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    January 1st 2020 edit: So I rarely come here anymore, just during Holidays when I remember. So I'm not doing any breeding requests anymore... I'm working on catching up since I've missed a lot of releases since 2017, but don't count on me to be around for long...
    I hope anyone reading this has a very happy and successful 2020! :)

    ~~~~~~~~~~**Thank you's**~~~~~~~~~~

    SnowSherry For my first gold egg (female)
    alicecake23 For my first Thunder egg (I owe 1 silver -> paid)
    SaeginBlight For my first silver tinsel/general tinsel
    kirby007 For my first Blusang
    Teufala for a beautiful 2nd gen PB red
    moondemon88 for a very beautiful Sunsong
    cerimonster for my first Golden Wyvern
    Merewen for my first Gold Tinsel
    Psykotika for a glomp gift of a Silver Tinsel
    Isomanic for a damn good surprise Shimmer!
    Darth Krande for a glomp gift of a Silver Tinsel