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ANSWERED:Silly Hatchling

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I happen to have one of my sweetling hatchlings nu5i0 going through an odd moment. I click on it and it brings up a tombstone with the error message "An error has occurred" which is odd. especially since I can click and check out the rest of my hatchings and adults, but not that one. Not sure if it's temporary, or if my hatchling has skipped out of town on me for a second. (Or more than a second since this has been going on for a couple of hours.) I thought the maintenance would reset it, but it's still the same. I figured I'd bring it up here, and let you have a peek or at least let me know if my own mind has lost it's marbles. (Would not surprise me.) I might be the only one, I might not be. Give it a poke and see what you think pretty please?


Thank you bunches for your patience and time!!


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Refreshed and silly thing was fine. Go ahead and take the post away. Apparently I need to give that hatchling a stern lecture...

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