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ANSWERED:Valentines Event - An Error Has Occured

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So ever since the first day of the event (before the first maintenance), I keep getting "An error has occured" both when I try to get a flower and when I try to access the cards page. At first, I didn't really mind, so I waited it out, but I kinda want to see the cards I got and try to send a few back before the event ends...


I tried different browsers and clearing the cache. I had to format my pc a few days ago, so the problem is not the cache for sure.


The last thing I remember doing before this started: When the dragon finished searching, I got the flower and then I went back to the previous page and hit refresh. The page was taking a long time to load, so I hit refresh again and then the error started. The page for the cards also started giving the same error after that.


Thank you in advance!



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10 hours ago, TJ09 said:

Try loading the page now; it should be working.


It looks like you do have a few cards waiting for you.


Thank you so much!

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