Guess the other kittens really did care about keeping their sibling with them. That, or the brown tabby -- Catilla the Hun -- just liked to play. 


Unsurprisingly, Keaton took the opportunity to crowd far too close to the cat-eared man in an attempt to sniff at him. For a “wolfskin” he acted uncomfortably doglike. Not that Anders hated dogs, but cats were far cuter and nicer. That, and it was completely unfair that he owed Dog money. He had to have cheated at Diamondback, the mongrel. 


“Anders,” he said. “Laguz?”


Maybe he shouldn’t have trusted Ranulf so quickly -- Justice certainly didn’t think so -- but he seemed harmless. More to the point, he had a box full of kittens with him, and he looked tired. Even in the marketplace (where he was pretty sure that he’d seen a winged werewolf with far too many eyes) holding a box of kittens probably wasn’t something done without a reason. “It’s great that you’re from the same place and all, but why the adorable little darlings?” He looked down at the box, where Catilla the Hun was chewing on a disgruntled and pinned Leonardo da Kittinci’s ear, and smiled. 

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Circuitraider The Others Are Lost


Everyone else had left the gate. She chose to remain, at least for a little while before curiosity finally got the better of her. Towering above nearly every creature and many short buildings, Circuitraider could see a fair distance before everything became obscured. She wondered if it might be best to move on wheels, instead of feet, and reduce her height. Everything was too small and the last thing she needed was to be harassed for accidentally stepping on someone because they were in her way. 


When she spotted the improbably tall creatures mingling with the crowd, her concerns were no longer a pressing issue. 


This place was vastly different from what should have been reality. The paths curved, each side lined by small buildings or open stalls covered by tents. All of it was dark, as if painted by shadows, and illuminated by strings of lanterns. She had to duck many of them, her hand raising to lift cords above the top-most points of her helm. So many creatures milled around her, dozens ignoring her as if she were just an average citizen instead of an unknown foreigner. Despite the wide variety in the appearances of the creatures (one was nothing but a neon outline!?), it was almost as if she blended in with the world far better than on Earth. 


It was surreal.


Am I really somewhere not on Earth? What if someone's simply locked me in stasis and I'm merely dreaming?


There were too many creatures in this place, Circuitraider missed the moment when she lost track of the others who had come with Pascal. That was the trouble with such tiny beings - they were too easy to lose sight of. Frowning, she opened the receptors within the spires that curved from her helm. Instantly, the noise of the Black Market increased tenfold, ringing sharply in her receptors. She winced at the level of noise, a grunt slipping free from her vocal processors. 


Of course. How could she have expected any less? She concealed them in the next moment, the din of too many conversations fading back into something more comfortable. The Autobot wasn't going to manage finding the others by sound. She would just have to search with her optics then. Circuitraider kept moving, only occasionally looking down to ensure she didn't step on anyone. At some stalls, she checked beneath the tents and found no familiar faces. 


Down an alley, she spotted a wooden stall that was all but disintegrating. She briefly scanned the shadowed faces of the few individuals that murmured amongst themselves. Yet again, no one she recognized. Turning away from the alley, she stood a moment longer and raked her gaze across the Market. "I still don't see them..." she muttered, crossing her arms over her chest plate.

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Tara was hurt when Kouji didn’t notice her, but she turned around immediately. She noticed the strangest and most frightening thing she had ever seen in her life- there were a sword and an axe, and the two things were FLOATING. She screamed, which without knowing caught Kouji’s attention. Kouji ran over, skidding to a halt when he saw the two weapons floating. “What the-- What is going on here?” The boy’s brow furrowed and he adjusted his bandana, taking out his digivice just in case things hit the fan. Tara glanced over and followed suit, her hand shaking as she whipped out her D-tector. 


She had never seen anything more absurd since she met Kouji in the digital world. Seeing someone take down that many strange creatures with a pole was horrifying enough. She had wanted to run away from the boy who had more guts than her, but instead she followed him around, very curious about him. He had made it clear for a while that he didn’t want her following him around, but had later accepted it when she managed to somehow get him out of a rather dangerous situation involving a Seadramon. But now he was actually starting to like her being around, but Tara hadn’t the foggiest bit as to why he did. Still, she appreciated that he didn’t find her as annoying anymore. Kouji stood in front of her, ready to transform in the event the weapons made any advances at them. Would they? Who knew! Tara had no clue, Kouji hadn’t a bloody idea, so they both kept their guards up. 


Kouji glanced at her. “Hey, it’s fine. Don’t be too afraid, it’ll be okay.” His voice was surprisingly warm and kind, which allowed Tara to ease her mind a little bit. It was good that she had someone to call a friend here, even if he wasn’t totally a friend yet. She needed her brother, her mom, someone who could calm her down the way that her immediate family did. She briefly remembered when she discovered Sakuyamon, when she was on her own and scared, moreso than she had ever been in her life. Sakuyamon gave her that brief strength, although it intimidated her. It still did, she never liked being able to scare people, especially that old lady earlier. She wanted to tell Kouji about that, but she thought about what he would say. Okay, but you still helped that girl out, right? That lady was in the wrong there, not you. Heck, I would’ve done the same thing. Huff. She smiled a little bit at that, knowing that she used her powers to do the right thing for someone else. Perhaps she would do the same for everyone else and make some more friends. This was a goal Tara finally willed herself to make. She knew, with everything she had, that she would do the right thing here if she had to- attacking the floating weapons. 


Tara was still a bit afraid, though. What if a gosh-darn sword came to attack her? Would she be able to defend herself? These were the questions she began to ask to herself. 

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Light was snapped back to reality from watching a pink-haired elf wearing armor walking alongside a unicorn when she heard the dragon's voice in her mind. Oh... I ran off without thinking again...Her ears drooping slightly, she turned to face the dragon to answer. It was only polite, after all.


"Yeah," she replied to the first question. "I thought I'd seen a lot of things before, but this marketplace alone has a lot more... Things... Than I ever imagined."


