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List breed on scroll

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I joined in 2009 and used DC for quite some time. Then life got crazy and am reccently back trying to catch up. 

I was thinking how helpful it may be to list the breed on the scroll (eggs, hatchies, and adults). With an option to see explicitly which breeds you’re missing!

Its hard to keep track of which dragons you still need or ways to QUICKLY find how many breed you already have. 


Sorry if this is dumb and Ive just been gone too long to recognize an easier way to do this

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What exactly do you mean by list the breed on the scroll? Where on the scroll, exactly? The scroll view is fairly crowded as it is, honestly... I would love a simple way to see what breeds you do and don't have, but I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it. 

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Perhaps underneath Type? So like Egg - spring dragon. Hatchling - Guadian of Nature

Or if there was a way on the scroll

to have a line break so that if you sorted by breed it would say


list the 6 you have

Red Dino

then show nothing below to show you have zero 

Red Finned Tidal DRAGON 

list 7 you have


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@Kaini The encyclopedia doesn't show what breeds you do and don't have, though... You'd have to sort your scroll by breed and then go through your entire scroll comparing it to the encyclopedia, for the encyclopedia to be of any use there. 


I definitely would not want any sort of actual line break, actually physically separating the breeds like that. If there was a way to put the breed underneath the 'type' in a way that wouldn't screw with the format/spacing we already have, that would be nice, but some breeds have awfully long names so I'm not sure that would work.

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I'd suggest to temporarily sort your dragons by breed (top right corner drop down) and compare to the Encyclopedia, and then check the wiki for egg descriptions. Also encourages you to click all your dragons of a given breed if you haven't unlocked it yet.


Personally, I think the scroll shows enough information as it is, but then again, my brain keeps all the useless stuff (like for games) and nothing that would be necessary for living. :rolleyes:

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