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X-DREAMERS [mission 02: the otherworldly bazaar]

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[VS White Kyurem: Round 5]

White Kyurem readied themself to retaliate, before being tied up by vines. They struggled to not be dragged, but failed and suffered another attack. They did kerp writhing and struggling at the vines after that, though.


Slowly, Bowser's mind began to refocus and the pain from the impact nagged. He realised he was lying on his underside first, before feeling something squirm under him. There was also the feeling of something messing with his shell. Upon looking back, a bipedal fox thing that reminded him of Sonic when he'd been at rhe Smash tournament was messing with the Koopa's shell. Speaking of tge squirming thibg, Bowser should probably get off in case it's up to something. With a grunt, ge geaved himself off the ground... and realised it was Sonic he'd landed atop. Great. Bowser pulled himself back up to standing. Damnee ice dragon....


He roared snd let loose a burst of flames. Unfortunately, most of the damage he managed to do was to the vines holding the dragon. 




Most bystanders were clearing out. Phew - it looked like he wasn't needed anymore for directing evac. Kuraihi was sure the weird green dinosaur, the mustachioed guy in a winged helmet, and the twin mustachioed plumbers could handle the evacuation alone.


Kuraihi caught sight of the elf who'd helped fight the axe, and he looked distracted. The dark Skydancer was curious. "So ... why do you seem distracted? Because there's a rampaging dragon right there...."


A sudden snarl. Speaking of said dragon, Kuraihi had better pitch in. He reared up, and summoned a blast of light. The light hit, all right, but it didn't do much. There was a snarl, and the grey dragon broke loose from the vines.


"In the name of the Eternal Beacon--" Kuraihi instantly regretted attacking.


That thing didn't look happy.

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[ OH GODS THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING. - Kyurem Fight - Illidan, Agent 8, Noraeash, Oblivionix, Noreillan, Saen'theas, and Nora ]


Okay, focus, the octopus-girl thought to herself. A Bomb Rush obviously hadn't worked, so she was going to resort to her secret weapon: Her Sting Ray. Within minutes, she'd prepped the ink and fired. This weapon didn't spray ink to cover surfaces, oh no. Far from it. No, the Sting Ray was special in that it took the ink and fired it as a super-concentrated laser beam. If that didn't stop the beast, she didn't know what would.


It allowed the others some sorely-needed respite. Nora came to his Lord's side as Illidan answered the dark feathery dragon. "Distracted? Me...? Okay, so I happen to have a crush on a guy. It's not going to be enough to distract me, I assure you--"


"Your tone suggests otherwise, Lord Illidan." So it was a guy this time...? Eh, who was Nora to judge which gender his Lord preferred? "I thought you'd be over these childish crushes... Especially after how disastrous your advances on Tyrande were."


Just the mention of his previous crush was enough to irritate Illidan. "I thought I was over them, too, Nora."


Nora crossed his arms. "I'm dead serious, Lord Illidan. 'Fess up. Who is it this time?"


"T-That's private!"


"Lord Illidan, your distraction won't--"


Illidan interrupted Nora. "We need to focus on the fight!" By now the adrenaline was pumping, not only from the fight, but also from the stress of Nora's constant prodding...


"You're not any more focused than I am, Lord Illidan! That distraction of yours will ruin our chances!"


...and things went from bad to worse as Illidan practically exploded at that accusation, his voice gaining a demonic echo from both his anger and the adrenaline. "IT'S XANDER, OKAY?! MY CRUSH IS ON HIM!! NOW CAN WE FOCUS ON THE--"


By the time the adrenaline faded and he'd realized what he'd said, it was far too late. Embarrassment began to settle in as Illidan could feel nearly every set of eyes within a five-mile radius on him. Even the octopus-girl glanced over as soon as her Sting Ray was done firing. Illidan's face went entirely green - this was extremely embarrassing...

And then the embarrassment grew even worse when it hit him: Xander had been present to hear that! Illidan covered his face with both of his clawed hands. This is not happening, this is NOT happening...!


"...holy s***, Illidan..."

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(!!! - Bowser)

A shout. Bowser and Kuraihi both turned in surprise. The elf... confessing to a crush? An "Xander." Everyone was staring.


This was a battle! There wasn't any time or place for a crush when you were fighting an eldritch horror, for the Stars' sakes.... Bowser snarled and opened his mouth, but before he could speak, a large ball of fire hit him and anyone close to him.


(Bye, suckers. - White Kyurem)


The laser certainly hurt. Some more ice cracked, ice magic bleeding through... but that when a shout rent the air.


Everyone was freezing. Staring. ...it was too perfect! Too starlight-damned perfect! Some of them were even turning away, and the creature who'd yelled was now turning green....


Never stop paying attention to your opponent. Fools, the lot of them.


Two Fusion Flares began to blaze to life in their claws, a third above their horn. A few moments, and the flames got bigger. But the distraction had their opponents' attention. Good.


All three Fusion Flares rose into the air. With a gesture of claws slashing towards the earth, the fireballs began to descend. Flame spurted from them as they hit the earth, and several cries could be heard.


It was then that Kyurem turned and ran. Their injuries objected - no. They ignored the gnawing pain. **** it. They couldn't stop. Not now. Not when they could taste success. They growled and kept going. It didn't matter right now how much it was going to hurt later.


That would be less than their everlasting hunger. And finally they could see an end to the everlasting pain woven into their existence as Boundaries. They could stop hurting, hurting. So they kept running.


They'd gone too far now to give in to their wounds. Too far....

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Sora Round 'em Up!


Two blasts of fire raced past and Sora watched as the elemental bolts destroyed a second Shadow. He grinned. The ring of Heartless finished emerging, now beginning to scatter and move in sporadic manners. Some flatted themselves into the ground, out of reach of any attack. "Got it," the boy answered Pascal's request. Wind tugged at his hair and clothes as the young woman pulled magic towards her.


Leaping, he caught a Shadow upside its head, the end of his Keyblade knocking the Heartless sideways. He sprinted, trying to lure in as many as he could before rushing past Pascal. "Now's your chance!" He kept moving, hoping to be out of her blast zone before the magic was released. Her fighting style almost reminded Sora of Yuffie; not exactly but he could see the similarities. 






They were spreading, lured by the collection of Hearts and Darkness. The Door was left open and the World's Heart shown brightly. It sang. Where was the path to it? They needed to find it. Pools of Darkness began to form, sprinkled across the Black Market, and they took shape among the creations that inhabited the area. At first, no one noticed them. Why would they? They blended right in, among beings that knew not what they were. Shadows, Neoshadows, Soldiers, Blue Rhapsodies, Gargoyles, Heat Sabers.... 


Find the Door, the center of the World. Gather more Hearts....


They sprung into motion, hive-minded creatures with only two aims. The Hearts resting within these beings were ripe, the Darkness simply waiting for its release....


[Random encounters - If you have found yourself with nothing to do, here are some Heartless! You may engage at leisure and, if you need someone to battle you, I can be that opponent. Simply let me know in Discord with a Ping.]

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As soon as the ethereal vines grabbed onto the ice dragon, Sacred kneeled down before springing forward, sliding her sword out and drawing the green mana that clung onto it from the dissipating energy of her strike as she twisted, smashing the ice dragon again with her shield. As she did, she kept her ears strained for the screaming--there wasn't a change in its tone, but it did feel different in a way she couldn't describe. Sacred felt a flare of annoyance at herself, which she squashed down with a stern thought of I'll go ask Seria about it later. A swirling green energy surrounded her and she spun, gathering the mana around her again, and jumped up--

She hadn't accounted for the people fighting beside her to be unused to her grappling vines, though. As soon as she had jumped up, a gout of fire shrouded them and forced them to evaporate into green mana, and the dragon was freed. Without her guidance, whatever remaining vines acted as normal vines did, and the dragon stepped free of them--stepping away from her attack as Sacred landed and the green light exploded and dissipated into the ground.