His next sentence hit her like a zap of lightning. Light immediately straightened at his words, nodding quickly. "Yes! Michelle! She levitates stuff and uses lime green psychic power. Boss—I mean, a friend who I call Boss—was trying to ask her out, but about a month or so ago he came back telling us that she had disappeared overnight, and from there weird things started happening all over!" she took a breath and continued. "Not just in Arad either, but also in Empyrean and Pandemonium, but stuff like that is so normal for Pandemonium that I didn't really think anything of it until I tried to visit and found out half of Behemoth got swallowed up in this interdimensional rift, then when we got back to Empyrean—Ah!" Rao zipped in front of her, and Light coughed. "Sorry, I'm rambling." She stood up from the barrel and extended a hand to the bright dragon—Qaksh, didn't Twilight call him?—even though she wasn't sure how he would shake it, being much bigger than she was. "I'm Light."

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Qaksh -- Walking down the Black Market


"Don't need to say sorry for rambling, I do that too. I'm Qaksh the first, a Magi dragon from Valkemare."


He understood probably about a third of what she was saying -- instead watching her summon with curiosity -- but he nodded along anyway as if he understood it all and wondered of that was what he sounded like when he rambled on and on during on one of his anxious bouts. His frills perked up with interest during the first bit, and when she was done, he was ready to speak. "Michelle, yes! She was very nice. She was in my world for a bit before she vanished again and I joined the XDRS to help them with their teleportation research (though I wish they picked a Magi that was more competent...). At that time she seemed pretty lost, like she didn't belong at all. From what we discovered during our journey though, is that my world was actually rebuilt from the ashes of a dead multiverse, and heroes from the past from other universes were given a second chance at life if they helped slay the old gods..."

He stopped himself, mortified that he had just implied that Light's friend was already dead and had existed as a ghost and that her world had been destroyed along with literally everything else. "No no, she was alive and well when I met her!" Damage control, damage control! "From what I get from Pascal's ramblings though, my world was an offshoot from the main Valkemare world so there probably does exist another me out there and where everything's, you know, not entirely destroyed by insane deities. I don't like to think too hard about nested universes and alternate timelines. It makes my head hurt."

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( Joshua | Sonic | Tails - Buy Ya Goblins Goblin's Shop )


While he didn't know how he got here or why he was here, Tails could tell that the abundance of weaponry and metal meant that he could maybe find some things he could use to fix his plane. Because that was broken. Again. But the floating runed sword in front of the shop he wanted to go to was definitely stopping him from coming any closer. "That... is freaky." He could hear something coming up behind him. "Who's the-" Before he could get another word out, the fox was scooped up and hugged and he almost freaked out 'til he looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Sonic!"


"Heya buddy! Thought I was alone here except for Priss McRuffles, so I'm glad you're here. What the heck's that thing? And... is that a dragon being attacked by an axe?" Sonic looked over to Reshiram and the flying axe, before sighing and looking at Tails. "Guess our work's never done, right? Let's go pal!"



"Oh come on, am I nothing?!" Joshua crossed his arms and huffed, pouting as Sonic and Tails ran off in Reshiram's direction to get a better look at that axe. Well, more like Sonic ran and Tails flew.

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Xander | Goblin's Shop


Xander hummed in acknowledgment as Illidan pointed at the sword covered by the cloak. Just as he turned towards the goblin to inquire about the sword’s price, Illidan said something rather… peculiar.
“What do you mean it’s looking at me?” Xander asked with a raised eyebrow. Normally if someone told him that an inanimate object was looking at him, Xander would assume that someone was trying to play a poorly made prank on him, but Illidan did not have a jestful tone. Xander, narrowing his eyes, glanced over at Quel’delar. The cloak slipped off it as it slowly rose up into the air, it’s blade pointed directly at Xander’s chest.


Immediately, Xander’s hand grasped Siegfried’s pommel. He had encountered numerous enchanted weapons since joining X-Dreamers. The rules applied to each of those weapons varied depending on their world of origin which made dealing with them all the more difficult. Granted, Xander had seen few weapons that could float on their own aside from his world’s divine weapons. Siegfried had floated when it first chose Xander years ago, but that had been different. The memory of Xander grasping Siegfried for the first time, feeling the heavy thrum of magic coursing throughout the sword and into his fingertips would forever be seared into his mind. Even now he could he could feel the magic emanating from Siegfried vibrating where his hand touched the pommel almost as though it was shivering with anticipation to be unsheathed. From Quel’delar Xander felt… nothing. It was no surprise really. Xander’s magical aptitude was lackluster; the only reason he had bonded with Siegfried or could use dragon veins in the first place was because of the Dusk Dragon’s blood pumping through his veins. Besides, Quel’delar was from another world with laws of magic very different from his own. Xander had no idea what the sword was up to.


Unfortunately, so did everyone else. As soon as Quel’delar rose, Reshiram yelped aloud before falling backward. Xander spun around just in time to see them scrambling away from a floating axe and the merchant who owned the stall the axe came from.
“How many enchanted weapons in this market?” Xander hissed. He was about to follow Reshiram to assure their safety from the axe, but Natsuki, along with two small creatures, quickly made way to intercept it. Muttering a soft thanks to the gods for Natsuki’s quick reaction, Xander turned back towards the sword, his grip on Siegfried tightening.


“Illidan, you wouldn’t  perhaps know what’s going on, do you?” Xander asked. “Or, more importantly, how to make the sword stop menacingly pointing itself at me?” Considering the hostility of the axe and the frightened screams of some of the people around him, Xander was positive Quel’delar wasn’t going to gently float in the air for everyone’s amusement. Starting a fight in the marketplace seemed like—no scratch that—was a terrible idea considering how many innocent bystanders could get hurt; however, considering the situation at hand Xander wasn’t sure he had much of a choice. Whatever Quel’delar’s intentions were, hopefully, Xander could resolve the problem with the sword swiftly and go help Reshiram with the axe before things got too chaotic.


