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    In a galaxy far, far away...
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    my interests:

    love to read a lot, play video-games, play tennis, badminton and soccer, learning to play golf and driving a stick shift (have to go back to square one to relearn it when my dad can get a chance to teach me again), trying to avoid my brothers whenever possible (only when they really get on my nerves or hurt my feelings that I don't want to be around them), etc.

    dragon wish list (so far):

    [] the other dino colors (blue, red, green, and yellow)
    [] the other Halloween dragons (some of them but not all [x])
    [] the other Christmas dragons (slowly getting the older ones [x])

    rps I'm in:

    - Night Pack Roleplay
    - Angels and Demons - 1x1 rp with me and HellFireSouLess

    let me know of any other rps that I might be interested in joining :)