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Warped: Multifandom Academy 2.0

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Welcome… To another unnecessary reboot.


But not just any reboot…




So. Here’s how this works.


You’re on a planet called Mul’tilennaya, which is basically like planet Earth, but the land is all in one giant supercontinent, think Pangaea. It’s a very lovely place—- or at least it was.


Suddenly, one day, the world-renowned Professor™ creates a machine, one that can send anyone from any dimension. Sounds like a very convenient system, one that works well for interdimensional relations and trade. However, initially something went wrong. What happened was the machine hiccuped and sent all sorts of evil into this innocent planet. They split up the planet into sectors, but still they war amongst each other. One rose above the rest, and rules the planet in an organization known as the Dark Order. Where they are is currently not disclosed to the Academy, but will be found.


Professor decided to fix the kinks in the system instead of giving up. They first brought in a small band of heroes to begin a resistance against the Dark Order. Then they conquered Sector 2 with great and valiant efforts. Professor had an idea. They decided that in order to defeat the Dark Order fully, they would begin a school in order to train young minds to help fight back. They, along with the remaining heroes who fought valiantly in the First Victory, began working on Mul’tilennaya Academy.


The Academy is a part of Sector 2- which was reclaimed by a small Resistance force. This consisted of the main temple in Sector 2- which looks like [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=175672&view=findpost&p=9273257]This[/URL]. Above it are floating islands with the remnants of old barricades and a wicked looking castle with teleportation turrets. Professor has renovated this castle- replacing the ramparts with stunning gardens to keep oxygen flowing through the islands. The torture rooms, etc. were made into classrooms and dorm rooms- WITH AIR CONDITIONING.


The temple was renovated with a basement, glass windows around the base of the temple to let some light into a rather state-of-the-art gymnasium. At night, lights turn on so that this gym is available 24/7. There is a wide court for various sports, several weight and exercise machine rooms, and a full-on dance studio for those who are so inclined. People go through the main floor to enter and exit the school as needed. The main floor houses security guards who fly around on dragons. Dragon transportation services and teleportation services are also available for students who are unable to fly or teleport to the main school on their own. With the many different transport services available on campus, it is typically expected that students are in class on time. However, the occasional accident has happened once or twice (luckily nobody was hurt), and the school has an emergency system in the event students are in any danger of falling- there are teleportation bracelets/tags that students MUST RECEIVE when they walk into the school. These devices are triggered if a student is falling after a certain distance downward. If the student can fly or teleport or float, they are given special devices that ONLY work after a certain time the student is in free-fall. No student has died under Professor’s watch.


There is an auditorium on the third floor, which is absolutely gorgeous with a view of the sky above. The roof is retractable, in the event of inclement weather. The seats are adjustable for all different kinds of beings.


We have a number of core classes at the Academy. Here are our basics:

  • English (Literature, Writing, Poetry, Journalism)
  • Math (Algebra 1+2, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Fundamentals)
  • History (Mul’tilennaya history, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Archaeology)
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Forensics, Environmental Science)
  • Performing Arts (Choir, Band, Orchestra, Theater, etc.)
  • Physical Education (various)


We also have classes that are essential for battle, INCLUDING but NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Basic survival
  • Basic combat
  • Weapons classes
  • Self defense
  • And so much more!!!


Teachers often take charge of a core class and/or a battle class, but they will bring in something that is unique to their own abilities and their own. If there is something you want your character to be but don’t see it on the list (security, custodian, etc.), feel free to let me know! I will most likely approve unless I feel there is a shortage of students and teachers, because they are Very Important™.


Now for the dorms. They are arranged in three-bedroom suites. There can be six students to a suite, and each bedroom can provide for two students. This allows for students to interact, but if a student wants a room to themselves then this is a possibility. There are also two bathrooms, which hopefully is a little more convenient than just one. We cannot have 6 bathrooms to a suite because it’s a bit more of a pain to design whilst maximizing the number of suites to a floor, which is usually 6. The islands that the residence halls lie on are a bit small for these sorts of things to be possible. There is also a communal kitchen area and a small living room-like space. For a better idea as to how these suites look, refer to this image: https://i.imgur.com/HCxGisp.jpg[/IMG].