Ranulf | Lost in the Black Market


Ranulf beamed at the humans as they introduced themselves.
“Nice you meet you, Ray and Anders!” Ranulf said, grinning at the two of them before glancing over at the wolfskin. “And you’re…?”
“Hi, Keaton!” Ranulf said, his smile widening every so slightly. Satisfied that he knew the names of the strangers, Ranulf looked back over at Anders. “Ohh right, you’re probably not from the same world as me huh? Most beorc here don’t know what laguez. Here, how about I show you?” After quickly making sure the box full of kittens wouldn’t tip over, Ranulf stood up from the crate. Winking at his companions with his green eye, Ranulf jumped and did a front flip as a bright white light engulfed him. As he landed, the light completely dissipated. In his place was a large blue cat, roughly the size of a lioness.


“See?” Ranulf said. Although his mouth did not move, his voice still rang out although there was now a strange echoing quality to it. “Just like wolfskins, I can switch between this body and the body you just saw.” A distressed mewl emitted from the box. Ranulf's ears instantly perked up as he hastily climbed back onto the create he was sitting on to get a better look at the kittens. Ranulf leaned his head down into the box, ears going back as a tiny black paw began booped his nose. Snorting aloud, Ranulf retreated his head from the box and instead dipped his tail into it. One of the kittens, a tortoiseshell with a collar that had very small, scrunched together text that read “Sir Pawington of Clawville, Earl of Kittenshire, Duke of Meowingham”, crouched when she saw the flickering tail and began batting it playfully.”


“As for your question,” Ranulf said, pointedly ignoring the kitten attacking his tail. “I… well it’s a funny story.” Ranulf chuckled to himself. “I came here to buy a wedding gift for my friends who are getting married. While I was browsing the stalls I saw this beautiful box.” Ranulf motioned towards the cardboard box.” “And I knew I had to get that box for myself.”
“Why do you need a box?” Keaton asked. Ranulf blinked at Keaton slowly.
“I’m a cat,” he said. Keaton blinked back at him and the two stared at each other silently for several heartbeats. “Anyways!” Ranulf said with renewed glee. “When I bought the box I found these little guys in it. It was their box first so, you know, I couldn’t just take it. So I’ve been wandering around the market for three days now because I still haven’t found a good wedding gift and I’m trying to provide for the little ones because if the universe is going to make me a mom then I’m going to be a responsible mom!” Ranulf puffed out his chest, seemingly proud of his dedication to his new “children”. “So uh, anyway,” Ranulf said. “What are you three doing here? You must be doing something exciting, yeah?”

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[ I have to make sure he's undisturbed. - Goblin's Shop - Illidan ]


Illidan heard Xander ask about how to get Quel'delar to stop pointing at him. "That's easy enough - you fight it. From what I heard from my friend Oblivionix, it's challenging you to a duel. She mentioned something about it picking and testing a potential wielder, so... I'm assuming it'll be yours, should you defeat it in combat."


Illidan glanced over at the mess the axe was causing and drew his Warglaives. "And, most importantly, you have to defeat it alone! Don't worry about the axe; I've got that covered - just focus on Quel'delar!" With that, he joined in fighting the axe, making absolutely certain that it would not disturb Xander's duel with Quel'delar.


[ Another shapeshifter?! - Lost in the Black Market - Ray ]


So many new things to encounter... Ray still worried about Necrozma a little, but the thrill of encountering so many different things eased her somewhat. She lived for exploring, after all. As it stood, however, she couldn't answer the cat-man's question - she wasn't really looking for anything exciting; she was just keeping an eye on Keaton just in case Anders ended up losing him.


Akatsuki, meanwhile, took an interest in the box as well (he is a cat after all), crouching down and pawing at it gently due to the other cats present.

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The axe mimic was hit by a glowing green blade, damaging it. It twisted around, allowing Natsuki the opportunity to grab the axe. The axe’s new cargo slowed it, though it could still drag the demihuman somewhat. Something blue flashed by, barely missing, and a gadget hit the axe hard.


It pulled, lashing out at the demon-elf with a slash combined with a bite as a Light attack from the dark Skydancer missed.


The demon-elf the axe had hit yelped, before snarling at the bite. A flash of green bladed weapon, and the axe had pulled back. The Skydancer merchant promptly struck the axe with a blast of light. A blue hedgehog rolled himself into a ball, and slammed into the axe as it reeled.


However, the twin-tailed fox’s attack failed. Instead of the bomb attacking the axe, it blew up in his face.


The axe seized its chance and slashed at the fox and elf. The fox managed to move such that the hit on him wasn't too major, but the elf-demon took a decent gash from the flying axe. A retaliatory slash nicked the axe, and a blue blur missed again. The Skydancer lashed out with a claw of light, but missed. However, his momentum meant the axe’s attack on its merchant promptly missed.


It was vulnerable, struggling to regain control. However, the missed attack had also dislodged the demihuman holding on, and a wild swing grazed them as the axe struggled to recover.


Two attacks hit at once - a pair of green blades nearly damaging the axe’s eye as scores were left across its body, and a body-slam from the blue hedgehog that just didn't do much. A tail attack from the two-tailed fox followed moments later, smacking the axe into the ground. The Skydancer hit the axe with more light magic.


The axe slashed at the elf-demon, leaving another likely-painful gash. The blue hedgehog attacked, again, missing and narrowly avoiding a slash of green warglaives that had also missed the axe.


That was when a bomb - another one of the fox’s bombs - attached itself to the axe. Beep. Beep. And it exploded.


The axe fell to the ground, severely damaged. Kuraihi went to pick it up. The turtle-dragon came out of his shell, hearing the fight end.




Unbeknownst to them all, the icy grey dragon had recovered - and was now pursuing the white one. But now the axe was down….

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Halt - Impulse as an action.


Halt was honestly surprised when he saw the strange humanoid-shaped construct somewhere in the alley, as it was the first visitor for ages for him. Not that he had anything to do with his stuff, he followed silently. As in a construct would believe my job offer, heh... He started to move just behind the construct, taking the closer look at it. Now he realized, he forgot to cover right part of the stall with iron plate, and it didn't look good. Well, one more more thing to fix after I find out what does it offer to me, or anything. I just don't want to be jobless any more. He didn't forget to grab his belongings - they were heavy, though and Halt wasn't sure how much would he be able to drag entirety of his inventory in situation, he had to follow it.

