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These are some very newbie questions but... how do I 

How do I use Precognition on a Hatchling/Egg? 

How do I know what breed my dragon is? 

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To use precognition you need an Aeon Wyvern dragon, like this. Precog is their BSA.


Via the site, you won't know what breed your dragon is until it grows up! If you want to know, however, you can always check out the dragon cave wiki.

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When your dragons have grown up (Adult stage), they have a description that features the breed name, amongst other things!

As you raise and view more dragons, you will also unlock the different breed pages in the Dragon Encyclopedia (in Account), and find out more information about each breed.

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I think the Which egg is which? page on the wiki will be the most helpful for you. :) 

If you need any bred dragons - BSA or otherwise - let me know in a PM. I love to help out when I can.


ETA: I'd also suggest that you ask for a mentor in the Mentoring Project to help you through the first steps here.

Another page that you might find helpful is DC's help page

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