Now that we have the basic information out of the way, let’s have a look into the rules of the RP, so as to make this RP as safe and enjoyable for everyone as we can!


I have a Discord for this RP which counts as the OOC thread. I will not have an OOC thread because it rarely gets used, in my experience. Check it out here: [URL=https://discord.gg/hvg7EUW]https://discord.gg/hvg7EUW[/URL]

~General Rules~


  • All Dragon Cave Forums rules apply
  • No god-modding.
  • No suddenly “figuring out the answer to everything”. This RP is still, in a way, a living being. It will grow and develop on its own, and there is no definite “answer” to the multiverse. The multiverse is very mysterious like I said before, so it's not going to be discovered right away. Especially if it's by a character that's usually deemed “weak”. That's not only cliché, but it's not fair to the other people in the role play. It should be a team effort. If you have any ideas, please discuss them in the Discord.
  • Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/interact. Don't make another rper’s character do what you want them to do.
  • Try to avoid explicit scenes. My line: If clothes start coming off, black out. Not sure why you'd wanna do that anyway in the middle of battle or something, but okay. And if it gets too gory, PLEASE be vague or fade to black.
  • All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored. And please don't curse all too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth. But like I said, censor it.
  • Please do not begin until I give you the okay to do so. This means until you’re approved AND once I’ve made the opening post.
  • BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I don't want to see people bashing each other. You will be reported. I'm not playing.
  • Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. But if I'm absent for too long, just send me a message on Discord or ping me in the server. GENTLY though.
  • You do not need to be in the other Warped in order to be in Warped Academy!!! Since this is an AU, you are more than welcome to join! But you’re also welcome to join the other Warped as well!
  • TO SIMPLIFY THINGS: The student age range is from 13-19. Please let me know if a student has an age outside of that range- I understand some creatures have weird age scales, so just check with me to make sure it's okay.
  • You can absolutely join if you don’t know all the characters. That’s why we have character sheets (see “On Characters”.) It never hurts to read up on the universes that other characters are from.
  • Rules are subject to change, be added or removed at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.
  • Have fun~!

~On Characters~


  • You can have up to six characters. Since I (Mika) take Professor, I have seven. I'll have a character list down below.
  • No villains please! We’re currently using the villains from Warped 2.0, HOWEVER they will simply be NPC’s whom I’ll randomly select to attack the academy on occasion.
  • You MUST fill out a character sheet. This is so everyone is aware of the diversity of characters and the characters’ personalities, etc. BUT: Your character can’t automatically know everything about another character UNLESS they're from the same franchise. If it's an OC, they can know a character from the same franchise, but you have to put in the character sheet HOW they know the canon character!!!!!! It's not magic, you know. Please enter those sheets on the Discord server!
  • You can use both OCs and canon characters. Just take a quick peek again at rule number 2.
  • NPCs are allowed.
  • PLEASE KEEP CHARACTERS DIVERSE. I had tried this RP on Flight Rising, and there wound up being a lot of a certain fandom, and someone left because of that, among other things. Just check the character rosters before you sign up. :3
  • Two characters can fill one character slot, AS LONG AS they usually work as a unit. Like a trainer and a Pokemon, (going by all seasons except Season 4) a Digidestined and a Digimon, Rey and BB-8, etc. I'm okay with that.


