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Groups - Sort by Name(Code) oddness

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(Don't ask me why it's taken me 3 months to figure this out, life has been ugh lately.)


So when we got groups, some of the first groups I made were for my beloved code dragons, in particular my "perfect word code" babies, and I sorted them by name because that's how I sort them on my scroll - into male and female, then alphabetically by their codes.  But then I noticed something weird - they were being split into two alphabetically sorted "groups" one after the other.  Finally, yesterday, I realised that all the codes starting with a capital letter are being sorted into the first "group", then all the codes starting with a lowercase letter are sorted into the second "group", instead of being sorted together regardless of the case of the component letters.


Is this something that can be fixed/amended?  It is really quite annoying when I'm looking through my codes to search for a particular dragon or decide on a new pairing.

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