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my feelings bloomed for you like the flowers of spring

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or alternative title: lily is horrible at naming things please let her end it


The port city of Charlotte (named after Charlotte the third a queen in the late fifteenth century) used to be the city in which the ambassadors and other high ranking officials of the once great imperial empire of Naskesal would stay. The city was and still is known for its beautiful flower gardens (it is impossible to walk more than fifty week without running into a bush of roses or a spot of peonies. The residents take great pride in growing the most beautiful flowers around and in the spring of every year a huge week long festival is held for the locals to show off their flowers to those who travel far and wide to attend said festival. 

The country that the city resides in has long since broken (surprisingly quite amiability) from its parent country and had established a country of its own, Fleinia. Charlotte still is known for its beautiful flowers and still holds its annual flower festivals. It is also a bustling city where a major trade center is built and with its rich history and annual festival is a tourist hot spot. 


This role play will follow two girls who attend a private high school that has a reputation of being for the wealthy. The school shares the same name as the city and has had roots in the cities's near beginning. The school's alumni include some of the countries most prominent businessmen, entertainers, scientists and artists.   


im sorry for the cheesey title please give me some suggestions fam im crying its so bad

wip i don't know im making this up as i go ;-;


here are the gay babies


Name: (last name too please)




Likes and Dislikes: (include stuff like hobbies and pet peeves ;O)



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also i was thinking how the school mascot should really be a bee for the meme. more serious options include the butterfly or hummingbird?

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Name: Kimber O'Hara

Age: 18

Grade: 11th

Appearance: Kimber

Likes and Dislikes:

likes - chocolate, shrimp, spaghetti, hamburgers, hot dogs, desserts, boys but soon to be girls, seeing movies, cooler weather, and hanging out with friends and family.

dislikes - sharks, impatient and mean people, crabs, and really hot and humid weather.

hobbies - reading, riding her bike, tennis, badminton, surfing, and soccer.

pet peeves - people not using turn signals while driving, the screeching of a chair against the floor in a high-pitched sound (like fingernails on a chalkboard), and people following too closely to her while driving.

History: doesn't like to talk about it

Other: will like _____ later.

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