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    Beautiful Christmas Badge made by Xeriina http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=147207&st=0&#entry7939196

    :::::::::::::::::::::::3rd gen Shimmer Gold x Lumina Trading
    Gold Shimmer male (Simoniac Line) x Lumina

    Not open anymore. Sorry for the wait everyone, I will try to clear the list asap. Life is really busy right now, so I can't keep up with breeding. I only come to DC during events, so I will try to breed it around Holidays.

    Old entries that were already filled or received no answer were already deleted. If I missed your trade I probably had it in my old list which got deleted, so please PM me again. Thank you! And sorry for the long time wait!

    Again, if I owe you something, PM me! I went MIA for a year and lost my IOU excel list, so I tried my best to build it up again by re-reading PM's, which aren't really enough.

    Breeding Hiatus - February 2015 - December 2016
    Last updated: 30th December 2016
    Last Bred: 24th December 2016 (got a lumina egg - dropped)

    If your name nas a "no reply?" next to it please send me a PM to say you are active again and I can go back to you once an egg is bred!

    1) MaximumOccupancy - (no reply?)
    2) QAndais - (no reply?)
    3) Justarius - (sent egg on 28 December 2014)
    (pause because no time to keep up with breeding - will resume after valentines)
    4) dreamer23 -
    5) Xtals -
    6) Mamamaus - (no reply?)
    7) DragonNeko
    8) linda3.0
    9) Tiger_Rider
    10) Evolette

    ~~~~~~~~~~**Thank you's**~~~~~~~~~~

    SnowSherry For my first gold egg (female)
    alicecake23 For my first Thunder egg (I owe 1 silver -> paid)
    SaeginBlight For my first silver tinsel/general tinsel
    kirby007 For my first Blusang
    Teufala for a beautiful 2nd gen PB red
    moondemon88 for a very beautiful Sunsong
    cerimonster for my first Golden Wyvern
    Merewen for my first Gold Tinsel
    Psykotika for a glomp gift of a Silver Tinsel
    Isomanic for a damn good surprise Shimmer!
    Darth Krande for a glomp gift of a Silver Tinsel