~On OCs~


  • NO MARY SUES. Please.
  • Like I said above (see “On Characters”, 2), your OC CAN know a canon character. But you must say HOW they know each other in your character sheet! Please.
  • Don't make them friends/enemies with everyone. Just because everyone is united for a cause doesn't necessarily mean that they're all buddy-buddy.
  • Please don't give your OC’s past away in the first actual RP post. These things should take time to be revealed piece by piece. You do need to give a character’s background when you sign up, but it's not necessary when you start your RP posts.
  • Don't put too many OCs in. If this were an OC roleplay, I would have put that. BUT it's a multifandom. Please put in some canon characters. And make it diverse!!!
  • Try not to break any canon relationships. I will delve into this further in the next set of rules.



  • Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This is a rule that applies for every character, i.e. if Anakin and Padmé are together and you're playing them, don't make it so loud-and-proud that it interferes with everything. There's a reason those two had to keep their love a secret. Other examples: Taran and Eilonwy in the Prydain Chronicles, Max and Fang in Maximum Ride before the book Fang, Alek and Deryn in the Leviathan series, anything that is NOT Twilight. Anyway. Just be mindful of that.
  • I strongly suggest no incest, unless it's joking. That's just a personal thing. Also a general rule.
  • Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool. But otherwise, if there's romance off the bat, sometimes it becomes either obnoxious or nonexistent.
  • Don't argue over popular ships! If you can't agree on the ship, I will ultimately decide what becomes canon or just say ships with said characters cannot happen. Mikasa361 ex machina, if you will.
  • Ships may be based on the sexuality of the character. That being said, crack shipping moments are allowed, as long as they aren’t too raunchy.
  • Like I've previously stated (“General Rules”, 3), talk to other rpers before you make something happen if both characters aren't yours. If they're both yours, fine. But go back to romance rule number 1.
  • Like I mentioned in my OC rules, I would avoid breaking a canon relationship. It makes sense if a character hasn't seen their lover for a long time that new relationships can form. But I don't want this to be abused, so avoid it if you can. And refer to the general rules if you really want your character to fall in love with a character being played by someone else.
  • Overall, let’s have any relationships be organic. It seems silly if a relationship is forced, especially if it makes no sense whatsoever.

Character Sheet

**Teacher or Student:**
**If a teacher: Subject**

**Have they been in Warped 2.0?**


**Relationship to canon character (if applicable):**

**Weapon/Special Power:**

Notes on Mul’tilennaya:

Our Students

  • Mikasa361- Tara Andreassen, Kouji Minamoto, Cynder, Lavender and Lucas Calabria
  • hikarinomemori- Hibiki Tachibana
  • Skwerl56767- Bot-chan (Turret thing), Spyro
  • Felixr2- Ina, Selkie, Jude Sharp
  • DuskOfTheStars- Aeolus

Our Teachers

  • Mikasa361- Lara Croft (Archaeology, Combat Techniques (co-teach))
  • hikarinomemori- Tyrael (Criminal Justice, Sword-based combat)
  • DuskOfTheStars- Rairyu/Zekrom (Psychology (elective), Basic Combat), Koryu-Honoryu/Kyurem-Reshiram (Combat Techniques, (Co-teaches) Self-Defence)
  • Felixr2- Dregg Moriss (Investigation, Debate, Dimensional Techniques (real tough courses, only those who actually have a chance of making it will be allowed))

Other Staff Personnel

  • Mikasa361- Malefor- Transport service (NPC)
  • hikarinomemori- Illidan Stormrage (security)
  • DuskOfTheStars- Xker (security)


Room Assignments


Edited by Mikasa361

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~Introductions- Welcome to the Academy!~


Students filed up the stairs or the elevators, preparing to go to the auditorium. It was a very busy first day. Very few knew what to expect- would it be just a normal school? Nothing seemed conventional to some, while to others the technology of the place was rather primitive. As mixed as the student body was, this was the same for the opinions of the school. Nobody had the same view. As they walked/slithered/flew/etc into the auditorium, they would notice that  there was a giant screen with a dark figure facing the camera. Who this figure was, only some were able to guess.

Professor gave it a few minutes. Then they pressed the button to activate the sound system, and in turn it activated the voice modulator.


