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DUPLICATE:I think my birthday luck is strong

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A little backstory: I'm new to DC, joined a week ago about. And my birthday is on June 21st, so for all of you East Coast/whatever country time-zone dudes who are at least an hour ahead, it's already time. (I'm a West Coast lady)


Anyway, I've been really lucky this week DC-wise. Maybe this isn't much for a platinum-trophy senior player, or maybe they're actually pretty basic despite their Rare tag, but I got my third Xenowyrm this week a few minutes ago! I got them all from the abandoned page if any of you were wondering. First I got the Pyro, then the Chrono, and now the Thalassa.


This has got to be a blessing of some sorts. Or maybe it's normal? Let me know, please. I'm still happy honestly!

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As this is the General Discussion forum, all DC-related enterprises and achievements should be discussed in Site Discussion

We also have a specific thread in Site Discussion called The Congrats Thread for the purposes of talking about personal achievements and victories :) 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic.
  • Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic.
  • Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered.

If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.

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