There was a loud shout from beside her, shocking her out of her focus, and some people froze or turned to the shout. She flicked her eyes over to see a demonic looking thing being stared at, and she briefly wondered if it was also a threat before looking back to the ice dragon. To her horror, it was charging fireballs in its claws, taking the distraction of the others. She could feel the heat from where she was standing, and the heat was only intensifying--A white goblin chieftain, a flash and a boom, crackling flames eating their way down walls--she turned towards the others and screamed: "Focus!”

The fireballs landed, and she cringed, raising her shield. Did I fail again? 

Was the screams she just heard in her imagination? The dragon was running away.There was those screams that made her fight that were fading. What did I just say? Focus! Someone nudged her cheek. Sacred turned--Ponbiscuit was there, eyes full of concern. She vaulted up to her back, focusing her eyes on the retreating dragon, and in response Ponbiscuit opened wings made of starlight.



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Raine -- Kyurem Fight




Raine's expression could not nearly replicate how stunningly incredulous she felt. She let her arms drop to her side, wishing to berate the demon man, telling him to focus and make use of her enchantment before it faded, but no words came out. It wasn't worth the effort. Whatever respect she might have had for Illidan had evaporated for the moment, and she glanced over at Xander (the involved party) with one eyebrow raised. It seemed like very much had happened while she was gone, and she didn't think she wanted to pry. 


The ice dragon, however, didn't politely wait like everyone else. Seizing the opportunity, it charged up another attack -- this time one like a trio of flaming suns, each going a different direction. 


Without sparing time to think, Raine yelled and thrust her staff into the ground. A barrier projected outwards, enveloping both Xander and Natsuki just as fire crashed against the energy shield and exploded, obscuring their view with flames, dust, and debris. Raine's spell held firm -- she noted that the attack wasn't nearly as hard to defend against as the first one -- but she was certain that the enemy's parting shot wasn't aiming for destruction, but rather to cloak its departure. 


"We need to pursue them," she said to Xander with a hint of urgency. "It's using the explosions to hide its escape."

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Xander | Kyurem Fight


Xander watched with dark satisfaction as the red lightning struck a direct blow, causing the creature to hiss aloud as smoke emerged from its smoldering fur. While the dragon tried to recuperate, large vines burst from the ground and wrapped themselves around the beast, constricting it until it was stuck in place. The dragon squirmed against the vines, teeth gnashing at open air as the vines tightened its grasp around it. With the dragon trapped in place, defeating it would be simple once everyone gathered together and went in for one last round of attacks.


Unfortunately, Xander underestimated how uncoordinated a group of strangers would be during a fight. Soon after the vines held the dragon steady in place, a giant, blazing fireball was thrown into the vines. The flames ate away at the vines, burning them in bright orange flames. Xander pressed his lips into a line as he watched the dragon break free of the remaining vines. A glance towards the direction of the flame’s origin, Xander saw the giant turtle from earlier with a rather despondent expression on his face.


Whirling around to face the dragon, Xander tried to figure out what he could possibly do to stop the dragon without getting in anyone’s way. Getting up close and personal with the dragon was out of the question especially considering he didn’t want to get caught up in the crossfire between the creature and the other people attacking it. He couldn’t rely on clues from everyone else especially considering that he had no idea what sort of powers that they had. Glancing back at Raine and Natsuki, Xander’s frown deepened. He couldn’t leave his friends’ sides especially considering that they were both ranged fighters who couldn’t take many hits. Looking at Raine, Xander saw her lift up her staff as she powered up a spell. He recognized the spell when she had still been an agent; Raine used the spell to enhance the powers of others. There were only a few people who had attacked the dragon directly and considering that Raine probably didn’t know most of the people on the battlefield that meant she was helping—


Someone started shouting. Xander was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of a demonic voice that sent a chill down his spine. He clutched his swords, hands becoming white-knuckled as he spun around to face the new adversary. Much to Xander’s surprise, he didn’t see a new opponent raring to join the fray. What he did see was Illidan, who he swore was on the front lines just moments prior, crowded by a small group of people which didn’t make sense considering the immediate threat at hand. The man sounded frustrated as he shouted at one of his companions and with a start, Xander realized that the demonic voice had come from Illidan. The demon hunter growled at his companion before suddenly freezing, horror dawning on his face before he buried it in his hands. Xander stared at Illidan for a few heartbeats, contemplative as his mind tried to register what Illidan just said. Then, it hit him.






Not once since he joined X-Dreamers did he ever entertained the thought of becoming romantically involved with anyone. In fact, even back home being with someone had never been a high priority for Xander what with him being too busy rebuilding Nohr to even consider a relationship and the issue of producing an heir being solved through the existence of his nieces and nephews. With romance pushed back to the dark reaches of his mind, it only made sense for Xander’s mind to go completely blank as soon as Illidan announced his infatuation for everyone to hear.


Xander stiffened, eyes widening as heat rushed to his face. He was well-acquainted with crushes entailed especially since his younger, much more dramatic self thought that they were the throes of life. Obviously, Xander’s views of infatuation had improved since he was a teenager, but his lack of experience with romance had remained. Averted his gaze least Raine, who was staring at him quizzically, see the embarrassment that crept onto his face. Desperately, he began to file through his memories through any indication of Illidan’s crush. The man had been, to put it nicely, indecent to some degree but friendly enough to work with. Xander hadn’t even considered the possibility of thinking of Illidan in a romantic manner, but now that Illidan had confessed his crush, Xander wasn’t sure what to think. So maybe Illidan was a little attractive. Maybe he had lovely, silky hair that looked incredibly soft and maybe Xander was glad he had looked away because then he couldn’t be tempted to stare at Illidan’s ridiculously tone chest and wow they had touched each other a lot hadn’t they?


Out of complete necessity, because if Xander stared at the ground the whole time someone would get suspicious, Xander looked up. All of the confusing fuzzy feelings in his chest vanished as soon as he saw the dragon launch three large fireballs into the air.


“Take cover!” Xander yelled loud enough for everyone in the immediate vicinity to hear. Just as Raine’s shimmering barrier domed in her, Xander, and Natsuki, Xander, throwing all caution to the wind, raised his arm to activate a dragon vein. Immediately a wall made of dirt and rock launched itself into the air, destroying nearby stalls as it curved around the largest group of fighters. The fireball rammed into the wall causing rocks to crumble under the force of its power, but the wall managed to completely shield the fighters from harm.


As smoke filled the area obscuring Xander’s vision Raine urged him to follow the dragon. Xander turned his head. He squinted in the direction of where the dragon had been but he could not make out its shape through the blinding smoke. From the corner of his vision, he spotted one of the fighters race through the smoke, running towards where the dragon had inevitably fled.


“Gods, how are we going to catch up?” Xander asked. “Even if we do, we couldn’t bring it down with all these other people here. How do we stop them?” He thought of Reshiram and how they were trapped inside of the monster that was fleeing into the distance. Xander clenched his teeth, his fingers digging into Siegfried’s hilt at the mere thought of Reshiram being whisked away to some foreign world, forever trapped in the clutches of that ice dragon. No. Xander shook his head. That would never happen. He would sooner die than let his friend become someone’s tool. The only question was how was he going to get Reshiram back.

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[ From bad to worse. - Kyurem Fight Aftermath - Illidan, Agent 8, Noraeash, Oblivionix, Noreillan, Saen'theas, & Nora ]


"Take cover!"


Gods damn it all, Oblivionix didn't need to be told twice. She was quick to grab Noreillan, Saen'theas grabbed the octopus girl, and Nora literally dragged Illidan as they all took cover behind the newly-created rock wall.


It didn't take long for Oblivionix to notice that a certain golden-haired paladin was missing. "...oh s***!! Saen, Nora, your dad!!"


Horror washed over both men as they realized their father was still out there, in the midst of the explosion. He emerged from the smoke moments later, however, a bright golden shield surrounding his body.


