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Celestial Equine

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referrals.pngThe new and improved Marvel horse website!


A lovely and unique mythical equine adoptable website. Run primarily by Mae, the website has gone through an overhaul with updated coding, and new breeds of equines. Like your typical horse adoptable website, you may train, trade, breed, and compete with your various horses, and slowly unlock worlds to adopt a variety of beautiful mythical horses. Purchase items to improve your horse and his or her stats for competitions, or even buy items that allow you to alternate how they appear! 


Remember that the website is still in development, and therefore not everything works. :) Regardless, it's still possible to play at the moment, and watching the game slowly evolve and develop is pretty interesting (if you're into that kind of thing, I guess). I'm yet to visit their Forums, but it seems that the Community is very involved in processes, and the administrators seem somewhat friendly. They even hold contests! Premium currency also exists on the website, and I believe some accounts are up for purchase.  Mod apps are open as well!


If you're looking for my personal opinion: I didn't quite like it at first, but it's really starting to grow on me. The Help guide isn't quite filled out yet, so I had to poke around and get a little daring with what I did with my currency to get the hang of it. I'm finding myself increasingly pleased with how beautiful my horses are turning out as I generate them, although the limited amount of competitions is somewhat of a downer. Regardless, I'm very hopeful, as things seem very promising for the development of this website! I'm user 872!

Newest Releases!




The Quetzal is also a newly created Breed, but the file size is too big to upload. Sorry! :'D 



Ready to Join? Let's go!!


Again, remember that the website is still under development. :) 

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Avoid this game it's sucks. To load page you must wait one minute (I have very good internet connection) and this is sooo lame for web browser game. Just waste of time.

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