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Guess A Dragon

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××××Welcome to Guess a Dragon××××

Great you dropped by! Let's see what you can do here.

How do I start playing Guess A Dragon?

Just type in something like "I'm in!" and say the name of your scroll and the phrase that is hidden somewhere in this (and only this!) post. You'll be sure what the phrase is once you see it.

How do I play Guess A Dragon? 

You think of a certain dragon on your scroll, and others will have to guess what dragon you are thinking of. You can only think of one dragon. The first user to guess a dragon will think of a next dragon. To help others guess a dragon, you must give them up to 4 helping sentences, but you only may post one at a time. Once all the players who entered have posted or 24 hours have passed since your post, you can post a second one and so on, unless someone guessed a dragon. If they did, you reveal the remaining hints and give the rights to host to the guesser. You must think of a specific dragon, not a general breed.

What are the rules of the game?

1. You may have as much dragons as you want to in order to play. However, to think of a dragon when you win, you'll need to have at least a bronze trophy.

2. You'll have to have your scroll visible for the game.

3. You can't submit dead dragons, eggs and unfrozen hatchlings as a guess, unless the host asked for it specifically. If you are the host and you thought of such a guess, you can't fog it, trade it or kill it.

4. In order to enter the game, you'll have to use the word potato somewhere in your message, like saying you're as ready as potato. Keep in mind that the game starts 24 hours after the call for entries.

5. You can't edit unless someone has posted after you. If you got ninja'd while editing, you may still be able to finish, but state that you got ninja'd.

6. If you wish, you may submit more than 4 hints, but remember to announce that before you play.

7. You can't think of a dragon that appeared on your scroll after you became the host, even if you saw that you became one after breeding it. 

8. You're free to refuse from hosting the next game, then the creator of the game will back you up. However, remember that occasionally the winner will receive a gift from the thread creator (an egg/a hatchie from their wishlist if they have one) ;)

Let's start!

Send the entries for this thread, but don't forget the phrase!

And I probably forgot to mention, but I'll be the first host to show how I see it. Just in case)

Players so far:

Host: ThermoDanone

Guessers: RainbowTheAlbinoServal



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I wanna be in meow 

Ready as useless plants that is all over II potato 

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