Nora was less than amused, naturally. "...gods dammit, Ann'da... we thought you were a goner!"


"Even when a Divine Shield is brought up? To be fair, though... I cut it a little too close." Indeed, the paladin had a bit of skin on his left arm burned, and he coughed from the smoke entering his lungs. "I can heal the burn on my own, though, don't worry."


"...okay, enough about your minor burn, Nor. Can someone care to explain why Stormrage has a crush on a BLUEBLOOD?!" Oblivionix didn't sound too impressed - her opinion on royals had been pretty sour for a long time.


Noreillan was quick to stop her. "Better he has a crush on someone of royal blood who can terraform the very ground into a shield, than a murderous monster that we should probably start to track down. It is almost certainly gone by now, and only Nora and Illidan can see through this much smoke."


Oblivionix just couldn't argue with that, especially after he'd brought up the point of both Illidan's and Nora's Spectral Sight. "...eh, fair enough." She walked over to Illidan...


...and slapped him square across his face, causing the rest of the group to jump back in surprise and causing Illidan to hiss in pain. "OW!! What the hell was that for, Shadowstrider?!"


"You looked dumb, gawkin' like that. Now would you be so kind as to find our not-so-friendly neighborhood eldritch dragon beast?"


Illidan shook his head, getting over the shock of being smacked in the face, and squinted as his Spectral Sight picked up their fleeing opponent (and someone else pursuing it). "...good news is that I spotted it. Bad news is that it's too far away to catch up with on foot." Well... that put a damper on things. "...where did this come from, anyway?" he asked, putting a hand on what remained of the rock wall.


"Your latest obsession can terraform, Stormrage. He made that to save all our hides."


...that did nothing to help Illidan's crush, and it could be plainly seen with his face blushing green.


Between accidentally admitting a crush, to accidentally letting an opponent escape?

This was NOT Illidan's day.

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~Evonna- Hm.~


Evonna sighed and put down her bags. She didn’t think this through at all, maybe she should’ve found a cart of some sort. That would’ve been much easier, but did she do that? ...Nope. She sighed again, looking for a place that would sell at LEAST a rolling laundry hamper. Maybe there was something the girl could use that would carry her things. Hell, a giant bag would serve a better purpose than these brown paper bags. Goodness knew that the case the pistols were in was too bloody small for everything to fit.


She had just spotted one of those rolling laundry hampers that she thought about. There it was, pretty and blue and SO going to be hers, she would barter Antoine's pearl necklace and hopefully get some pixels out of it. Who knew the black market could be so much fun?


Something collided against her back and Evonna soon found herself face down on the ground, the bags scattered everywhere and a warm, heavy thing on top of her. What- or who- was it? The weight left as quickly as it came, and Evonna rolled onto her back to see what it was. She blinked a few times and the oh-so-cliche butterflies in her stomach made their way into existence. Who could make her feel like that, anyway? Who had the right?


It was a girl about her age, with long, flowing raven hair that reached her hips. Her round face was framed with bangs, and bright emerald eyes poked out from beneath those bangs. There was a rosy tint to her cheeks, clearly born out of total mortification, but Evonna didn't give a flying damn. Her eyes glimmered with intrigue, however, as she held her hand out to Evonna to help her up. Evonna took note of the way the girl dressed, how she appeared to have a thing for netting. Her orchid top exposed her midriff whilst her black shorts showed off her thighs to the world. What interested her most, however, was the thing at her throat. It seemed to be a headband from an anime she had heard of from around the 2000's, what was it... It was about ninjas, she remembered that much-- NARUTO. That was where she came from, wasn't it? Evonna took her hand and lifted herself up from the ground. The girl bent down and started gathering the bags, whispering "I'm sorry" as she did so. 


She had to say, this girl was a cutie. No, she was pretty hot. Evonna liked the way her hips seemed to curve, how that was emphasized by her little waist and her relatively small bosom. Well, they seemed to be around the same bosom size, if Evonna was to estimate, so she wasn't that small. Er, anyway. The girl had a prominent Cupid's Bow, which was one of Evonna's absolute FAVORITE features on a girl. It was a very strange thing to love, but she never really cared about what others thought, well, not about that at least. Finally, she spoke, and when she did, pearly white teeth flashed behind those lips. 


"Sorry, I should've been more careful. You okay?" Evonna nodded, at first unable to speak. When she gathered her bearings, she finally responded. 


"Yeah, yeah. I'm good." The two exchanged smiles, the raven-haired girl a bit embarrassed. 


"Good. I was, uh... Trying to get out of something. There was a fight... Uh.... Don't go west, or you'll probably get caught by the police or something." She stood with a poise, but she seemed pretty relaxed. Ev always liked a girl who knew how to chill, perhaps they could vibe. "I'm Chikako Tanimoto, from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Nice place, really. It's very, er... green." She snorted. "As implied by the name, anyway." 


"Yeah, I figured." Evonna laughed for the first time in a while. "I'm from, er... Gatineau, in Quebec. You've probably never heard of it."


"Alas, I haven't. But You seem to have heard of my village. Not shocking, considering this multiverse is full of what would be surprises."


"Mm. Yes. Indeed." The two girls continued to chat as they started walking, Evonna forgetting about that hamper that she had originally wanted. It would not be missed. She thought about it, and she figured she didn't want to miss seeing this girl again. They had learned a lot about each other within about ten minutes of conversation. Chikako had a twin sister, Sumiko. Chikako was the older twin, and she had an older cousin Saburou. She had two male cellmates, all three of their families worked with each other a lot. She used twin blades to fight, among the many jutsus that she knew. Taijutsu was her specialty, and her chakra type was water. Her clan name meant "of the valley", and their family symbol was a literal valley with a sunrise or a sunset, she was unsure. The three chakra types in her family were water, for the river, earth, for the mountains, and fire, for the sun. It was interesting, really. Evonna liked learning these things about people. "Hey, you should join our extra dimensional squad," Evonna suggested, "Maybe if I talk to Pascal she'll let you in, it's really cool and there are some AWESOME people in it. You'd be a great asset to our cause, er..." Chikako burst out in laughter. 


"I'm not shocked at the squad part, but that was so sudden!" She took a second to think. "Hm... I'm sure it'd be fun to train with some people without my own skill set... Meet some new friends...” She thought about it some more. Yeah, it would be fun, but she was really curious. For sixteen years she was never aware of a multiverse even existing, not until the day she accidentally stumbled into this bazaar. She had so much to learn, so much to do. Chikako had an entire notebook dedicated to the bazaar alone and all of her observations. Just imagine, all the things she would get to see! All the things she would get to do that she couldn’t do at home! She had made her decision. “Yeah, I think so. I think I'll do it. I'll just send a letter to the family... Or if I can visit them once in a while?" Evonna nodded. 


"Of course! Visit them, invite them to visit, anything you want!!!


Chikako grinned. “Then it’s settled. Take me to your leader?”


Evonna burst out in laughter.

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(Where'd you go?! - Bowser)


When the smoke started to clear, Bowser heaved himself off the ground. He coughed a bit. Curse all this smoke. The Koopa growled before coughing again, red eyes scanning the area for his opponent - wait. Crud.


The eldritch ice dragon was... running off? He could not let it escape. With a low growl, Bowser ran after the other two.


Problem was, he was slow. It didn't take too long for Bowser to notice that the dragon was gaining distance from him. He scowled and kept going, but soon ran into a crowd of shoppers. They swarmed all around him, creatures of all shapes and sizes from a furry blue and pale silver wyvern with wind blowing around them occasionally, to a horse with square pupils and sharp - canine -  teeth, to a trio of kids - one black-haired boy with round glasses and a lightning scar, one bushy-haired girl with buck teeth, and one freckly redhead boy, all humans who were carrying wands. Bowser tried to push past, but it was no use. He was stuck for now.