Good morning, everyone. Welcome to Mul’tilennaya Academy.  I am pleased to see just how many of you are enrolled this year. Such a diverse cast as well. Before we begin, I would like to thank all of you for becoming a part of this cause. I would like to thank our teachers as well. Your efforts will be very much appreciated and rewarded.” Students applauded, whilst the teachers waved and smiled… Some of them. Professor continued. 

Now, if I may, I will give a brief speech about the Academy and how we do things here. First and foremost, we are creating a force that will hopefully fight back against the evil forces that have taken over this world. This may be a school, thus academic subjects are important, but you will be learning to fight as well. There are times where you may be able to observe the battlefield, hopefully from a distance. Once you graduate, you are to help fight for the cause. However… If you do choose not to partake in this, you may take the week to see the counselors here and be escorted back home. So, while we do offer courses on combat, survival, et cetera, we also offer basic core courses so that you may eventually receive a diploma. Do not worry, I will ensure that your education is deemed legitimate.” Some murmured and snickered in the audience. 


As for myself, I am to be known as Professor. I prefer at the moment to keep myself anonymous, for reasons you may figure the further into the school year we get.” 


Now, for the main rules. To begin, I must ask that you respect your peers and your teachers at all times. This should go without saying. Further, sparring is allowed as long as it’s in the gymnasium or another recreational area. NO PUSHING FELLOW STUDENTS OFF OF THE EDGE. It is unnecessary and scares students if they’re unable to fly. And keep your bands on at all times. They are to teleport you to safety should you accidentally fall.


Further, I ask that you take your studies seriously. Should your GPA drop lower than a 2.0, you will be given a warning. If grades do not improve, you will have to withdraw from the academy. And please, any… Let’s say… ‘Activity’ of any kind will not be tolerated. By all means, feel free to date as you see fit. But I must ask that you don't ‘fool around’.

I will explain the rules further after you all get settled- you should all get a letter in your rooms. Read it. Anyway, that is all for now. Feel free to talk to the teachers or the teacher’s assistants or go and get settled. Take care, everyone.” 



The screen then went blank.

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   Suite 1


   ((Summing up from my old posts of her.))


   It has been a strange couple of hours for the machine. First landing in that garden, with no clue of anything about everything, then running around and discovering new things right off the bat. A flower, a bee, ventilation ducts a large room with a booming voice and lots of strange creatures, then getting assaulted and fleeing with a cat. Thank goodness she ran into one friend, but then she was swooped up by a Mrs... Someone, and carried off to her "assigned dorm". Whatever that was. She had already spied on some of the students, but fled she was found. Now the Mrs. was taking her back to that part of the building.

   "Do not want!" Turret Thing objected for the third time, wriggling in the teacher's arms.

   "Now you behave!" the bipedal, clothed collie scolded. "Students are not allowed to go skulking through the HVAC system. You were assigned to a suite, just like everyone else."

   "'Sweet' is not a noun!" the turret argued.

   "Now see, that must be why you came to this academy!" the collie said in exasperation. The little machine just squirmed more, but despite the short fur on the teacher's hands she was stuck! Oh, why didn't she listen to the scary lady who said pickles were dangerous?

   The collie teacher glanced at her tablet to ensure that she was taking the machine to the right suite, glancing at each number as she passed by. It seemed the newest fluctuation of students were taking some of the vacant ones on the first floor; lucky them. She noticed an empty space in Suite #1, and stopped at the first door on the right, swinging it open.


   "Here you go," she said, putting down the trembling robot. "This will be where you're staying. Now, I expect you to abide by the school grounds' rules!" she chided.

   "Pickles have rules?!" Turret Thing cried.

   "For the second time, we are not pickles. And yes," she said. "Now, there will be a list of rules and safety precautions in one of the empty rooms. Read it, and keep it with you, and be sure to notify one of the couriers if not all of your belongings are in your room." She made to leave, but the turret shouted.

   "Wait! It's scary here!"