He joked a bit around how did he see the world, but coming from his tongue was nothing but a sarcastic thought. Most of the time was actually looking thoroughly through the papers with job lists, that were expired. Yeah, expired, but nobody made a date of expiration visible, anyway, as date of expiration was mostly fifteen days from giving a offer - an old and unwritten rule between those such as him. One expired just before Halt left his latest job.

Just as Halt was trying to stay a safe distance, he stupidly tripped on the stone while his eyes were trying to grasp most of the visitors' details, lost the balance and almost fell, while trying to desperately regain the balance. He just went before the construct, as Halt would've called the robot, unaware of this fact. Wait, where did the construct go? Just the thought that he could miss a potential client could make someone such as Halt nervous, very nervous. "Ah for Dead Gods' sake, why am I such an idiot?" He angrily cursed himself, most likely because he wasn't taking enough care of the narrow road, his memory was well enough to remember the road. 


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Xander | Goblin's Shop


”On my own?” Xander yelled, glancing over his shoulder. “You can’t be serious.” Apparently, Illidan was very serious as evidenced by him pulling out his warglaives and promptly running in the opposite direction of Quel’delar. “Gods,” Xander muttered under his breath as he turned to face Quel’delar. This wasn’t how he imagined this fight going, but considering that everyone else had run away to deal with the axe he figured didn’t really have any other choice than to fight the sword alone. Pulling Siegfried from its sheath, Xander got into a fighting stance before slashing his sword at Quel’delar.


Faster than any swordsman he had ever encountered, the sword parried his blow. A startled gasp escaped Xander’s throat as Siegfried clashed against the blade. There was an unnatural strength within the sword, something strong enough to easily block his blow. Quel’delar ducked out the parry, causing Xander to stumble forward. The sword swerved in the air, spinning around before swiping at Xander’s chest. The sheer force of the blow toppled Xander over. He desperately grasped for something to hold onto but ended up flailing to the ground. Xander coughed, cringing at the slight throbbing in his back. He glanced to his side, noting the shawarma that Quel’delar had knocked out of his hand. Pity. He wasn’t finished eating that. Xander scrambled to his feet. He faced Quel’delar with Siegfried steadied in both hands. Fighting an enchanted sword was going to be more challenging than he thought.


Taking in a deep breath, Xander advanced. He swung to the left and the sword blocked perfectly. He threw down a second blow, thrusting forward with all his might but Quel’delar blocked just as it did with the first. Then came a third blow and a fourth and a fifth. Xander tightened his grasp on Siegfried’s grip as he swung for a sixth blow. Quel’delar dodged the attack entirely, sweeping underneath Siegfried with its point aimed towards Xander’s neck. Panic momentarily overwhelmed Xander as he desperately tried to block the attack. Quel’delar didn’t manage to hit its mark, but the side of the blade grazed past his neck before barreling into his shoulder. Xander was thrown onto the ground once more. He gritted his teeth as pain throbbed in his neck. His hand went to his throat and when he looked down he could see droplets of blood staining his cravat. He quickly regained his footing, steadying Siegfried once more as Quel’delar floated in front of him waiting for his next move.


Xander advanced once more. He slashed at Quel’delar, fully knowing it would block again. He threw his entire weight into his blows, Siegfried’s purple glow growing in intensity with every hit. On the fourth blow when Xander slashed towards Quel’delar’s left, the sword parried but Xander rammed his armored shoulder into the blade’s hilt before countering with Siegfried. Quel’delar tumbled backward, nearly falling to the ground before floating back to its original position.


Quel’delar was quick to pay back the favor. It lashed forward, clashing against Siegfried with brutal strength. Xander grit his teeth underneath the weight of Quel’delar as it rammed itself against Siegfried’s blade. Xander slowly backed away from the sword’s neverending onslaught. Xander felt himself bump against the counter of a stall. Before he could properly assess the situation, Quel’delar took its chance to fling itself against Xander’s shoulder. The king grunted aloud as he was thrown against one of the stall’s supports, causing the wood to splinter on impact.


Just as Xander was regaining his footing, Quel’delar swooped in once more. It slashed against his kneecaps, pushing him backward and onto the ground. Xander’s head collided hard with the floor, eliciting a pained groan. Quel’delar lowered itself towards Xander with his point aimed at his pale throat.


Quel’delar surged forward. Xander yanked Siegfried’s sheath out of his belt and deflected the blow. Quel’delar’s blade was pushed upwards towards Xander’s face. Xander couldn’t contain the scream that escaped his throat as the blade sliced straight through his cheek. As soon as the blade left his flesh, Xander rolled to his feet with Siegfried in hand and the sheath back in his belt. Idly, he brushed his fingers against the gash. He hissed at the stinging sensation pulsating in his cheek. He quickly removed his hand and frowned down at the blood coating his glove. The gash wasn’t horribly deep but it was certainly… worrying.


Xander didn’t have time to contemplate the necessity of medical assistance. Quel’delar charged towards him. Xander, with a sheath still in his hand, was unprepared to parry. He attempted to block the blow, but Quel’delar grazed the blade downward before digging itself into the unarmored portion of Xander’s back leg. A snarl was ripped out of Xander as he spun around slashed Siegfried into the sword. Quel’delar backed off as Xander dropped down onto one knee, blood trickling down his injured leg. He shot a murderous glare at the sword, his knuckles going white from how tightly he was gripping Siegfried.


“I’m going to snap you in half,” Xander growled.