(Here come the cops)


It was in that instant the Bazaar police arrived. They were a ragtag group of all different species, distinguished by dark uniforms. In front of them lay a mess. Damaged stalls, terraformed earth, burned ground, and a lot of people. There were crowds being directed by others and more autonomously wandering in the distance, but these weren't of concern. The fight was.


"Get them," the leader, a vaguely equine and draconic creature, spat. She narrowed her eyes. "Looks like this lot made a mess, and disturbed the peace. I'd like ta know what they have got to say for themselves."

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[ OH HELL NO. - Kyurem Fight Aftermath -> Above the Marketplace - Illidan ]


S***. S*** S*** S***.


Things just kept getting even worse. If the speech and behavior of those creatures was any indication, then those were the local law enforcement.


Illidan was not about to be imprisoned again. And to hell with the idea of Xander being imprisoned either.


He was quick to spot the king, run up, grab him, and start flying once more. This time, he didn't even bother with the bridal-style carry or even speaking; he only had one thought in his mind: get himself and the king AWAY from the cops.


At least it gave him and his rather-unwilling companion a nice view of the marketplace.



[ The police are here. - Kyurem Fight Aftermath - Agent 8, Noraeash, Oblivionix, Noreillan, Saen'theas, and Nora ]


"Wait, Lord Illidan, what about--?! Damn it." Nora hated how Illidan never thought things through before acting. Now this left the rest of them to either deal with the cops or flee like he did.


And the octopus girl did just that. She ran before diving into the fuschia ink that hadn't been evaporated and all but disappearing in it.


Oblivionix had disappeared into the crowds just before the police had arrived.


Both Noreillan and Saen'theas had teleported away with their magic, with Saen'theas taking his father Noraeash with him.


This left Nora to deal with the cops alone. He sighed in anger.


"...I hate those guys sometimes."

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Qaksh -- Fruit Stand


"Yes, yes, those would be fine," Qaksh said telepathically for everyone to hear. The dragon grabbed the cherries from the rotund yellow creature using his telekinetic abilities, and tested their weight. What could the people back at base make with this? They were still in dire need of a proper cook, weren't they? Fruit didn't need to be cooked, but these things seemed like they'd take several humans to finish them in one sitting. Perhaps regular sized cherries would be a good idea? These would be... a novelty, at least. "We'll just take one, to try... You are usually here, right?"


The creature nodded, her whole body dipping forward since she was pretty much entirely head. "Always, sir! Mrs. Pacman's fruit stand is always open for business! That will be 320 pixels."


"I..." Qaksh trailed off. That was pretty cheap, for the volume. "We'll get a melon, an apple, a strawberry, and an orange too, then. One of each."


"Th-thank you for offering to carry all this," the dragon stammered to Circuit while fishing through the little pouch at his neck. Where did that blasted card go? Ah, there it was. He floated it over to the shopkeeper. "We're going to see if we can find some meats or grains, since not all of us... um... organics... can subside on fruit alone."

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Raine -- Kyurem Fight Aftermath

"Illidan! Stop this instant!" Her cries fell on deaf and quickly disappearing ears. She shielded her face with her sleeve, protecting it against the wind and dust whipped up by his takeoff. The two were already high in the sky, leaving her with Natsuki to deal with the aftermath. 


"Honestly..." she sighed to her fellow agent. "What kind of people has Xander been associating with? Don't tell me that someone as rash and uncon--"




"Seems like everyone is just running away at your presence," jeered a bipedal rhinoceros in uniform. He crossed his arms, tilting his massive head to get a look around. "Rookie!" he bellowed.


A green creature on four sturdy legs waddled over at the call, weaving through the guards. Three feet in height, it was wearing a dark uniform just like the others, tailored to fit her body and provide an opening for the giant flower bud on its back. Two little fangs poked out of her mouth and she had a red headband tied around her ears. Her expression was fierce and determined despite only being at the knee height of most of the other officers.  


"R-right!" she stammered. Arching her back, she released a cloud of spores that seemed to glint slightly green in the light as it spread through the area. She had given her fellow officers Worry Seeds to chew to counteract the effects of the Sleep Powder, and the strategy usually ended up being very effective in calming down situations -- until criminals began to catch on and eat worry seeds themselves. She was new to the force, but from how the veterans were talking about it, it was a constant battle of counter-evolving strategies. 


Right now, they just needed some calm from the chaos so they could sort through what happened.




Raine -- Marketplace Jail


Raine didn't remember falling asleep. The last thing she remembered was bewailing Illidan and his series of bad decisions, and she completed that thought: "--uncontrollable as Illidan is currently working with us in the XDRS. Twilight would have to at least provide some mandatory basic training to all new recruits, at this rate."


She paused, then sat up from the concrete floor. When did---? 


It appeared that she was in some sort of cell about eight paces across and five paces deep, imprisoned with a couple others: some awake, some still sleeping. The walls were of a dense stone polished nearly smooth, and the opening to the cell was barred by what appeared to be energy beams -- although without her staff she could not test if they were simply there to administer a shock or if they were much more lethal. The hallway right in front of the cell seemed to be a mirror wall and showed everyone's sorry state, but she had the feeling that it was two way glass that allowed officers to monitor the prisoners. She he could see from the reflections that there were other similar cells beside them in the hallway, holding other creatures.


Closing her eyes, she tried to sense the beings in the neighboring cells to determine who they were, but it was almost like... someone was preventing her from sensing mana. Her spells seemed to be blocked as well, as if she were under an anti-magic status. None of this surprised her -- it only seemed logical for a multiverse's jail to disable all the typical tricks any one being might have in their sleeve. 

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( He ditched us! But new friends, so...? | Sonic, Tails, Signless, Dualscar )


When Sonic and Tails came to, the hedgehog was immediately aware of where they were, not because he could actually see in the dimly lit cell, but rather because his entire body was having a reaction. A reaction of panic. "Oh..." He couldn't get out more than a sound at the moment, not trusting his vocal chords to actually speak for the time being. Sitting up, he looked around. First thing he saw was Tails, who - aside from the injuries sustained in the fight against that dragon-thing seemed fine - and thus he let a smile creep up onto his face. Then he noticed the distinct lack of a certain boy's presence. Joshua bailed on us! I mean, good that he was able to get away, but come on! Stick around for your friends why don't you?! Sonic sighed, pulled out of his thoughts by a new voice.


"Oh, thank the horrorterrors you're awake!" the owner of the voice said, voice full of relief. He sounded as if he'd genuinely been worried, which compared to some others he'd met lately was a breath of fresh air. And he had a friendly face to match the voice, too! "Your friend came to a little while ago; I was hoping you would too! I'm the Signless, by the way. It's nice to meet you."


"Vwantas, is the guppy avwake?" The other voice sounded deeper, more seasoned with life's hardships than the Signless's voice and was accented in a very strange way, and the violet mariner stood up from where he was sitting. "Good... Glad you came to, mate. Vwelcome back to the land a the livwin' lad. Vwhat's your name? You can call me Dualscar."


"Sonic. My friend is Tails."


"Vwell, here's vwhat I noticed vwith the Signless vwhen vwe first arrivwed here. Vwe can't use any semblance a magic, an our vweapons vwere all confiscated. Vwithout the Crosshairs I'm as good as marooned. An Signless vwon't be much use vwithout his sickles."


"That's implying I could fight in my current state. My wrists are still cuffed, Dualscar." Signless sighed, holding up the Cancer symbol shaped irons still clasped around his wrists while Sonic was thinking.


If I can get up the physical strength to do it, I can probably spin-dash the door open... I just need to get my energy back. "Leave the jailbreak to me, guys. I've busted my way out of jail before; I can do it again! I just don't have all the help I had last time. We'll bust out, get your weapons back, and get out. Sound like a plan?"




"I'll help however possible."


"Vwe'll leavwe it to you, then."