   The collie just gave the little machine a sympathetic smile. "It will take some getting used to," she agreed, "but I assure you, you will feel at home in a couple of days! Classes won't begin right away, so you have plenty of time to get acquainted with your roommates."

   She left before Turret Thing could stop her again, closing the door and trapping her in this... "sweet". The recently-named robot simply stared at the door for several long seconds, before promptly shuffling herself into the corner behind it. She didn't know what this place was, or what exactly the Mrs. was talking about, but she did know two things: how to hide and how to collect information. So that's what she'll do!

   A Tense Return


   The purple dragon's claws clicked on the elaborate tile floor, his gaze flicking over the brick architecture. Dragon pillars on the outer walls, dragon sconces on the inner walls, dragon motifs and dragon scrollwork... it was all too familiar. A distasteful familiarity. Seeing that giant purple brute sitting out front, like a sore thumb shackled to an elaborate, airborne carriage of sorts, brought back bitter memories. The one time he backed down, it was in front of that monstrosity, because he tried to take away everything from him. With his' and Cynder's Furies they managed to make him weak enough to be banished, but somehow he was still alive. He knew Malefor wasn't a threat in the face of all of these good-doers, but if the fact that whenever he put his mind to something he succeeded worked for Malefor, there was no stopping him... except for maybe some more Furies. He didn't feel like he had the energy for that though.

   He heard the mentioned black dragon catch up to him. He didn't openly acknowledge her, instead keeping a wary eye on those who passed the two. Spyro didn't have a good feeling about this place, but maybe it was because it belonged to his former nemesis. Cynder seemed a bit more cheerful, at least. Some of the teachers seemed nice, even if the speaker in that auditorium had darkened features. The less humanoid students seemed strangely happier than the others, which was something, he supposed. Still, he wished he was allowed to shove Malefor off that cliff, but the Professor had forbidden it.

   Maybe she's not in her right mind, he entertained the thought, but then he looked at Cynder. Bright green eyes framed by dark, triangular features, still scarred by the runes Gaul had used to convert her to the Dark Master. ...It would be pretty uncanny if it was the same situation.

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A Plenty Delightful Afternoon


    As a teacher, Dregg was expected to be present at the introduction for new students. Now, he didn't know since when he did what was expected of him, but here he was, wasting his time listening to the same old presentation as ever. What even was the point? He wouldn't motivate the students, anyway. SighCan't this just end now?




    This was Selkie's first time in the building. It looked quite impressive, and there were things that she had never seen before. How do those lights work? And what's that person carrying? A flat disc containing another person? Interesting! Ooh! Weird long things on the floor! Time to play!

    Selkie quickly grabbed her beaststone, shifted and started gnawing the long strings. A few people looked at her, quite... surprised, to say the least. Pretty quickly, she noticed that the strings consisted of a soft coat containing a metal thingy. She tried biting the metal and- "Ouch! That hurts!", she shouted, still in her beast form, as she felt like her mouth was hit by a weak Thunder spell. One of the weird lights on the ceiling had also stopped working. How very odd! The string was broken now, though. Boo.

    She shifted back to her humanoid form, continuing her way to the room where the introduction would be.


    The presentation was rather boring, but apparently the band around her ankle made it so that she could jump off the island without any problems! She was definitely going to try that out!

    It was then she saw the most amazing thing so far. One of the students was holding a ball of string. Without even shifting to her beast form, she stormed towards it and started playing with it. "This is so much fun!"


Candy Robbery


    Just like most other students near her, Ina was falling half asleep during the speech of "Professor". After it all was over, she really needed some more energy. And where does energy come from? Candy! She had to get herself some candy. But she couldn't see any candy stores... Ah! There's a person with candy! Ina decided to quietly approach the candy owner and take just some of it. Without the person looking. She snuck her hand in the bag and managed to pull out some gumdrops and lollipops. Jackpot! But then, the person turned around.