Placing Siegfried’s sheath back onto his belt, Xander planted Siegfried into the ground and used it to holst himself back onto his feet. Siegfried’s purple glow that had been intensifying throughout the fight was now vibrant with red surges of energy bouncing along its surface. Xander could feel the magic building up within Siegfried, red sparks dancing on the blade. Xander purposefully didn’t use magic during the fight least a bystander get hurt, but considering just how poorly the fight was going, Xander didn’t have much of a choice. Quel’delar, seemingly indifferent the Siegfried’s glowing, charged forward, its point heading for Xander’s chest. Xander steadied himself, allowing the sword to grow closer and closer until—


Black lightning, streaked with red, burst out of Siegfried. The lightning shot through the air, striking Quel’delar directly. The sword shuddered midair: shocked. Without a beat of hesitation, Xander surged through, letting out a battle cry as he slashed Siegfried into the sword. Quel’delar flew backward, but Xander didn’t give it any room to recuperate. Bringing Siegfried down from overhead, Xander slammed it straight into Quel’delar. The enchanted sword crashed into the ground with sparks of red electricity still jumping along its blade. Xander wasted no time in slamming his foot into the sword’s hilt. He pointed Siegfried down at Quel’delar, sparks of red electricity still surging through the blade. Xander’s face was drawn into a scowl as he glared down coldly at Quel’delar.


Submit,” Xander said in a low, commanding tone. The sword shuddered underneath his foot and then stilled completely. Xander narrowed his eyes warily. He slowly removed his foot from Quel’delar’s hilt, making sure to keep Siegfried pointed at the sword. Quel’delar did not stir when Xander removed his foot nor did it more when he cautiously kneeled down to grab its hilt. The sword became completely inanimate like it was always an ordinary sword.


“Unbelievable,” Xander muttered under his breath as he sheathed Siegfried. Illidan had mentioned the sword choosing its own master through a duel, but was that really all there was to it? Was Quel’delar sated? Was it going to attack anyone else? Xander didn’t know, but he needed answers. If there was even a slim chance Quel’delar would awaken once more and lay siege to some innocent bystander then Xander needed to be prepared. The sword was far too dangerous to be in the marketplace in the first place. Who’s great idea was it to bring Quel’delar to—


“Hey, buddy! Are you going to pay for that?” Xander’s head whipped around to see the goblin from earlier waddle towards him. “That thing cost me good money, you know,” the goblin said. “So you oughta—”

“I ought to what?” Xander said coldly. He turned to face the goblin with a stern expression. “Are you going to ask me to pay you for a sword that attempted to take my life?” Xander took a step forward. “Is that what you’re asking?” The goblin glanced up at Xander, looked down at the sword in his hand, and then back up at him.


“You know what,” the goblin said, taking a step back. “You keep it. Free of charge! Ain’t that nice of me?” The goblin chuckled anxiously as he slowly backed away from Xander. The king continued to stare at the goblin for several seconds before averting his gaze. For the first time since the fight ended, Xander began to fully appreciate the wounds Quel’delar inflicted upon him. As the adrenaline began to fade, the hot, stinging pain from his fresh wounds became all the more clearly. Xander raised a hand to his neck and brushed past the wound there. It was just a nick unlike the gaping gash on his cheek and right leg. Letting out a shaky breath, Xander quietly limped towards the nearest crate and slowly sat down on it. He pulled a handkerchief from his person and began to wipe off the blood streaming down his face. He knew he needed to call someone to inform them of his wounds. Chances were no one was going to sell him anything if he was covered in his own blood. He needed to call someone but first, he just needed a minute to catch his breath. Just one minute...

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Reshiram was running. The cold grew as Kyurem gave chase. Luckily, Reshiram’s size meant plenty of people were stepping out of the way to avoid being trampled as the dragons ran by, Kyurem slowly forcing Reshiram to loop around. Reshiram dodged away from the stalls - and incidentally, back towards the group they had run from. By now, Kyurem was hot on their heels, barely inches behind. Now they started to recognise the area. The axe was down, and the sword as well - Kyurem racing behind -


- the sound of cracking. Reshiram stole a glance back and growled. The ice on Kyurem’s wings had cracked loose, revealing the grey, unearthly cores that were now twisted to make the spikes face Reshiram. Purple energy was gathering. Reshiram’s heart pulsated, and their turbine tail roared to life. A great flap - and purple rays oh so narrowly missed. Reshiram could feel the .. the absorption, for lack of a better word.


Reshiram wheeled into the air as Kyurem moved forward a bit before coming to a halt. Now, Kyurem pointed their wings skyward. Firing bursts of purple rays at Reshiram. A minute - or two? - later, there was a pealing scream of pain. Reshiram's wing was so, so utterly cold it almost burned. A ray had hit it, and they were losing control fast. Another burst of rays wrapped around them, causing them to struggle and scream more at the intense pain of the cold, the burning cold, and the sucking that drained away their power.


As the purple rays were withdrawn toward Kyurem, Reshiram’s struggles grew weaker and jerkier, pupils constricting to a disturbingly small size. Pain tore through their body, and they could barely hold themself up. A final wave of pain shot through their body, and they jerked before stilling. Their scream cut off in that instant.


A white light surrounded the limp wyvern, shrinking them into a stone with three indentations. The purple rays followed the shrinking. The rays then drew the stone closer to the grey dragon, before melting into it. The stone took on a purple tint as it warped and lengthened, before tearing apart into oh so much pure magic.


The wing-spikes were pointed toward the magic.


They sucked it in.


A ball of fire in the icy “plug” of Kyurem’s tail. Growing bigger and bigger. Fire rose from the earth, fire created a dome. A dome that engulfed the grey dragon.







A roar, a mighty cry.


The fire was torn away, gusts of unnatural wind revealing a dragon.


They are white and pale, pale grey. They have ice on them. They look asymmetrical. A yellow spike atop their head. Their eyes slowly open. Yellow sclerae and white irises. A twisted mockery of Reshiram, oddly fused with the grey dragon in looks. They blinked. Took a breath.


And cables flew out from their shoulders, the once-clear spikes once on Kyurem’s wings going orange with blazing power and become the head of cables of magic. Four cables. Four sockets in the tail. Fire welled forth from the tail, half-turbine and half-fur. Fire coloured part of the feathered wing and furry mane orange, while the icy parts stayed inert. Cold. Ice and flame.