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Xander | Kyurem Fight —> Above the Marketplace


Through the clouds of dirt, Xander could see the silhouettes of people— both humanoid and otherwise—slowly approach the remnants of the makeshift battlefield. As the clouds began to disperse, Xander could make out the familiar outfits of the marketplace’s police. Xander let out a sigh of relief as he sheathed both of his swords. If there was anyone that could help take down and capture the dragon it was the local authorities. Xander wanted to rescue Reshiram as soon as humanly possible, but he understood the necessity of taking a step back and formulating a plan before jumping back into the fray.


Closeby, Xander heard a voice that drew nearly with every curse that it uttered. Before Xander could glance back to Raine and Natsuki and ask if they knew who was speaking, Illidan burst through the cloud of dust. Xander opened his mouth to speak but was quickly silenced by a pair of arms that wrapped around his body before forcibly pressing him into Illidan’s chest. Xander let out a startled yelp as he felt himself suddenly get lifted into the air. Xander could hear Raine’s astonished cry as she and Natsuki quickly become little more than dots on the ground as Illidan soared higher and higher into the sky.


“Is this a habit of yours?” Xander snapped as he tried to angle his head to glare up at Illidan. “Kidnapping me whenever you see fit? I am not some toy you can pick up whenever it suits your fancy! Unless that fire somehow tampered with your memory, you should recall that we were in the middle of something.” While Xander certainly would have appreciated his current position were the circumstances different, his desperation to rescue Reshiram spurred him to struggle against Illidan’s grasp. Unfortunately, what with his arms being pressed against his sides and Illidan’s arms being ridiculously strong, Xander could do little more than squirm against the demon hunter’s chest. “I refuse to let you take me out of a battle that isn’t finished!” Xander hissed.


Realizing that struggling wasn’t going to do anything more than tire himself out, Xander let out a frustrated huff. He spared one last glance over at his friends and the other fighters as the police began to move in. The police seemed to be parting away as a small, adorable green creature waddled towards the fighters. Xander assumed it was the leader of the police coming to talk to everyone about what happened. What Xander didn’t expect was for her to stand still as powder emerged from the bulb on her back. As the powder enveloped the area, both Raine and Natsuki, along with the other fighters, swayed on their feet before collapsing on the ground.


Xander blinked, shook his head, and then looked back at the ground. What he saw was no hallucination; the police had put everyone who was left at the aftermath of the battle and was now dragging them away, presumably back to whatever holding cells the market had.


“You have got to be kidding me,” Xander said as he watched the green creature high-five another officer with a vine that sprouted from her bulb. Xander took in a sharp breath as he dropped his head in defeat, his forehead to pressing against Illidan’s chest. He had no idea how long that police were going to keep Natsuki and Raine hostage and, knowing how they reacted to the fight, asking them about rescuing Reshiram didn’t seem like it would work out well. That was two potential missions and possibly one long, stressful call to another agent about maybe paying for bail with their already limited funds. He didn’t even know where Illidan was taking him, let alone how he was supposed to catch up with the dragon or free the other agents. It seemed like today was full of new and surprising ways to heighten Xander’s blood pressure.

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[ Above the Marketplace - Illidan ]


Hearing Xander yell at him did nothing to improve Illidan's mood, though he did eventually just... stop. The only movement now was in Illidan's wings, keeping himself and Xander in the air.


He'd failed to think things through - AGAIN - and now Xander was mad at him because of it.


That feeling of regret faded a little when he felt Xander's forehead - and the cold metal of his circlet - on his chest. Illidan himself turned just enough to see the same scene Xander had: the strange plant-creature spreading what seemed to be some sort of sleeping powder among their allies and dragging them away to Elune knew where.


One of them was Nora. His Illidari.


That alone was enough to cause regret to turn into rage. The faintest hint of that demonic echo crept up in his voice - nowhere near as intense as when he'd yelled at the top of his lungs - as he became increasingly furious at the scene. "...not again... They are NOT doing that to him again..." He clutched Xander tightly as he got his bearings, his Spectral Sight keeping an eye on where they were taking Nora (and likely the others).


And then he finally spoke to Xander once more. "I don't suppose you would have preferred joining the lot of them in prison? I was not about to allow the two of us to share in their fate. I wasn't..." He paused, his face displaying clear worry and regret, as he searched for the words. "...I wasn't about to become a prisoner again."


He paused for a minute. "...let's face the music, Xander, the two of us are NOT going to be enough to fight that dragon-esque beast. The Fel may be powerful and volatile but even it can't perform miracles. We'll need a lot more support against that... THING."


He watched as Nora's Fel disappeared into a specific building. That was... odd... how it had completely disappeared from his Spectral Sight... but useful. "...I think I've found where our allies are being held." Illidan found a rooftop closeby to what he assumed was a jail, and landed there, setting Xander down. He had that look - the look of someone who was about to stage one hell of a jailbreak - but... he was unsure. He was almost certain that the King of Nohr would not want to aid in such a thing. What kind of royal would even join in on something so... criminal?


"...you can either join me down below, or stay up here where your reputation won't be soiled... I'm not about to force you into yet another unwanted situation - we can both agree that I've already done that one too many times..." Illidan tried to hide the bright green blush on his face, and then drew the Warglaives as he looked over the jail for a suitable break-in point. "...but regardless of your choice, I am going to rescue my Illidari and our allies... just as soon as I find a suitable place to begin."


[ A prisoner once more... - Marketplace Jail - Nora & ??? ]


When Nora came to, he briefly had a sense of panic. A prisoner, again?! No no no no no--


"Oh. Good. You're not dead. I was afraid I'd gotten stuck with a corpse for a cell-mate."


This voice was... different. Child-like. Nora tried to tap into his Spectral Sight, but to his shock, it wouldn't work! Nothing would show up, not even his own Fel! He was blind as a bat in here! "My Spectral Sight...! Why won't it work?!"


"If it's magic, it's not going to work. They took whatever weapons were on you, too. Then even took my Dur da Bla, and my alchemy won't work no matter how hard I try."


Nora tilted his head to the side, then looked in the direction of the voice. "...don't you have a name?"


"Carol Malus Deinheim. You?"


"Nora Lightvale."


Damn Illidan, dooming his own Illidari to this fate. The Lord of the Illidari was going to get an earful when next they met...

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Xander | Above the Marketplace —> Marketplace Jail


Illidan’s outrage was wholly unexpected. Xander felt himself stiffen as he heard the low growl emit from Illidan’s throat. He let out a startled gasp as Illidan’s grasp grew tighter and Xander was momentarily worried might do something, but that concern was washed away as he realized that Illidan’s anger was directed towards him. Xander raised his head from the demon hunter’s chest to look back the battle’s aftermath. He recognized the man who had referred to Illidan as “Lord Illidan” being dragged across the ground by one of the officers. Xander could not pinpoint exactly why Illidan was upset, but if the man calling Illidan “Lord” was any indication of their relationship, Xander could sympathize with the notion of watching one of his subjects get locked up for something that wasn’t their fault.


Any words of comfort Xander had thought to offer died on his tongue as Illidan pointed out how his second attempt at kidnapping actually worked out in Xander’s favor. Xander felt himself bristle at Illidan’s tone, but he left his frustration dissipate as he swallowed his pride. Based on the way Illidan trailed off, it seemed as though he had a less than favorable experience with police in the past. While Xander was fine with letting the kidnapped go (he never thought he’d ever be okay with his own kidnapped) he was less than pleased with the suggestion to let the dragon go.


“It is my duty to protect my fellow agents,” Xander snapped. “I can’t just let that thing steal Reshiram!” Even though his voice was full of righteous fury, Xander could not help but see the logic in Illidan’s words. There were multiple people fighting the dragon at a single time with no support whatsoever on the dragon’s side and yet the dragon managed to escape just in the nick of time. Even if Xander did try to take on the dragon himself, he would undoubtedly fail and someone would have to carry his body back to safety. “No, you’re right,” Xander said after a long pause, his tone gone soft. He sighed and rested his head on Illidan’s chest once more. “Forgive my outburst. It was unbecoming of me.”


