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Some questions about the abandoned page

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Hi guys,


A few minutes ago I tried to breed my two CB diamondwings for the first time. But because one of my eggs is hidden, I didn't notice I was egg locked.

Now the egg went to the abandoned page.


But I figured: The eggs shown in the AP are always the oldest in there (I think)

and my egg is still at 7 days. So if I keep an eye out to the time when my egg could pop up... Could I try to catch back my own egg? (given that I keep a slot open on my scroll off course.)


If I can't get it back, then so be it. But if there is a chance then I'd love to make it as best a chance as possible.


thanks in advance for any help/tips anyone can give me.

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You can only take your own egg from the AP if someone else took it first and then abandoned it again. If you are the first person who tries to take it, then the page will say "you can't find the egg" (or similar).


If getting the egg back means a lot to you, you can rename the parents so their names say something like "please return this egg" and "to MathPi on the forums", then the person who finds it can see that you want it back, and maybe they will send it to you. (Just be aware that they don't have to do it. But it often happens because there are lots of kind people on the forums.)


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