And White Kyurem’s eyes wandered over the group. They shifted their stance, raising their wings to their chest.

I will be free. I will… I will be whole.

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( So that thing was alive? (Gobin's Shop) - Sonic | Tails | Joshua )


"Not bad! You okay, Tails? That thing didn't hurt you, right?" Sonic didn't seem too awfully hurt, but he definitely had a bruised ego now; first he kept missing the axe - which wasn't a hard thing to miss! - and then his own little buddy took the spotlight and took it down before he had a chance to. Not that the latter actually bothered the hedgehog too much. It was nice to see how much stronger Tails was now compared to when they first met.


Tails brushed some black powder from the Chu² Bomb - the bombs he'd used against the axe - that exploded in his face. How it had malfunctioned in the first place was beyond the twin-tailed fox, but at least the second one seemed to take the axe down. "It didn't. Though one of my own bombs tried to take me down. I'll probably be the first young inventor to die of black lung." The black lung thing was a joke, but given how he coughed up more black powder, it almost seemed serious. "Don't worry though, I'm okay."


"That was quite an impressive show, even though you needed help, clearly," Joshua said, hands in his pockets and a grin on his face. "It almost had you both, too. How are you feeling? And shouldn't you say 'thank you' to the people who helped you take it out?"


"Zip it. You didn't even fight, so you got no room to talk."

"Yeah! And besides, we were getting to that!" Tails huffed at Joshua before sticking out his tongue and going over to Illidan, but stopping the moment he noticed something was extremely, extremely wrong. He looked up. He saw Reshiram and Kyurem fuse, he heard the voice in his head. Instinctively, he backed up closer to Sonic.


Both Sonic and Joshua reacted the telepathic voice. Sonic seemed concerned, but ready to fight even if injured, while Joshua just seemed... bored and unfazed. As if this were a joke to him. The hedgehog chuckled and ran his thumb under his nose. "I got the feelin' that this is round two! You in if it is, Josh?"


"You bet."

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[ I-- No, we need to get away. - Goblin's Shop - Illidan ]


The adrenaline from their fresh victory had faded all too quickly. Illidan quickly realized that he was bleeding from the fight, mainly on his arms and chest, his green demon blood staining the ground below him. There was a decent bite wound on his hand (damn axe mouth), and even a good nick on his face. His injuries, however, were nothing once he caught up with Xander after noticing the red lightning (it was pretty hard to miss) and saw the state he was in. The king had won against Quel'delar, but...


He hadn't expected such grave wounds. "Holy hell, Xander. I'd expected some kind of difficulty, but nothing like--"


He was cut off by the screams of pain, turning on his hooves in time to see a strange grey dragon fuse itself with Reshiram. The voice in his head did not help his suspicions any - that thing had to be a minion of the Old Gods... and neither he nor Xander were in the condition to fight again. ...well, Illidan himself was, but Elune damn him if Xander died on his watch.


"...we're getting out of here." Illidan managed to find Quel'delar's scabbard, get it around his waist, sheathe the enchanted blade, and then picked Xander up bridal-style, being careful not to move the king's legs too much in case they were broken. "You might want to hang on - could get a bit bumpy."


With that said, Illidan got a running start and soon took to the Black Market's skies, aiming to return to the Green Gate that Ray had pointed out when they'd arrived.

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He's really polite... Guess he doesn't know what a handshake is. Why is Pandemonium seems to be the only place where you shake hands? She settled for an awkward bow instead as he introduced himself. "A magi dragon..." Light blinked. Wait, only "a?" "So you're not the magi dragon? Cool. Where I came from, it always seemed like dragons who walked on four limbs and had wings were the only one of their kind. Like the Death Dragon Spirazzi. Or the Energy Dragon Natram." She scanned him, eyes almost owlishly wide. "You don't look like any of the ones I've met, though. You look much nicer and friendlier," Light smiled. 

As the orange dragon Qaksh spoke of the incident where he met Michelle, though, Light's eyes widened, mouth dropped open, and ears pressed flat against her head. "Y-You mean to say....


"No no, she was alive and well when I met her!" his dark eyes widened and a trail of hurried telepathy came through to her. Light blinked slowly, her expression changing slowly as she sorted out all he said. 


"Oh. Okay, I guess that makes sense. I visited an alternate version of one of the worlds I mentioned myself..." Light trailed off, unsure of what to say. Should I assuage him? But I'm pretty creeped out by that too... Uh... "Um.... "An awkward silence descended and Light shifted uncomfortably. Oh right.... Twilight said we were coming here in the first place to get supplies. "Do you... Want to do some shopping now?" Light looked around the intersection, ignoring the people around them on the black cobblestone streets to focus better on the colorful-or-not stalls.  A red draped one selling what looked like fruit caught her eye, ran by a circular critter with gloved arms, red boots, cat ear shaped protrusions, and a mouth so big it seemed to stretch across its entire body.  There was another that just had a range of miscellaneous wares displayed on a brown cloth under a bamboo umbrella, ran by an odd-looking, plump, black-furred critter with horns and a piece of paper stuck to its face with a few rectangles on it. There was also a table with a bunch of crazy and complicated-looking contraptions set up--though in a large glass sphere, there looked to be two ghostly dragon heads spinning in a circle--ran by a happy-looking elegant lady with red tipped hair.


"They're selling fruit over there," she pointed at the red-swathed stall.

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Xander | Goblin's Shop —> Above the Marketplace


To be perfectly honest, out of all the people Xander expected to check up on him Illidan was not one that came to mind. Hearing the demon hunter’s approach, Xander straightened his back and cleared his throat in an attempt to regain a modicum of his dignity.

“They’re just flesh wounds,” Xander said, idly using his handkerchief to wipe around the blood dripping from his jaw. “I’ve survived from injuries worse than this.” Xander knew his current wounds weren’t anything to sneeze at, but he refused to tuck his tail between his legs and return to base without first making sure the agents chased by the floating axe were safe. He was supposed to use the trip to the marketplace to get closer to the newer agents and help them become more comfortable with X-Dreamers and instead he ended up fighting a sword and completely losing track of where the agents were. It was imperative that he found them once more before seeing a healer.