The two remained in silence until Illidan landed, gently unwrapping his arms from around Xander. Muttering a soft thanks, Xander pried himself off of Illidan before gazing out towards the building Illidan motioned towards. Xander could vaguely remember Shepard describing the jail on one of his previous trips to the market and the oddly dull—and least when compared to the colorful market—building seemed to match the description Shepard provided. When Illidan asked if Xander would prefer to stand back while he broke into the jail, Xander’s snapped towards him, his gaze hardening. It was odd that Illidan was thinking of Xander’s reputation now of all times. Considering how many potential “Xanders” existed in the multiverse Xander wasn’t sure if he had left a huge impression on the people he had encountered during his prior visits to the market not to mention that the giant rock wall Xander made in the middle of the market probably didn’t leave a good impression on the authorities. Besides, while Xander tried to be as noble as possible but, he had learned the hard way that honor was useless if the ones he was supposed to be protecting aren't around anymore. After all, honor meant nothing to the dead.


While Xander was more than fine with helping to rescue his fellow agents there was another problem. He quickly fished out the communicator on his person and held it out in his open palm. Breaking the agents out of jail, while useful, would absolutely not sit well with those in charge of the market. Xander wasn’t sure what he would say if he had to come crawling back to the base with his tail between his legs and explain to Twilight that he was part of the reason why the entire organization had been banned from the market.


Xander glanced up at the jail. He could see the last of the fighters being dragged into the building by one of the police officers. If the rescue was going to happen it had to happen now. Every second wasted was another second the dragon had to run father out of Xander’s reach, yet Xander found himself hesitating. He wanted to helps his fellow agents, but what if breaking into the jail just made things worse? What if he and Illidan failed and ended up getting captured themselves? Not only would another agent have to bail the rest of them out, but Reshiram would no doubt be lost for good.


Xander sucked in a breath. No, he needed to look at this from another perspective. What if that was his family locked up? What if it was Corrin or Camilla, Leo, or Elise carried off to the jail? Would Xander hesitate for them? How was this scenario any different? The communicator weighed heavily in his hand. Xander looked back down at the cube, brushing his thumb against the smooth surface. He closed his eyes and, exhaling a heavy sigh, pocketed the cube and accepted his fate.


“I would make for a poor king if I cared more about my reputation than the well-being of those I care for,” Xander said as he walked to Illidan’s side. “It does not matter if my name is run through the muck so long as I make the right choices and this? This seems like our best option considering the circumstances.” Xander held his hands behind his back as he glanced over expectantly at Illidan. “I’m afraid my experience in jailbreaks is… limited. How exactly do two people infiltrate a prison undetected let alone free the prisoners and escape unharmed?”

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( THIS IS STUPID | Sonic, Tails, Signless, Dualscar )


"Okay, y'all ready for this?"


"This is undeniably stupid..."


"You're goin' to hurt yourself guppy. I can feel it; this ain't a vwise idea."


"Nah, I'll be fine!" Sonic was crouched on the floor in a runner's starting pose, eyeing the electrified bars with a determination that only a man who had no idea what the hell he was getting into would have. He curled up into a spin-dash, charging up power into it while Signless and Dualscar watched wordlessly, completely confused by his actions.


Before Sonic launched, Tails spoke up. "Wait, Sonic! The bars, they're--!!" Too late. Sonic launched into them at full spin-dash speed, electrocuting himself so badly he actually passed out again. "... electrified."


"... you should a vwarned him before he did that."


"I know..." His ears wilt and his tails stop idly wagging, a look of absolute and utter guilt crossing his features.

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[ Not the best at subtlety. - Marketplace Jail - Illidan ]


Illidan had to make sure he wasn't mishearing things. Xander... actually wanted to help? When it put his reputation on the line? The Demon Hunter had never heard of any ruler - besides maybe Arthas - who was willing to get so down and dirty for the sake of those they cared about. Granted, Arthas wasn't exactly a good example of a ruler... but he could dwell on that later.


Still, the thought of breaking in undetected had already crossed Illidan's mind, but as far as escaping unharmed, that was more or less impossible.


For a few moments, Illidan flew on his own, surveying the perimeter of the building for the weakest point in its security. He managed to find a decent side entrance, but even it had a lone guard standing near the doorway. It looked like "undetected" had flown out the window.


He flew back to relay just that. "...okay, good news and bad news. The bad news is that there's guards at every door, so subtlety has basically flown out the window... but the good news is that I spotted where security is the weakest."


He helped Xander over to the side entrance he'd spotted, and thankfully, Illidan had a better solution than running in at the top of their lungs with weapons drawn. That single guard was not going to get out of this one unharmed. One Eye Beam was all it took to incinerate the guard and weaken the door's lock. Illidan helped Xander to the ground before running in and bashing the door down...


But skidded to a halt when his Spectral Sight went completely black. He couldn't see a damn thing in here; it was as if something was blocking his powers!


This was a problem - no powers meant no Spectral Sight, and no Spectral Sight meant that poor Illidan was as blind as a bat. No, worse. Even a bat could see better.


Panic settled in. "...Xander... I think I have a problem! I can't see!"


[ Idiot. - Marketplace Jail - Nora & Carol ]


The sound of electricity zapping something was quick to get Nora's attention. "What the...? What was that?!"


"Some idiot tried getting through his cell's bars. He got electrocuted pretty badly because of it. I don't think he's going to wake up again anytime soon."


"Well, damn. Now what?"


"We wait for a..." Carol seemed to grimace. "...a miracle." She hated that word, miracle. But if one was needed to get out of here...


Nora's ears suddenly twitched at the shouting he heard. "Wait... I know that voice! Lord Illidan, is that you?!"


There it was. There was the miracle they needed... even if said "miracle" was also being affected by the jail's anti-magic field.

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(Market Jail - Burakki)


The Shiny Umbreon noticed one of his two human-looking cellmates wake up and finish talking. Her yone was irritated - Burakki pricked his ears a bit. Not that much to say, though. She looked around, seemingly taking the sights in. So, new here. Considering the green powder dusted on her and the other human....


"So they powdered--!"


There was shouting. So... what was going on. The Umbreon's ears flattened a bit, his lip twitching. If it was the police again.... But no. Burakki glanced towards the "mirror", spotting a blue hedgehog-thing run at the bars before getting zapped. What an idiot. He sneered a bit, curling his lips back. Some people didn't know obvious dangers.


"...I say the idiot who ran at the bars is brand new. All my money on it." Like Burakki had any money on himself at the moment. Still.


There was more shouting several moments later. Burakki turned, raising his ears tolidten. And it was a new voice, yelling for someone else that they could not see. Well, what would make someone suddenly blind in this lighting... oh. Ofcourse. The anti-magic field and losing magical vision. He scraped a paw against the ground. "Sounds surprised. I think the guards are going to show any minute now." After all, whoever had been yelling had been foing so loudly.

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Anders [ --hey! ]


Anders folded his ears back and gave a few token lashes of his tail. There were worse things than being (hopefully) temporarily stuck as a cat -- there was that one time that Hawke made him touch an amulet that made him mute for three days -- but he wasn’t pleased by it. He was nearly defenseless and was completely unable to use his magic. What if someone got hurt? The small size and agility of a cat was useful for some things (mostly for lazing around in sunbeams), but being able to willingly shift back and forth was different. 


He was preoccupied with his sudden… condition, and so didn’t notice Keaton swooping down from behind him. Instinctively, he drove his claws into Keaton’s sleeve to keep himself from slipping. A soft growl left his throat, but when Keaton asked if it was alright he stopped. Keaton, well, he wasn’t actually bad at holding cats. Anders’ legs were supported properly, and he was pressed comfortably against Keaton’s chest. It was pretty warm, actually. Not having to walk or worry about getting lost or trampled underfoot was kind of nice as well. After thinking about it for a moment he let out a soft mmrph of assent. 




