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hi brand new no idea what i'm doing. Would love a friend to help click on each other's eggs! would love to have a mentor to help answer questions. What is tending a scroll? just taking care of dragons? places to post links to your eggs?

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Welcome to DC, @DragonFire555!


I'll go let a mentor know that you would like a PM. :3 Yes, tending to your scroll means checking up on your dragons/creatures and making sure they are getting views to get raised. Speaking of raising your dragons, you'll need more than a friend to click on your dragons. It can take several hundred unique views to hatch your dragon and more than that to get them to adulthood. Are you using any other forums or fansites to raise your dragons? A high traffic forum, a couple mid- or lower traffic forums, or 2 - 4 fansites (depending on how impatient you are) will do you fine. My favorite fansites to use are Allure of Neglected Dragons and Valley Sherwood. And while you can't post your dragons on this forum, you can link your scroll in your signature by going to "Account Settings". =3


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^

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Welcome to the forums!



Here's a list of click sites that can help you grow your dragons!

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