Almost on cue, a hideous roar filled the air. He saw an eldritch gray beast meld with a struggling Reshiram. Xander watched in horror as the two dragons fused together into a strange gray abomination with tufts of white fur sticking out of it. A chill ran down Xander’s spine as a layered voice spoke in his head. One of the voices was raspy and unfamiliar, but the other one Xander recognized.

“Where’s Reshiram?” Xander leaped to his feet only to grit his teeth and hiss as his leg began to throb painfully. He sat back down, curling his fingers into his palm. “I brought them here,” Xander said. “They’re in pain and I brought them here.” He knew what he saw but he didn’t want to believe his eyes. He had no idea what just happened to Reshiram, but he knew it couldn’t have been good. He heard their cries right before they fused; he recalled the anguish in their voice and the palpable fear. Xander closed his eyes, taking in a shaking breath before opening them once more. “They’re my responsibility,” Xander said firmly. “I need to—hey!”


Evidently, Illidan didn’t seem to care about what Xander had to say. He yanked Quel’delar out of Xander’s hand, sheathed it, and before Xander could protest further, picked up the king with ease.
“W-What do you think you’re doing?” Xander cried, his face heating up. Never in his life had anyone picked him up so effortlessly let alone in a bridal carry of all things. Xander blushed in embarrassment at the predicament.
“Put me down this instance!” Xander commanded as he tried to pry himself out of Illidan’s arms. “I refuse to have you manhandling me when I’m needed elsewhere!”


Xander’s protests were quickly dissolved when Illidan told him to hold on tight a precious few moments before launching himself into the sky. Xander had plenty of experience with riding wyverns, but that by no means prepared him for being lifted into the sky while being carried in someone’s arms. Xander immediately pressed himself against Illidan’s chest, his hands wildly trying to find purchase somewhere around Illidan’s shoulders. Xander was definitely not pleased with his current position, but he wasn’t going to try and fling himself out of Illidan’s arms when he was far up in the air.

Unfortunately, the aching in Xander’s body only seemed to amplify. The worst of his injuries, the gaping wound in the back of his leg that was currently pressed against one of Illidan’s arms, began to act up. At first, Xander simply gritted his teeth through the pain just as he normally did, but soon enough a burning sensation engulfed his entire leg. The unpleasant warmth grew into a searing pain that shot straight through his veins. Xander let out a strangled groan, his fingers involuntarily digging into Illidan’s skin.  

“Put me down, Illidan,” Xander said with a serious, if not pained, tone. Another wave of pain washed over Xander. HIs body felt as though it was set aflame on the inside, singing his innards. Xander shuddered at the sensation, his teeth grinding together. “Illidan,” Xander said, his voice becoming raspier. “I think there’s something else wrong. I—” Xander moaned as another wave of pain shot through his leg. “I believe the sword’s enchantments must have affected me somehow.” There was no way the burning sensation was from the wounds alone. Xander had been sliced open a million different ways and it never felt like this.

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[ WHAT HAVE I DONE?! - Above the Marketplace -> Gate - Illidan ]


Illidan effortlessly glided through the skies despite Xander's protests before taking off. He was certain that the king wouldn't want to end up with an unforgiving drop to the market below, so he kept going until the gate was in sight. But then he heard Xander's protests turn to pain as the king's fingertips dug into his skin. Something was clearly wrong and he began to fear what had happened. No, goddess, sweet Elune, please don't be what I think it is...


One glance at Xander confirmed Illidan's fears - the Fel had entered Xander's body and was snaking its way through it, lighting up vibrantly in Illidan's Spectral Sight. Somewhere along the way, the blood from his wounds must have gotten into Xander's bloodstream, and like any demon's blood, that meant only one thing:


He'd corrupted Xander. By complete accident.


Illidan landed in front of the gate and lowered Xander to the ground. He took a few minutes to get his thoughts straight, to find a way to explain it without causing the king to panic.


There was no way.


"As much as I want to, I can't sugarcoat this one, Xander. It's not Quel'delar's doing... It's mine. N...Not on purpose, though, I swear to Elune! Our... Our wounds must have contacted each other, our blood mixed...! Elune damn it all, I should've found a healer first! Long story short, my blood hit yours, and you're corrupted with the Fel now, and it's all my damn fault because I didn't think of the consequences... again."


Illidan paused to catch his breath from his rather panicked explanation of what was happening. "Just... try not to move, all right? I don't know how much of my blood got into you, but... it's going to get very painful."


There was also a muttering of "I'm sorry" under Illidan's breath, but whether Xander heard it or not... he couldn't say. All he knew was that there was a good chance Xander was going to turn into a demon like himself.


And the guilt was eating him alive.

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The red-clad, mustached man closed his eyes with a smile and nodded, satisfied that he got the cat's attention. He pointed at them, drawing an s-curve in the air to symbolize air or mist. He waved his gloved hands and wiggled his fingers while raising his arms like a magician preparing for a trick, then put his palms together to mimic a pillow on which he put his ear to to pretend to sleep.


He leaned to the side to peer through the crowd where Prince Dreambert and a drowsy Luigi were waiting among those crates, and gestured for Aeolus to follow.


When the pokemon would arrive, the Pi'illo prince would welcome him. "Thank you for coming over, stranger. I am Prince Dreambert, ruler of the Pi'illo kingdom. You carry dream mist, do you not? Will you perchance be willing to part with some? We will compensate you accordingly, of course."


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Pascal (and Cid) -- Cid's Workshop


"Well, as long as you keep yourself out of trouble in every world," Cid chastised Sora.


"Hollow Bastion?" he repeated. There was a pause. Pascal made eye contact with the older man, and when he gave her a questioning look she just shrugged with her eyebrows. "I see!" he said after a couple seconds. "I was wonderin' why you looked a tad older. Taller, too! You probably wouldn't be able to tell I'm younger than what you remember, because at my age everyone just looks the same."