Anders’ fur puffed up and his ears flattened as the strong scent of fox hit his nose. One, small and cream colored, rested on the stall. He’d thought that they were going to meet cat people, not fox people. Foxes were fine, really! Small, and cute, and kind of like cats. They just also happened to make his cat body want to run or fight, so it would have been rather nice to receive a warning. He tried to force his fur to lie flat, but he was pretty sure that his tail would have been lashing if it wasn’t pinned against his body. 


Trying to help or not, he still didn’t want Kaden, a complete stranger, to touch his ears. He glared and Kaden and drew himself into a tighter ball, in the process snuggling deeper into Keaton’s arms. Fortunately the action didn’t take long, but Kaden’s assessment that the ears were real was hardly helpful. Wasn’t Keaton’s ability to hold him evidence enough? There hadn’t been any need to touch him. 


His bad mood wasn’t improved by Kaden’s inability to guess at how long the enchantment would take to fade, but a flash of white light and the appearance of a blond boy was enough to distract him from his irritation. His ears pricked up towards Ray and the boy and he extended his neck to better see. He mmrphed in amusement at the tangle of limbs that Ray and the boy had gotten caught it, but it was strange. The cream kitten hadn’t left the box until after he and Ray had touched the box, and he’d surely been exposed for longer, but Ray still had her ears and Anders was still stuck as a cat. Was the fading of the enchantment not entirely related to time, then? He hadn’t seen the cream kitten do anything else that could have broken the enchantment, unless heightened emotional states were a factor. It could be random, but that didn’t give them any hints about what to do next. 

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Xander | Marketplace Jail


Patiently, Xander waited for Illidan to survey the premise. When he returned, rattling off some basic information about the jail, Xander nodded affirmatively as he gazed down at the side door Illidan had mentioned. It made sense that the jail was secure considering the near infinite amount of kinds of magic or weapons the multiverse offered. Xander stayed perfectly still as Illidan flew both of them towards the door. Checking the perimeter, Xander didn’t see a spot where he and Illidan could hide while they made a plan of attack.

“How are we going to take down this guard?” Xander whispered as they drew closer to the door. “We can’t possibly just—”


Xander just barely remained to restraint a yelp of surprise as a beam burst out from Illidan’s sockets. The guard didn’t even have time to scream as the beam blasted straight into their head. Xander watched in shock as the guard lingered standing for a few heartbeats as though the beam hadn’t affected them before flopping to the ground. As soon as Illidan let go of Xander, the king rushed towards the guard’s side with the intent to check their heartbeat before moving them to a secluded location to hide the body or whatever else was necessary. Upon first glance, Xander could scarcely tell what species the person has been given had badly burnt their face was. Xander’s shoulder slumped stared down at the body, fully knowing that there was no use checking the heartbeat of a corpse.


The “rescue mission” was already to a bad start. Xander never intended to kill anyone; sure he wasn’t above protecting himself in self-defense, but this? Xander quickly checked his surroundings, suddenly paranoid that a second cop would wander into view at any given second. Even if the side door was one of the least patrolled areas in the jail, someone would eventually stumble upon the body and the jail would go on high alert, effectively making the missions extraordinarily harder if not impossible. At least if they moved the body somewhere else, they could buy themselves some more time.


Unfortunately, hiding the body apparently wasn’t on Illidan’s mind. While Xander mulled over his options, Illidan plowed down the door, causing Xander to jump startled, before marching inside. Glancing between the body and the now ajar door, Xander mumbled a curse under his breath. Praying for the gods to forgive him for such a hasty burial, Xander lifted his arm, causing a hole to form in the ground. He quickly moved the corpse into the hole, looking away in shame as he used his dragon vein to cover the hole before following Illidan inside. He didn’t get far before Illidan froze in place before letting out a desperate, panicked cry.


“What do you mean, you can’t see?” Xander asked, cringing at the volume of Illidan’s voice. He walked in front of Illidan and glanced up at his face. The green flames burning behind his blindfold still burned bright, but they appeared dimmer than before almost like the flames were beginning to slowly die out. That was… strange. Xander could see perfectly fine. What was wrong with Illidan’s sight? Xander could see the alarm clearly etched into Illidan’s face, but just as Xander was about to ask another question he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps. Right, Illidan had shouted loud enough for anyone in the immediate vicinity to hear. Xander glanced back at the broken door, realizing that even if he did try to shut it the chances of someone not noticing that it was nearly ripped off its hinges, if examined closely,  was rather low. Still, it was better to cover up their tracks; after all the guards might not investigate the door at all.


Quickly rushing back to the door, Xander attempted to shut it as quietly as possible. He took a step back, biting his lip as he took in the crooked angle the door was in. He glanced back over his shoulders as the dreaded footsteps grew nearer and nearer before looking back at the bent door. Good enough. Grabbing Illidan’s hand in a firm grasp, Xander pulled him down a random hallway, walking at a hurried pace. All along the sides of the hallways were different cells paneled with glass mirrors and an electric fence that was no doubt added for prisoners that could easily break through the mirrors. He could spot all sorts of people and creatures locked away in the cells, some still sleeping while other despondently staring at the wall or chatting amongst each other in low whispers.


As Xander, after peering around the corner to check for any cards, turned down another hallway he spotted a familiar set of silver and black hair. Raine and Natsuki were sitting in a cell, fully awake, with a black and blue animal. Neither of them seemed to have spotted Xander and, sadly, they probably wouldn’t. As Xander began to move towards them, he caught sight of a guard’s shadow at the other end of the hall. Tugging Illidan with him, Xander, sparing one more forlorn glance to his friends, turned down a separate and kept making his way forward and away from the fading sound of footsteps.


After turning another corner, Xander spotted an nondescript door amongst the sea of cells. Xander increased his pace as he made his way to door. With his free hand, he gently turned the doorknob and peeked into the room. Unlike the rest of the facility, the room behind the door looked homely. It appeared to be a break room of some sort with clean marble countertops in the back of the room with white cabinets above them and a large fridge in the corner of the room. There was a wooden table in the middle of the room surrounded by chairs. All along the walls were posters of different sizes of lengths, most of which containing motivational quotes with cute cartoonish images to go along with them.


Seeing that there wasn’t any other doors in the room and that there weren’t any cops inside, Xander pulled Illidan into the room and maneuvered him towards the center of the room. He lowered Illidan’s hand to the table in hopes that giving the demon hunter something to hold onto would calm him down, before grabbing one of the wooden chairs. Xander marched towards the door, shutting it gently before wedging the chair underneath the doorknob. Once he jiggled the doorknob, making sure it was properly jammed, Xander let out a sigh of relief as the panic gnawing inside of him began to slowly ebb away. For a second, the room was quiet. Xander closed his eyes and simply let himself breath as he gained his bearings. Then, reality sunk in.


“What the hell was that?” Xander hissed, soft enough so no one outside the room would hear, as he spun around to glare at Illidan. “You can’t just go around killing people! Self defense was one thing, but that was a police officer! I might has miscalculated how they would react after the fight with the dragon, but I knew they weren’t going to do anything as drastic as threatening our lives!” Xander began to pace around the around. The sudden urge to do something physical became overwhelming, eliciting Xander to open and close his hands repeatedly just to give himself something to do. Glancing at the counter, Xander spotted a white, cardboard box with a message scribbled messily on top of it. Upon further inspection, Xander could read “For Pumpkin’s first day!! (´∀`)♡” written in a cute, bubbly font. Unsurprisingly, his mood worsened.

“X-Dreamers isn’t above killing if need be,” he continued, forcing himself to look away from the box. “But if you’re going to be in this organization you can’t just kill anyone you disagree with or just simply being in the bloody way!”