    Oh no... She smiled, looking at the person in front of her. "Hello! Mind sharing some of your candy with me?" She said, putting up her broadest of smiles.

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[ The Auditorium - Illidan & Tyrael ]


"Quite the speech that the Professor gave, wasn't it?" Of course Tyrael had been proud; when the Professor had made mention of the teachers, he'd performed the standard Angel salute for his home realm: standing proud and raising his wings slightly (but not so much as to be intimidatng).


Tyrael's question was met with a huff from the Demon Hunter, Illidan.


"Listen, I get it, you're not teacher material. It's why I advocated for you to be part of security here instead. You have the Spectral Sight; you can see things that most others cannot..."


"Yeah, yeah. I can see the unseen. I've heard it before."


"...Don't make me regret my decision before the classes have even started, Illidan. I must admit, though, I am nervous. I don't know the first thing about teaching mortal teenagers!"


Illidan scoffed and gave Tyrael that ever-infamous smirk of his. "What are the subjects you teach, again...? Oh, yes: Criminal Justice as a core class, and Swordplay as a combat class. You'll be fine; those are both things that you're stellar at, and with the right tools, who says these students can't be just as stellar?"


"Says the half-demon who was mistaken for a gargoyle statue by one of the more... open-minded students." By that, Tyrael meant one of the students who was more-or-less shaping up to be a troublemaker.


"It's not my fault I'm good at staying perfectly still. That kid had it coming."


"...Right... I'm going to take my leave."


"Watch yourself out there. That little white mechanical creature was trying to squeeze through the air vents earlier." ...so Turret was one to keep an eye on, lest she escape from class.


Illidan didn't know it yet, but he was already doing his job and doing it well.


But it didn't help that one of the other teachers had been mysterously absent. Tyrael hoped that they would at least arrive before classes started...


[ Suite 2 - Hibiki ]


Hibiki, meanwhile, was already getting settled into her new room. Of course, she had to share one of the suite's bedrooms with another student, but she didn't know which one yet. She was still excited, nonetheless, because having to meet new people meant making new friends, even if some of those friends were a little odd.


She unrolled a poster of Zwei Wing, her favorite idol duo from back home (even if one of the two idols was long dead), and started searching for a decent spot on the wall to hang it. She didn't care if her roommate didn't like it; she was going to have at least some form of personalization in here.


...oh! The letter from the faculty! She'd almost forgotten to read it! The poster could wait a little while longer.


Hibiki found the letter and opened it.

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Reliving the Past


Jude was now heading to his suite, after having just listened to the mandatory introduction speech delivered by this mysterious "Professor", whose secrecy reminded a little bit of Ray Dark. Just a little, not enough to get suspicious. Yet.  His belongings would be awaiting him in his room, including his football. He couldn't help but worry a bit if it had survived the transport. So he hurried, knowing he would only calm down when he could touch it himself.


As he entered the suite, he didn't see anyone in the main room, so he headed straight for his room. As he approached the door, he noticed the it was open just a crack. Listening more closely, he heard the rustling of paper from inside the room. It seemed his roommate was already there. He knocked the door and, when he didn't get an immediate response, entered the room. It seemed his roommate was a girl. There was something that looked like a poster lying on her bed, while the girl was busy with the letter from the faculty.


"Hey there," Jude said to the girl while scanning the room for the box with his stuff, "I'm Jude. Nice to meet you."


He took the box out from under his bed, opened it and picked up hit football. "So it's still in top shape. Perfect." His eyes then fell on the Inazuma Japan group picture taken after they had won the FFI. Mark, Nathan, Jack, Hurley, Scotty, Archer, Caleb, Shawn, Axel, Austin, Thor, David, Kevin, Xavier, Darren... and of course himself. All together at that glorious moment of victory, after having beaten Little Gigantes, the national team of Cotarl, in the finales. Truly one of the best moments of his life. He was certainly going to hang that up on the wall.


But first, the letter.

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