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DUPLICATE:The Last Post Wins

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This is a game "Inspired" by a thing on the Terraria Community Forums. Basically, it's a place where you can post with no rhyme or reason, and the definition of meme hell. Back on TCF, the thread gained a fairly large community, and I wanna see what happens in the DragonCave community, as the two are extremely different in many ways.


Rules: use common sense, anything that applies on the forum's normal rules apply here.

Don't spam. Posting frequently is completely different to spamming one letter over and over.


TLPW has a discord which was created for the terraria side, but I may add a link to it at a later date.

(If there are any issues with this thread, please just remove it, I won't have any problems if you do admins.)

So without any further ado, let's start the game which is nearly impossible to win!

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the that-one-on-that-one-server-that-i-used-to-play-on was 90% I M W I N N I N G.


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i is le bad girl

too bad borf is camping and cant punish me

(I get the feeling we scared off Stellalunastorm lol)

(Either that or they went to bed)

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There's already a game exactly like this one.  I'll close this one and leave a link here.



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