Xander halted in place. He took in several deep breaths as he raised a shaky hand to run through his hair. No, he was going about this the wrong way again. Yes, he was against killing anyone who didn’t have to die, especially if he knew said person wasn’t trying to kill him back, but he didn’t know why Illidan had killed the officer. Presumably, the demon hunter had been taken out of his native world less than a day prior. If there was one thing Xander learned as a senior agent it was that everyone came from different worlds. Nata, as questionable as his behavior was, acted violently because of how he was raised and the intense violence that was the norm in his world. For all Xander knew, in Illidan’s world cops did respond to threats with deadly force.


Taking in one more deep breath, closing his eyes as he exhaled from his nose, Xander turned around to look at Illidan.

“Forgive me, I have no right to lecture you when I know nothing about you,” Xander said as he took a few steps towards Illidan. “We barely know each other and for all I know what you did was completely responsible. That said, I cannot assist you in this rescue mission any further if you insist on killing any other officer. If they don’t use lethal force, we can’t use lethal force.” Xander scooted himself towards Illidan. He rested his hand on the table, close enough to brush against Illidan’s own but slow enough to allow him to remove his hand if he deemed the contact unnecessary. “Please, refrain from taking the lives of any other officer. If not for the sake of the mission, then for my sake.”


Xander sighed as he leaned back. “That is if we figure out how to rescue anyone in the first place. I used a dragon vein outside so I know it works in this area, and yet I can’t feel anything in here. Whatever took your vision might have taken my powers as well. I spotted Raine and Natsuki while we were running from the guards, but the cells are covered with glass an electric bars. If we try to break anyone out we’ll cause a commotion, and even if we did manage to break anyone out chances are that everyone’s weapons were taken from them. With no weapons and no powers, they’ll be defenseless against the cops.” Xander rubbed his temple with his fingers. They needed a concrete plan before they could even attempt rescuing anyone, but without a map of the facility and no way of knowing the officers’ routine around the building, it seemed utterly impossible.

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Natsuki [ let’s just talk our way out and it’ll all be fine ] 


Natsuki hissed under their breath in frustration as Illidan carried Xander off yet again. This was too much to deal with at once. Illidan had abandoned them, Xander was kidnapped (again), the dragon was fleeing, etcetera etcetera, and they couldn’t even call for backup. At least the marketplace’s police had arrived to help. 




They picked themself off of a hard concrete floor, rubbing at a spot on their shoulder that had been caught between concrete and bone. They caught the tail end of what Raine had been saying -- something about Illidan’s actions proving that new agents needed basic training, which Natsuki completely agreed with. How much smoother would things have gone if they hadn’t dragged new agents out onto the field without so much as telling them not to kidnap people? 


That was something to worry about later. For now, they (along with Raine and some sort of cat-like being) were locked in a cell. The bars were made of some sort of energy, and the large mirror was different, but the general layout was recognizable enough as a jail. 


They stretched out their arms, testing their range of mobility. Oddly enough, they didn’t feel groggy or like they had a headache at all. No injuries, either. Their belt was gone, however, as were most of the contents of their pockets. Their captors had left the cube, however, which was either a major oversight or surprisingly polite. Presumably it was the latter, given how thorough they had otherwise been. 


“Will they?” they asked the black cat-like being. “Good.” The sooner the guards came, the sooner they could clear up the misunderstanding. Natsuki hadn’t even fought in self defense, so they knew that they hadn’t done anything illegal. If they were lucky, the dragon that had attacked Reshiram had been captured as well. They didn’t pay much mind to the yelling from the other cells, as there was really no reason to panic. It’d all be sorted out soon. “In the meantime, I’ll call Xander and let him know that we’re alright.”


They held the cube out in front of themself and tapped in Xander’s number. “Xander? This is Natsuki. Raine and I are in police custody, but we’re unharmed and in no danger. Please report your status. Over.” They tried to keep the worry out of their voice. He’d been fine the last time he’d been kidnapped, and worrying would do no good. 

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Raine -- Market Jail


The partitions and the anti-magic field didn't stop Raine from hearing the commotion around her in other cells, and if she focused and strained her ears she could hear distinct conversations going on. She couldn't help but sigh at the rash decision one person made of charging the bars straight on. She had the sense that they were electrified -- she didn't need someone to run into them to figure that out, but at least it was good to know. It was unfortunate that not everyone had the insight to find out that the bars were bad news. 


The feline-like creature in the cell with herself and Natsuki seemed to wear a smirk upon its fangs. She nodded and rubbed her temples, agreeing that the people in the next cell were fresh idiots. She didn't see the black quadruped in the battle, nor did he talk like he got thrown in at the same time as the rest of them, so it was likely that they were already here at the time. Were they mistakenly imprisoned like herself, or something more sinister?


Her ears perked at a new voice. Somewhere in the distance she could hear Illidan yelling something about not being able to see, and one of his men -- which she recognized from the fight earlier -- had called to him. But no response.


Great. Illidan was one of the last people this situation needed. Like level-headed, logical and competent Natsuki, Raine believed that a simple talk with the police would be enough to sort out the misunderstanding. Knowing Illidan's history, however, the healer prepared herself mentally for more trouble down the line because someone wanted to break in and play hero. There was a fifty-fifty chance that Xander had accompanied the demon (higher if their relationship was indeed... reciprocal), but the easiest way to clear this misunderstanding was to contact the king and get him to do some paperwork to free them.


"Good thinking," she agreed. The cube was a strange object that appeared to have no value, but once Natsuki had activated it, it was easy to infer that it was some sort of communication device. "If we can get him talk to the administration to let us out, that would be fantastic. Second to that, tell him to retrieve his boyfriend. He's wandering the jail looking to break us out, apparently."


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(White Kyurem)


The hoof-steps behind White Kyurem weren't stopping or getting fainter. Kyurem's skin was absorbing oxygen as fast as it could, but they were still running out of energy. It didn't help any that they were starting to feel their injuries. Accursed pursuer wasn't getting lost anytime soon.... The dragon let out a low snarl as they kept running.


White Kyurem's eyes scanned the area for any avenues of escape. No crowds. Great. There was, however, a big stone building with guards... and if Kyurem's pursuer fancied themself a hero... perhaps. Kyurem turned towards the building, charging at it.


Flame kindled in Kyurem's claws. They stole a glance over their shoulder, before raising one claw and slashing out with it. The sweeping motion Kyurem's claw described dictated the arc of the ball of fire, which slammed into the building. It scorched the side, cracking some bricks. A guard screamed in pain, burned, and two more raised their weapons. Kyurem summoned earth magic, creating a shockwave once again. The guards stumbled, one falling to the ground and suffering burns from a geyser of flame created by the Earth Power. The wall cracked some more, and Kyurem rammed into it. They threw all their might and weight that they could into the hit. Several shocked cries reached their ears as dust and pieces blasted outward. Kyurem's ice cracked, suffering damage from the physical attack and the reaction that followed, but as their momentum continued the leaking ice magic lessened to barely-sensable levels. They blinked and tried to summon ice, but it did nothing as the damaged walls continued to break. Kyurem snarled again. This couldn't be...! The dragon lashed out with an icy claw, putting a hole in a damaged wall and cracking the ice a bit. There was a surprised yelp from a Shiny Umbreon. Kyurem swung a claw, and the Umbreon scrabbled away, fleeing through the open front of the cell. There were things on the side that looked like they were supposed to generate..  something. Didn't matter. Kyurem turned to face their pursuer and the creatures in the cells. It seemed the pale grey dragon still had their strength, even if their magic was muzzled. The last guard tried to attack with his tusks at that instant, gashing White Kyurem and calling their attention to her which led to a bite.




(What the... - Bowser)


Smash. Crack. The noises caught Bowser's attention. He rumbled, eyebrows furrowing. The Koopa swung his head around, narrowing his eyes. Where was it? After he'd just got out of the darn crowd.... He snorted a bit of smoke - before tensing up. Oh. Stars above.


In the distance. That eldritch dragon. The Koopa's body dropped a bit in response, and he began to run. Bowser momentarily observed that there was dust, and there were creatures - some injured. Just went to show. That eldritch beast was bad news.

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