Cid clenched his toothpick between his teeth, one corner of his lips curling into a grin. 


"Has Pascal told you about the multiverse yet?" He asked. "That cloud-brain should've explained that there are a lot more worlds out there than you could have ever imagined. It gets more complicated, though! Not all worlds work on the same cadence, so it's real possible that the timelines don't line up. Given the recent instabilities of all these worlds, it becomes easier to exploit this fact."


The mechanic crossed his arms. "In other words, you can time travel using the extended power of the multiverse. You're from my future, Sora."


"Not only that," Pascal picked up, barely giving time for Sora to digest the revelation, "but the multiverse's got a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. Not only can you move along timelines, but you can hop between timelines because the frame holding everything together is so rickety now. A single universe can have an infinite number of shards mirroring it, each reflecting a different alternate reality. That's why it's so hard to pinpoint where exactly everyone comes from, because the right world isn't enough. We need the right time and the right reality, and now everything's sort of--" she wrung her hands together -- "mushed together like this."


"In other words, the cracking multiverse has caused alternate versions of worlds to leak into each other, making it harder to put everything back in its place," Cid translated. "Won't be surprised if you meet another version of yourself here in this marketplace."


Pascal had never experienced that herself, but she was sure that if it were to happen, she'd convince her alternate-reality self to join XDRS as well, so they could get things done twice as fast. (The only downside she could think of was the need to share her snacks.)


While Pascal was weighing the pros and cons of working with a double, Cid continued, "Last time I saw you -- or my timeline's version of you -- we were in Traverse Town and I asked you to deliver somethin' to Merlin. Since then, the instabilities threw my Gummi Ship off course and I eventually got here to the Black Market, making a living dealing in parts and fixin' things again. Pascal and her friends have been keeping me company while I've been doing repairs and upgrades and waiting for the storm between worlds to blow over."


"I hang around here pretty often," the young woman confirmed when she suddenly heard her name, and nodded her head. "Gramps has been pretty helpful with working out all the kinks of all our travel tech! And one day, I want to build something like the Highwind! And we can fly around freely, collecting your keychains!"


The mechanic chuckled. "You're in good hands, Sora. The XDRS -- they're good people."

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The man began to gesture with his arms. Aeolus let out a low hiss of confusion. The man turned, before gesturing for Aeolus to follow. He did so, wondering if there would be answers.


Compensation for... his Dream Mist? That had to be an interesting request. Most people didn't go looking for the stuff. Then again, he wasn't at home... home. He quietly summoned some Dream Mist, but held onto it with his psychic power as he looked for the speaker's reaction.

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Dreambert floats over to the Espeon, his red cape trailing behind him. He circles the ball of mist held together by a mystical blue energy, nodding to himself, while the green-and-overall-clad man yawns and rubs his eyes. "Hm... yes... This should be adequate for our use. Mario, do you have that 1-Up Deluxe I gave you a while back?"


The red-shirt man nodded, reached into the pockets of his overalls and held up a green mushroom-shaped item. "This is an item that can restore someone who's injured or knocked out back to perfect health. Trade? We have a bottle right here." He looks over to the glass bottle sitting on one of the nearby crates.


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Aeolus nods. "I think a healing item would be useful." He concentrates, telekinetically depositing the Dream Mist into the bottle and readying to the the mushroom






Aeolus walked away with his purchase, continuing to explore, before he was hit with a Quick Attack. A flash of blue and black zipped past, and Aeolus realised he was missing the mushroom. He began to chase after the thief, who was using Quick Attack to flee. Aeolus tried to grab them with Psychic, but it had no effect. Oh. Oh....


Aeolus tried again, but realised he hadn't missed. The thief was Dark-type. Immune to his attacks... except Yawn. And Yawn he did, using his gift of foresight to predict where the thief would be when he fired. The hit slowed them, revealing a Shiny Umbreon with the 1-Up Deluxe.


A minute oassed. The Umbreon fell asleep. Aeolus recovered the mushroom with his telekinesis, and bit down on the Umbreon's scruff, intending to get them away from the main paths. He saw what looked like a police officer, and approached the half-dragon in looks woman in black. The Umbreon had tried to steal from him....


"What's that you have there?" she asked, eyes narrowed.


"He grabbed a mushroom I was holding...." Aeolus responded.


The woman blinked, and took another look. She growled softly, prodding the unconscious Umbreon. "Well. So this is the Umbreon that's been stealing people's things? We haven't managed to get 'im before now. What'd you do, put him to sleep?"


Aeolus nodded, and the woman snorted.


"I should take this little rat to the jail." She picked up the still-dozing Shiny Umbreon and left.


Aeolus returned to his explorations. At one point, a telepathic voice got his attention.


A layered one. A Kyurem's voice... he knew it from the Dream World. Kyurem were bad news. He'd heard of them freezing people alive and freezing half of an Unova on one occasion, freezing smaller but still significant chunks of the involved Unova more often. This was bad. Very bad. This one had either a Reshiram or Zekrom, meaning thry were a demigod in their own right.


Aeolus bolted, hoping to return to the XDRS base or at least get off the bazaar.

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Philip had gotten some clothes that actually fit him, Ruby generously trading some of her feathers for the clothes. She said she was close to 'molting’ anyway so the feathers were easily removable and having such a very rare ruddy colour made it easier to trade for stuff. “Hey Philip,” Ruby said as they moved along. Philip had changed his shirt into something more appealing. He gave a soft growling sound in response to Ruby. “Do you think we should go find something to eat? I'm getting hungry.”


She didn't want to leave Philip by himself and lose him here in the Black Market forever. Philip gave a small nod as he turned, trying to find a place to eat. He wondered what type of food would be good for Ruby as he moved around. He would still need to get rid of his weapon altogether and never see it ever again. “Oh, I'm an idiot,” Ruby said. “I normally eat animals, moles, small birds, insects, and the like.”

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