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Hi I'm Peliga!

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I've just joined and I have three eggs, one that I found and two I adopted. I'm really hoping to keep them alive, but we'll see how this goes! 

I'm a huge fan of fantasy & collecting things so this game seemed right up my alley. I like to binge TV shows and horror/ action movies!  If you have any tips on how to keep my eggies happy & not dead, or just wanna say hi, I'd love to chat! :)

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Welcome to DC, @Peliga!


I hope you enjoy the forums. Good luck raising your babies! If they start running out of time and aren't hatching, you should use another forum or another fansite. My favorite fansites to use are Allure of Neglected Dragons and Valley Sherwood. As long as you stick your creatures in a fansite and return the favor by giving views back to others (by leaving the fansite open to refresh for a while every few days), you'll do fine. ^^


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us over in Help. You can also request a mentor in the mentor thread here. =3

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I do actually have a question, but I don't want to make a whole board about it! My egg just said it's sick, but it has zero clicks? I hid it, but how is that possible? And how long will it take to heal? 

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Please feel free to create a thread for whatever question you have. That's exactly what the Help section is there for. ;3


All stats effect how your eggs can grow, including getting sick. If it's a brand new egg (7 days or close to 7 days left, ie only a couple of hours old) and it has a couple hundred views, that would be enough to make it sick. You can read more about sickness here: https://dragcave.net/help/sickness



Eggs and hatchlings can become sick when they receive too many views, unique views, and clicks in a short period of time. Although sickness can occur at any time, eggs are most vulnerable when first laid. If an egg or hatchling continues to receive too many views, unique views, and clicks while sick, it may die.


To “cure” an egg or hatchling of sickness, simply reduce the rate at which it is receiving views, unique views, and clicks. This may be as simple as removing the egg or hatchling from any sites you have posted it on. Since the hide action prevents eggs and hatchlings from receiving views, unique views, and clicks, it can be a useful tool at combating sickness.



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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


You can hide your eggs to prevent from getting views and sickness would be gone.

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