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Moth's art

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Hello! I am still new to the forms and what better way to get to know people then to make an art thread? All of my new stuff is Overwatch related. So I hope you don't mind. But I do plan on sharing dragons once I draw some. And maybe once I start drawing dragons again I will offer up trades. (I am looking at them Xenowyrms I have a need for.) Anyway enjoy! I might also post wips to if anyone is interested. Some of these might be kind of large. None of these are in order from when I made them. So enjoy and nice to meet you.




I hope this one of Hanzo isn't to graphic for the forms. If it is just let me know and I will remove it.


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-sobs- I legit have not done any art for the past two months so my skills have kinda tanked lately. And with being sick I have had less motivation. I did doodle/sketch these girls though because I thought it was better then nothing. They are crude and not great but at least its something. But I was to sick to the point to even finish trying to block in the colors. But these girls are my fav non-rare or even dragon (And I dont even like wyverns). Hopefully I can try something cool with them when I am over being sick. >> I still have an overwatch picture that has been on hold for AGES.



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